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New Release: Imerge Pro 2021.3

The Imerge team has been hard at work to bring you the next Imerge Pro release just in time for the end of summer. We’ve added 8 new effects, a new-and-improved effects menu, and new ‘effect stack’ presets to speed up your workflow. Keep reading to learn what’s new in Imerge 2021.3.

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Welcome to the FXhome blog – your one-stop learning resource for everything filmmaking and video production-related. Whether you’re into editing, VFX, photography, or motion graphics, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get learning.

Hannah Odebode

How to use CamTrackAR with Unreal Engine, Blender, and After Effects

In the final installment of our CamTrackAR Masterclass, we’re taking you through how to apply CamTrackAR tracking data to CG backgrounds in software such as Unreal Engine, Blender, and After Effects so they can be exported and composited in HitFilm.

Hannah Odebode

How to composite CamTrackAR tracked footage in HitFilm

Learn how to take your CamTrackAR tracked footage from your iOS* device and composite it into any scene you can imagine inside HitFilm. The tracking data mirrors the real-world camera movement in your CGI environment, and allows you to add 3D models at the same time!

Hannah Odebode

How to get started with CamTrackAR

CamTrackAR is a groundbreaking iOS app that can capture video and 3D tracking data simultaneously using Apple’s AR technology, and the most recent update brings powerful new features for on-set previsualization, including live Chroma Key and real-time 3D model import.

Hannah Odebode

How to create light streak effects in HitFilm

Learn how to use HitFilm’s Light Streaks effect to bring your scenes to life! This fully customizable effect gives you everything you need to create realistic, cinematic light rays – perfect for creating retro-inspired motion graphics and adding some flair to your 3D models.

bespoke light flares
Hannah Odebode

How to create custom lens flares in HitFilm Pro

Learn how to create cinematic lens flares from scratch using the Custom Light Flares effect inside HitFilm Pro. With over 60 presets to choose from, and fully customizable settings, you’ll always be able to add the flair your footage deserves.

Hannah Odebode

How to create Star Wars space battle VFX

Learn how to create an epic Star Wars-inspired space battle scene featuring The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest ship! Zach takes you through the whole process from importing your 3D models, adding animations, creating laser blasts that interact with the models, and adding the final grade to bring the whole scene together!

Hannah Odebode

How to create Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion fireball effects

Learn how to harness Scorpion’s element-bending powers as seen in the new Mortal Kombat film! Zach shows you how to create cinematic fire VFX using HitFilm’s Particle Simulator, plus gives a handy tip on where to find some free fireball stock footage.