World’s first mobile virtual production studio for iOS

Transform an Apple iPhone or iPad Pro into an on-set virtual production studio with CamTrackAR. Capture video and 3D camera tracking data simultaneously, and get dynamic 3D model placement, world-leading chroma key technology, and the ability to import 3D virtual backgrounds for professional pre-visualization. Free to use software with free export to HitFilm.

Used on Hollywood movie sets worldwide.

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World-leading technology for creators and professionals

Perfect for…

Directors and cinematographers

Test the viability of VFX shots immediately, while still on set. Directors and cinematographers can use accurate tracking and virtual backgrounds and 3D model import to pre-visualize shots on set with ease.

YouTube video creators

A must-have software tool for every YouTuber and creator, CamTrackAR ensures that lower thirds, composited 3D models, VFX, and anything requiring a camera-track stays locked in place.

VFX artists

No need for tedious frame-by-frame tracking in post. Speed up your post-production workflow with automatic footage capture and camera tracking in CamTrackAR, meaning that you can experiment and check shots live.

Give yourself full creative freedom

Hollywood-caliber virtual production technology

Place your actors in a virtual environment using CamTrackAR’s motion tracking and capture technology. Key out your subject and pre-visualize backgrounds and 3D models all within the app in real-time, with accurate tracking.

Pre-visualize 3D virtual environments

Import 3D models as virtual backgrounds or props, which you can place dynamically around your scene for a fully immersive pre-visualization experience.

Superior camera tracking

We use Apple’s state-of-the-art ARkit and LiDAR Scanner technology to produce a fast and accurate 3D camera track. CamTrackAR utilizes all hardware advancements available to produce a better track.

Easy-to-use interface

CamTrackAR is just one simple screen with clean and clear buttons, designed to ensure the details of your shot aren’t obscured as you film.

World-leading chroma key

Work with green or blue backgrounds, allowing you to easily select and isolate subjects before applying virtual backgrounds.

Automatic capture

Set your floor plane with our green tracking grid and add in anchor points with the press of a finger. Then press record and CamTrackAR does all the hard work for you. Disable auto-focus, set your exposure and color temperature with the click of a button.

Free to use with HitFilm

With the free version of CamTrackAR, you can export your scene and camera tracking data to the free post-production software HitFilm (.hfcs) and Blender (.py). Access advanced features like unlimited export, multiple point anchors, and 3D model import for a monthly subscription or outright purchase.

What you're saying...

Wren Weichman

Wren Weichman

I used CamTrackAR, which 3D camera tracks your footage as you shoot it! That's super cool and convenient. [...] it's rad to be able to get an organic real camera move with literally no effort.

La Constante de Planck

La Constante de Planck

Loved it! CamTrackAR is such a powerful tool.

Marco von Moos

Marco von Moos

I used CamTrackAR for a music video with virtual backgrounds. It worked like a charm! Superb tool that I can highly recommend.

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