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Empowering you to tell your story through video

We’d love it if we could manifest an idea into a video with just the power of our minds – but the truth is that creating content in 2021 means being dependent on software. As creators ourselves, we know that sometimes the software we use can be more of a hurdle than a help when you’re trying to tell your story.

Imagine a world where your software works for you without limits or instability. It guides you through the creative process, helping you through every step. You can create more often, more quickly, and with more confidence. Most importantly, it means that you can spend your time connecting with other people and finding your unique voice.

This is the future of content creation.

It’s not all about the tools

You'll be heard

Talk, and we’ll listen. We’ve always done what we can to bring the most requested tools to our users so that we can give you the software you genuinely need.

We've got your back

Where do you start? We give you the widest range of helpful video tutorials so that you can focus on creating awesome effects, editing effectively, and adding the necessary polish to your masterpiece.

Be part of something bigger

Our community is made up of passionate and creative people, of all skill levels. Our inspiring users can help you grow your skills and develop your passion into something bigger.

The Community

FXhome Creators Worldwide

Bringing the future forward

We’ve got 20 years of experience behind us and a talented team of developers and creatives who love to make videos. We’ve led the movement of free creative software since 2014, and have been celebrated by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Apple and Unreal. For all these years, our community has always come first and we’ve watched some of our users grow into viral YouTubers or Hollywood icons. More than anything else, we’ve learned what really makes great creative tools.

In 2021, we joined forces with the talented team at Artlist to help bring together the two most important parts of content creation: the best software and the best music and footage library. Now, we’ve got our sights set on redefining the tools for the new generation of creators. Come along for the ride.


What people say about us

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis
Rodolphe Pierre-Louis

Clicking onto the FXhome website was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

Marco von Moos
Marco von Moos

FXhome has enabled me to interact and work with different inspiring filmmakers from around the world - resulting in international professional collaborations as well as long-lasting friendships.

Adam Kirley
Adam Kirley

Since the early days of AlamDV through to HitFilm, the software and community have been an invaluable asset to me and my career.

Mark Helenowski
Mark Helenowski

The software and community taught me how to be truly resourceful; empowering me to push beyond my capabilities.

Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein
Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein

This place really drove us to continue forward and pursue our dream careers in the film industry.

Ryan Connolly
Ryan Connolly

In ten years we'll be hearing the great filmmakers of the day talking about how they started on HitFilm.

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