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Learn HitFilm & Imerge

Learn editing techniques, how to use HitFilm effects and more with these short videos

Chris Suffield

How to Find and Develop Your Editing Style

Discover your editing style with our guide to finding and developing your technique. Find your editing persona and learn how to improve your workflow.
Mark Billen

Best Practice: Organizing Video Files for Editing

Organizing footage before you start video editing is more than just good housekeeping. In this guide we’ll explain the benefits and suggest workflows for how to manage video files.
Mark Billen

Reality bites: Vlog editing for beginners

In this guide we’ll reveal how to edit vlog videos for total newbies, giving a definition of what vlogging is and the ways to begin filming.
Green Screen
Mark Billen

Vanishing Points: Remove Backgrounds With Chroma Key

From YouTubers to Hollywood studios, every video editor knows green screen keying is an essential technique. HitFilm’s Chroma Key is a Pro choice effect for background extraction – but what is Chroma Key?
YouTube Video
Mark Billen

How to edit YouTube videos

Producing videos that look amazing and make an impression is vital for YouTubers. In this guide we explain why HitFilm is the best way to edit YouTube videos worth sharing.
Mark Billen

Perfect portraits: Edit TikTok videos in HitFilm

Sharing short form films could make you an online social networking star. In this guide we’ll explore how to edit TikTok videos with HitFilm to achieve greater success.