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Learn HitFilm & Imerge

Learn editing techniques, how to use HitFilm effects and more with these short videos

Sci Fi chamber - Inside the Box Video Competition
Steven Spicer

Inside the Box Video Competition

We’ve teamed up with Film Riot, ActionVFX and BorisFX to bring you our most exciting competition yet. If you get involved, expect the next few weeks to be a lot of fun, you’ll test your creativity, push your limits and you may just get your hands on over $4000 worth of filmmaking tools to help you produce your next project!
HitFilm Basics masterclass thumbnail - how to use HitFilm Express and HitFilm Pro
Javert Valbarr

HitFilm Basics – How to use HitFilm

Learn the fundamentals of editing, audio, text, and visual effects in this short HitFilm course. You’ll be creating mind-blowing videos in no time!
storyboarding - The 3 stages of pre-production
Steven Spicer

The 3 Stages of the Film Production Process

The filmmaking process can be broken down into 3 easy steps. Learn what they are, and tips on how to approach each step for a smooth and successful film production process.
Westworld to Yuma cinematography - Is shooting in 4K important?
Steven Spicer

Is Shooting in 4K Important in 2021?

How important is video resolution? When you start filming, it’s no obvious if you should shoot at a lower quality, or crank it up to 4K. Let’s take a look at how important it is.
Abstract coloured graphic
software update
Steven Spicer

New Release: HitFilm Express 14 Software

The latest version of HitFilm Express has landed, and with it comes a brand new, simplified export process, new text controls, a ton of new functionality, and a streamlined interface.
Joshua Davies

Rise of the Dark Side

Ready to learn the ways of the dark side? Fulfill your destiny with this filmmaking masterclass. Create Palpatine-style lightning effects, stomping AT-ST models, titles and all the VFX you need to send Jedi flying.
Abstract energy particle effects - HitFilm 14 Pro update background
software update
Steven Spicer

New Release: HitFilm Pro 14

We’ve squashed bugs, improved the workflow, and added new features like more text controls, select AE plugin support, a Chromatic Aberration effect and video textures for 3D models.
Color grading for beginners
Steven Spicer

Color grading for beginners

Color grading is the easiest way to get cinematic footage. Learn the tricks of the trade used by professional colorists in this beginner’s guide to color grading.
How to make a horror movie - sound techniques to enhance your films
Steven Spicer

Sound techniques to enhance your films

In this article we’ll cover sound bridges, narrative audio cues and how to use sound to build tension, produce emphasis and evoke emotions like fear or excitement.