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Welcome to the FXhome blog – your one-stop learning resource for everything filmmaking and video production-related. Whether you’re into editing, VFX, photography, or motion graphics, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get learning.

Learn HitFilm & Imerge

Learn editing techniques, how to use HitFilm effects and more with these short videos

Blast from the Past cover image - Learn how to make Stranger Things-inspired 80's title sequences
Kirstie Tostevin

Blast from the Past: Retro effects

Travel back in time with these awesome retro effects. From retro-style motion graphics to classic VHS effects, we show you everything you need to create that vintage look.
HitFilm Pro 15 interface on desktop PC montior
software update
Joshua Davies

New Release: HitFilm 15

We know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting the announcement of HitFilm 15. We’re pleased to announce that our biggest update yet is finally here!
Loacher productions Betrayal 3D Star Wars fan film
Oli Thompson

Talking 3D production with Loacher Films

We came across the amazing work of Loacher Films’ Peter Csikasz in June when his short film BETRAYAL was featured in a Nerdist article. We were blown away by the emotive story he created and were even more excited to hear that he had used HitFilm for editing and post-production!
Community cartoon characters on clouds
Good causes
Joshua Davies

Helping the world, a little at a time

Our users have raised $100,000 for charity! We’re so proud of you all for contributing to the amazing causes so far, but we’re not stopping here. We’ll be helping more and more good causes as time goes on – watch this space!
Competitive gamer at eSports tournament - How to start a gaming channel for free
Oli Thompson

How To Start A Gaming Channel for Free

Creating a successful gaming channel doesn’t happen overnight, but with a little dedication – and some of these tried-and-tested tips – you can make it happen!
Blender to HitFilm 3D filmmaking Blender masterclass thumbnail
Tom Cowles

Blender to HitFilm VFX Course

Enhance your work with 3D VFX. We’ll show you how to model and texture a cargo container in Blender before adding it realistically to an action scene
3D topology of environment topology - Blender for VFX masterclass
Kirstie Tostevin

Blender to HitFilm: Blender VFX course

For creators, going outside to film content can be crucial to the creative process. Learning new skills is a great way to continue moving forward whilst outdoor access is limited.