HitFilm Pro just got a huge update. “Another one?!” I hear you say. You bet! And this time, we’re focusing on motion graphics.

Just a quick recap for those of you who haven’t yet got HitFilm Pro: we now give you 12 months of FREE tools and features fresh from our developers. Since introducing this new licensing model, HitFilm Pro has grown to include 820+ effects & presets!

Here’s just two of the gems you’ll be getting in the most recent update:

New Layout Panel & Motion Graphics tools

Get possessive over your edits with increased control in the new Layout Panel. That means more nitpicking and less guessing with enhanced tools to align & position layers.

Perfectly distribute and transform your layers by planting an anchor point from which your layer will be adjusted. The handy distribute controls allow you to easily pick up layers and move them around without manually positioning each layer. Neat, huh?

Masking tools

New masking tools make it easier than ever to fine-tune and control the shape and position of your masks, including a bounding box to manipulate multiple points at once. So you can spend less time scaling, rotating and anchoring. Full speed ahead!

As always we want to hear your thoughts on the new release and which new features have got your toes tingling. So, be sure to share your ideas in the comments section below!

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