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How to composite CamTrackAR tracked footage in HitFilm

Learn how to take your CamTrackAR tracked footage from your iOS* device and composite it into any scene you can imagine inside HitFilm. The tracking data mirrors the real-world camera movement in your CGI environment, and allows you to add 3D models at the same time!

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Welcome to the FXhome blog – your one-stop learning resource for everything filmmaking and video production-related. Whether you’re into editing, VFX, photography, or motion graphics, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get learning.

Cinematic girl looking moody shallow depth of field - HitFilm Pro 3 Update 2
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

HitFilm 3 Pro Update #2

Explore cinematic film looks with the brand new LUT effect available in HitFilm 3 Pro’s latest update! Download today.

Drax Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Territory Studios
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

From Guardians of the Galaxy to HitFilm

How Territory Studio – the team behind the sci-fi interfaces in Guardians of the Galaxy – designed the new HitFilm logo

Empty road in Highlands - The Road to HitFilm
Kirstie Tostevin

The road to HitFilm

Whoever you are, and whatever you want, you’re welcome here. That is the nature of the HitFilm concept and how we’ve approached the design of HitFilm 3 Pro in particular.

3D AC130 Bomber plane model VFX - HitFilm Update
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

HitFilm 3 Pro Update #1

Today’s update brings performance improvements plus a huge range of fixes and enhancements. It’s also a response to the incredible feedback received from all of you, so a big thank you to everybody who has reported issues, performed benchmarking tests and discussed techniques.

3D space shuttle mockup
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

New Release: HitFilm 3 Pro

The biggest new version we’ve ever made. Get to know the new and improved HitFilm 3 Pro: New effects, interface enhancements, a proxy system, and more!

Dusty city generated with 3D particle simulator FXhome HitFilm Pro
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

The New Particle Simulator

Upgrading particles for HitFilm 3 Pro. HitFilm 3 Pro gives you everything you need to be an editor, VFX artist and colorist. It merges a non-linear editor with advanced 3D compositing and over 180 effects, plus mocha tracking from Imagineer and 130 plugins for your other video software.

Printing press
Content Creation
Kirstie Tostevin

How YouTube and digital video changed the world

How YouTube and digital video changed the world: If you started working with video in the 2000s you never really experienced the bad old days. The 90s were a dark time for the indie, no-budget, student filmmaker. It’s easy to forget how difficult it was to make any kind of amateur or low-budget movie back then – let alone a good one.

Inception corridor scene
Kirstie Tostevin

Origins of the Inception Horn

Is it the most recognizable sound in Hollywood? We talk with sound designer Bennet Maples to deconstruct the magic behind the infamous ‘Inception Horn’.