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How to make a movie right now

Making your own film is a hugely enjoyable exercise. If you want to make a movie with a low budget, limited resources, and little experience then this is the guide for you.

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Welcome to the FXhome blog – your one-stop learning resource for everything filmmaking and video production-related. Whether you’re into editing, VFX, photography, or motion graphics, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get learning.

Corridor Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ
Corridor Digital
Kirstie Tostevin

Top 15 filmmaking tips from Corridor Digital

While at VidCon, the HitFilm team attended not one but TWO of Corridor Digital’s panels titled ‘Getting Started with Special Effects’ (which also included talented filmmakers Brandon Laatsch, Joe Penna and Zach King) and ‘Pixel Masters – A Corridor Digital Q&A’ to get more insight into their process.

VidCon is a creative revolution
Kirstie Tostevin

VidCon is a creative revolution

Creator culture is real. And it’s inspiring. If you’ve never actually attended, you might think that VidCon wasn’t worth the money or the time. Even in the face of over 200 ‘social’ millionaires worldwide, the idea of a conference built around YouTube and its creators has some people raising their eyebrows.

Legacy HitFilm Logo
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

HitFilm 3 Express is here!

UPDATE: HitFilm 4 Express is out now! It’s like HitFilm 3 Express but bigger and better with even more free stuff.

Eco-friendly filmmaking - video camera with eco-background
Kirstie Tostevin

Be a sustainable filmmaking hero

Did you know that a two year study conducted by the University of California showed that special effect explosions, vehicles and diesel generators on Hollywood productions make the film and television industry second only to the oil industry in terms of polluting emissions, as well as being incredibly resource and energy consuming?

Hyperdrive effect in HitFilm 3 Pro
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

HitFilm 3 Pro Update #7

We’ve been busy! That means HitFilm 3 Pro has just been updated to version 3.1, introducing new effects and a redesigned YouTube uploader.

Not only is the update free, it’s also hugely fun – so go grab it.

Matrix digital environment effect
Kirstie Tostevin

You’re helping to shape HitFilm

Our userbase has grown massively over the last two years and we want to keep the community at the heart of everything we do with HitFilm.

Age of Ultron Iron Man blueprints design
Kirstie Tostevin

Designing for the Age of Ultron

Territory Studio is back for Avengers 2, when Territory Studio hinted they were working on a big summer blockbuster when we last talked, they were actually referring to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Who knew?

Revised framing - lightsaber battle
HitFilm Pro
Kirstie Tostevin

HitFilm 3 Pro Update #5

The latest free update for HitFilm 3 Pro tempts us back to the Dark Side with three brand new and inter-connected effects, focusing on the perennial favorite known as the lightsword*. We’ve also got workflow tweaks and fixes galore, so read on…

Theatre seats
Kirstie Tostevin

5 Tips For Marketing Short Films

It’s finally done. Your blood, sweat, and virtually all of the hours you could have spent watching Netflix have gone into creating a short film.