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WandaVision-inspired reality transition glitch effect

How to create a WandaVision Reality Glitch Transition

Learn how to create a reality-warping transition, perfect for switching between scenes or tearing a hole in reality, as seen in WandaVision, using mattes, distortions, and glows!

This tutorial will be using HitFilm Pro but you can follow along in HitFilm Express if you have the VFX: Distortion pack, VFX: Retro 2 pack, and the VFX: Neon Lights pack.

what does a video editor do?

What does a video editor do?

A career in video editing might seem exciting and alluring, but what is it exactly and what does take to become one? In this article we examine the role as defined by the film and video industry, with insights into the ideal software for developing such skills.

How to make a short film by yourself

The idea of making your own short films or movies need not be a pipe dream. Don’t let a lack of budget or limited resources hold production back by getting creative with the shoot and discovering great software along the way.

Scarlet Witch banner

How to Create Scarlet Witch’s Magic Effects

Learn how to create Scarlet Witch’s dazzling magic effects using some simple grades, the Particle Simulator, and interactive lighting! Follow along for free in HitFilm Express or take it to the next level with HitFilm Pro.

New Release Rollout

2019 is looking to be an incredible year for us here at FXhome, and more importantly for you: our users! We knew our next update announcement had to be special, so we’ve gone all out to kick this year off with an enormous update roll-out.

2019 is looking to be an incredible year for us here at FXhome, and more importantly for you: our users! We knew our next update announcement had to be special, so we’ve gone all out to kick this year off with an enormous update roll-out. You heard us right, between now and the end of February you’ll be seeing upgrades on every single piece of software we offer. The latest versions of Ignite and Imerge are now available, with HitFilm and Action updates just around the corner.

Strap in folks, this one’s a big ‘un…

Imerge Pro 2.0

Imerge has *ahem* emerged to become a fantastic all-round photo editing software, recently called “a RAW image compositing and green screen champion” by ProVideoCoalition!

  • Speed and power recieved a massive upgrade this time around. With Imerge Pro’s brand new custom built, GPU accelerated RAW engine, your image importing just became supercharged!
  • If your landscape shots turned out with a blown-out sky in the background or shadows that are just too dark, let the power of Imerge Pro’s RAW engine clear things up. With the brand new ‘Exposure’ effect you can recover blown out highlights using its fantastic and easy-to-use slider.
  •  With the brand new ‘Insert Object’ menu, we’re cutting down on time not spent crafting the perfect image. You now simply have to press Ctrl + I and you can instantly add contents, effects, masks and layers!
  •  Your feedback and recommendations are always a massive part of the development process, so the User Interface has had a few improvements! We’ve redesigned the interface panel to be bigger and incorporate more features and you can now rename effects to better suit your specific needs! We also know how much you love keyboard shortcuts, so in addition, we’ve added ‘H’ and ‘V’ shortcuts to allow for selection of the pointer and hand tools!

Ignite 4.0

Our dedicated Plugin software has been given a significant update, giving you access to some of the most loved and requested effects found in HitFilm and Imerge!

  •  The largest inclusion, and one we know you’re going to be excited about, is the incredible Surface Studio effect! For those who don’t know, Surface Studio is our version of the effect created in Andrew Kramer’s (Video Copilot) fantastic damage & decay and cinematic title tutorials, but rather than taking hours to create…you can replicate them in minutes!

  •  We’ve also brought over some of our most-requested plugins from Imerge Pro! Exposure Pro allows you to brighten or darken your footage/image by tweaking and fine-tuning the Highlights, Midtones and Shadows individually. It gives you far more control over your edit rather than simply adjusting the brightness. In addition you now have access to Outer and Inner Glow, and the popular Dehaze effect!

As well as updates to Ignite and Imerge, budding filmmakers and motion-moguls amongst you will be able to enjoy faster, sleeker versions of Action Pro and HitFilm Pro, which will be seeing major upgrades in February, so let’s see what’s in store…

HitFilm 12.0

With HitFilm 12.0 we’ve made the biggest change to the software ever! It’s a bold claim, but here’s just some of the new and updated features you’ll soon be playing around with:

  •  We’ve introduced a completely new UI design! It looks gorgeous, but looks aren’t everything (so we’ve been told…). We’ve also removed the ‘Project’ tab and created a universal menu to make the navigation process a more streamlined experience. We’ve also added Mac native menus for all you Apple HitFilmers, and our Windows users have had native behaviors added!
Hitfilm interface with our short film Renegade
  •  Threaded Rendering will massively improve your experience within HitFilm. Whether you’re working on a VFX heavy project or just video editing on a small laptop, the interface is no longer tied to your video. In practice this means a significantly smoother and faster workflow, allowing you to carry on with your work without waiting for HitFilm to catch up!
    •  Windows GPU decoding has been ramped up considerably, allowing Intel and Nvidia users to see huge improvements in the way HitFilm handles video.
      •  With the addition of professional titling tools, we’re giving you far more control over your text than ever before! After a number of requests, we’ve put instanced titles directly in the editor, which can be edited without having to mess around in the compositor.
      HitFilm interface

      Action Pro

      Your eyes don’t deceive you, Action Pro will be out of BETA before the end of February, and boy has it had an upgrade! We’ve been taking on board feedback from our fantastic BETA testers and are nearly ready to release the first major iteration of our motion-building software.

      • The main user interface has been updated to match the sleek UI found in HitFilm V12, along with a general overhaul of Action Pro’s layout to mirror what you see in the rest of our software!
      • The layer list in the timeline has been simplified, leading to a less cluttered workflow and a far more accessible overall product.
      • Introducing Action Pencil! You’ll be able to download our brand new iOS app which gives you direct control over your designs from your phone or tablet, it synchronizes with the Action Pro software so you can see your input in real time.
      Action Pro Interface

      How about that?! Even better, this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything we’ve fixed, tweaked and added. It’s merely the tip of the iceberg! Check out our full update lists for Imerge Pro and Ignite Pro and stay tuned to learn more about what’s new in the upcoming HitFilm ProHitFilm Express and Action Pro releases. On a final note, as always we cannot thank you, our community, enough for all of your constructive feedback, suggestions and requests. We hope you’ll join us as we take the next steps into an incredibly exciting 2019!

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