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WandaVision-inspired reality transition glitch effect

How to create a WandaVision Reality Glitch Transition

Learn how to create a reality-warping transition, perfect for switching between scenes or tearing a hole in reality, as seen in WandaVision, using mattes, distortions, and glows!

This tutorial will be using HitFilm Pro but you can follow along in HitFilm Express if you have the VFX: Distortion pack, VFX: Retro 2 pack, and the VFX: Neon Lights pack.

what does a video editor do?

What does a video editor do?

A career in video editing might seem exciting and alluring, but what is it exactly and what does take to become one? In this article we examine the role as defined by the film and video industry, with insights into the ideal software for developing such skills.

How to make a short film by yourself

The idea of making your own short films or movies need not be a pipe dream. Don’t let a lack of budget or limited resources hold production back by getting creative with the shoot and discovering great software along the way.

Scarlet Witch banner

How to Create Scarlet Witch’s Magic Effects

Learn how to create Scarlet Witch’s dazzling magic effects using some simple grades, the Particle Simulator, and interactive lighting! Follow along for free in HitFilm Express or take it to the next level with HitFilm Pro.

New Release: HitFilm 11

From a new 'Surface Studio' effect to help you create those cinematic decayed titles to 4 new powerful plugins and more, HitFilm 11 has got you covered! Read on to find out about the incredible features version 11 has to offer.

If you were hoping for one heck of an update to finish off your 12-month license with, strap yourself in. Because this one is an absolute belter.

Update 11.0 gives you some exciting new features which significantly enhance your cinematic titles and detailed environments in HitFilm Pro.

Surface Studio

A few months ago, one of our users asked if we could make an effect based on the talented VideoCopilot’s tutorials: Damage & Decay VFX and Cinematic Title Design. So we’ve delivered. With our new effect – ‘Surface Studio’ – what used to take 2 hours can now be done in minutes! This powerful tool lets you generate smooth or roughly textured metallic and vitreous surfaces on any text or layers. You can drop a clear PNG file into HitFilm, and turn it into a worn road sign or transform your intro titles into an epic, cinematic masterpiece!

4 new powerful plugins

Last month we released Imerge Pro, a slick and powerful RAW photo compositor. Our talented development team stuffed it full of fantastic plugins to support and enhance your sublime photography, but that got us thinking. What if we could bring some of those incredible tools across to our HitFilm community? So we did!

With the addition of Exposure Pro, you can now use the powerful and easy to use interface to bring enhanced exposure and color editing to your HitFilm Pro projects, whilst Dehaze will give you the tools to clear up and bring additional detail to misty shots. Should you want to add mist or fog into your work for atmosphere and style, Dehaze also has you covered!

New plugins Inner and Outer Glow allow you to create soft glow effects around the inside and outside of your layers whilst also fully customizing both the size and color of the glow effect. Whether you’re wanting to perfect the opening titles of your piece, or if you’re a YouTuber wanting to enhance your PiP effects to really stand out, both of the glow plugins have everything you’ll need!

Finally, we’ve also added the Distance Field effect. With this powerful tool, you can now generate a greyscale map, where each pixel will be colored based on its distance from the edge of a layer. Add in a couple of luminance keys, use the coloring tools to remap your blacks & whites and you’ve got even more ways to boost the glow or shadow on your images!

As you can see, 11.0 is jam-packed with new additions! Thank you from all of us here at FXhome for continuing to suggest new features and contributing to the development of the software. As always, keep them coming and we hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out the full list of updates right here.

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