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How to edit YouTube videos

Producing videos that look amazing and make an impression is vital for YouTubers. In this guide we explain why HitFilm is the best way to edit YouTube videos worth sharing.
Starfleet render in space HitFilm 4 Pro

HitFilm 4 Pro Update #2

Here's what we did over Christmas. What better way to kick off the new year than with a big HitFilm 4 Pro free update? There are a lot of fixes in this one, so we recommend updating as soon as you can.

What better way to kick off the new year than with a big HitFilm 4 Pro free update? There are a lot of fixes in this one, so we recommend updating as soon as you can.

The biggest change is to the Quad Warp effect,

which now has built-in motion blur, high-quality anti-aliasing, and more precise animation. If you’ve been using the Quad Warp in conjunction with HitFilm or mocha tracking for your corner pin shots you’ll find an immediate and dramatic increase in quality.

Quad Warp and Vignette have also been tweaked to default their settings to the host layer’s resolution. This means that Quad Warp won’t immediately distort the layer when applied, and vignette will apply automatically around the outskirts of your layer. It’s a small tweak but makes for a big usability boost.

There’s a ton of other tweaks as well, so check out the full changelog at the bottom of this blog post.

Meanwhile, over on YouTube…

Update #2 isn’t the only thing we’ve been working on. While the devs were busy getting that ready, I’ve been working on the new YouTube show with Kirstie and Josh. If you’ve missed the show so far, check out some of the videos scattered around this blog post.

Unless you’ve been being slowly digesting in the pit of Carkoon for the last thousand years (our condolences), you’ll have noticed that Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit cinemas last month. Join in the discussion and give your verdict over on the forum.

To celebrate, we released a Special Edition of HitFilm 3 Express and put out a series of new sci-fi tutorials.

To prove we’re not entirely obsessed with Star Wars (until December rolls around again) we’ve also been pumping out a new series of videos focused on more general filmmaking techniques. There’s a new episode every Tuesday, so let us know what you’d like to see in the show and don’t forget to subscribe to the HitFilm channel!

Update #2 changelog


  • Quad Warp now applies motion blur if the layer’s motion blur is activated
  • Vignette and Quad Warp now set their default values based on the layer size
  • Speed/Duration dialog now remembers linked state
  • Increased the maximum mask feather range
  • OpenFX plugins are now able to automatically set properties to animated and create their own keyframes


  • Quad Warp animation jitter has been fixed
  • Quad Warp now uses anti-aliasing equivalent to 16x MSAA
  • Reduced camera roll when rotating with the Viewer control
  • Fixed some transitions not working correctly
  • Fixed crash when importing a composite shot containing a Particle Simulator or Gunfire effect created in HitFilm Ultimate
  • Keyframes are no longer drawn in the wrong order when positioned very close together
  • Fixed Fisheye Warp blur reflect option when using downsample modes
  • Mended the animation of string properties in the Pulp Sci-fi Text Crawl plugin
  • Fixed media clips being added to editor tracks in an unexpected order
  • Media clips are now duplicated according to layer order, not selection order
  • Minor UI aesthetic fixes
  • Fixed asset duration bars not updating correctly after changing composite shot framerates
  • Fixed menus not working when running on low resolution screens (eg 1366 x 768)
  • Updated BorisFX 3D Objects to stop HitFilm window losing focus after applying BorisFX settings and erroneous entries in the undo history
  • Fixed anisotropic scaling of images, improving camera projection quality
  • Rectified incorrectly rendered images due to AMD driver bug
  • Fixed issue with projection when applying a track from a 3D to a 2D layer when the active camera has had its start frame changed
  • Fixed issue where the composite shot dialog did not correctly maintain the duration while editing the frame rate
  • Zero length composite shots can no longer be created
  • Fixed issue where entering large frame rate values in the composite shot settings dialog could cause incorrect values to appear for the duration
  • Specific fix to the OFX API implementation for the kOfxParamPropIsAnimating property
  • Removed performance hitching when working with motion blurred particle simulations on drop frame rate timelines
  • Added workaround to prevent conflict between Twixtor and HitFilm

HitFilm Ignite fixes

  • Fixed HitFilm Ignite showing a watermark when used in different user account
  • Fixed issue with downsampling of OFX plugins
  • Corrected downsampling of Fisheye Warp plugin when host is Sony Vegas

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Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Simon Jones