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Upcoming Release: Ignite Pro 2021.1

Ignite Pro 2021.1 will be landing in April and will bring a multitude of new updates, workflow enhancements, plugins, and presets. Read on to find out about the exciting new features version 2021.1 has to offer.

How to create a VFX cyborg effect for free

Want to join the Justice League? Now you can! In this tutorial, we’ll take you through motion tracking your actor’s head in Blender, applying a detailed 3D model, and compositing in HitFilm Express, all for free.

Iron Man HUD Tutorials – Heads Up VFX Masterclass

Making videos used to be really expensive. Now you get to do it all for free in the brand new HitFilm 4 Express: editing and visual effects, combined into one easy to use interface, for Mac and Windows.

The Iron Man heads-up-display is one of the most iconic pieces of tech in the MCU. In our latest masterclass, we show you how to create your very own Iron Man HUD for free in HitFilm Express.

We’ve taken some of the technology we developed for HitFilm 4 Pro and moved it into the new version of Express, including the new animation system, audio filters, editor improvements. There are also more effects included for free – including curves, end credits crawl, lightning, and action cam lens distort. But that’s enough about HitFilm. Let’s make our own Iron Man HUD effect.

It’s good to be back

To celebrate the arrival of HitFilm 4 Express we’ve put together a new sketch and tutorial series, showing you exactly how to create super authentic Iron Man-style HUDs..

These techniques work for any kind of holographic display and the whole project is surprisingly simple considering the quality of the result.

Did you know?

The Heads Up sketch started life as a new collaboration with the guys over at Film Riot. You can check out the whole episode over on their channel.

Over 345,000 people are using HitFilm. Every day more of you are discovering HitFilm 4 Pro, and it’s that generous support that makes it possible for us to keep developing software for everyone.

From all of us here on the HitFilm team: thank you.

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Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Simon Jones