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You want to be at the forefront of filmmaking? Good, so do we. Get hold of some of the best 360° filters and VFX available on the market with these add-on packs.

360°: Toolkit add-on preview

360°: Toolkit


Break into the frontier of filmmaking with no patchy seams, grainy textures or distortions. Smooth and blend 360° video with effects like Blur, Fisheye and Unsharpen. See your work in full view with the new 360° Viewer Panel.

  • 360° Blur
  • 360° Channel Blur
  • 360° Fisheye Converter
  • 360° Unsharpen
  • 360° Text
  • 360° View Panel
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360°: Neon Lights add-on preview

360°: Neon Lights


Get weapons that cut and fire from every angle. Secure a victory for the Rebel Alliance with double-bladed, 360° Lightswords, or scale up the Empire’s arsenal with 360° laser animation. Add the neon effect to text and shape layers to create life-like flickering neon sign graphics that interact with surrounding elements.

  • 360° Animated Lasers
  • 360° Lightsword (2-Point Auto)
  • 360° Lightsword (4-Point Manual)
  • 360° Lightsword (Glow Only)
  • 360° Neon Path
  • 360° View Panel
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360°: VFX add-on preview

360°: VFX


Surround your audience with wild visuals and haunting lights with some of the best 360° VFX in the industry. Twirl, twist and blow them away.

  • 360° Bulge
  • 360° Fractal Noise
  • 360° Glow
  • 360° Glow Darks
  • 360° Magnify
  • 360° Twirl
  • 360° View Panel
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Extend your creative space to three dimensions with these packs. Treat yourself to a big, bold title sequence, import 3D models and even enjoy our highly coveted particle simulator - all in HitFilm Express.

3D: Gunfire add-on preview

3D: Gunfire


Click, click, boom. Bring on the heat with this 3D gunfire pack — perfect for Spaghetti Western shootouts or an action-packed police chase.

  • Gunfire
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3D: Generate add-on preview

3D: Generate


Want a big, bold Marvel opening? Lift your titles off the screen with the power to Extrude, Bevel and Rotate objects and text.

  • Extrude
  • Bend
  • Bevel
  • Rotate
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3D: Model Render add-on preview

3D: Model Render


Already dreaming up the next Godzilla? Bring your monsters to life in HitFilm with the full 3D rendering toolkit for 3D models.

  • 3D Model Import
  • HDR Import
  • Wireframe
  • 16-Bit Color
  • glTF supports physically-based rendering for realistic textures, detail, reflections, and lighting.
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3D: Particles add-on preview

3D: Particles


Play God with the 3D particle simulator. Create complex particle effects like moving asteroid fields or exploding planets with the click of a finger.

  • Particle Simulator
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3rd Party Tools

We’re proud to work with some of the best partners around. Together, we bring you unrivalled title animations and top-notch 3D motion tracking. The possibilities are endless.

Boris 3D Objects


Hook your audience in the first frame with high-quality 3D title and logo animations. Emulate your favorite opening or create your own unique style from a custom model.

  • Boris 3D Objects
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Mocha HitFilm


Upgrade to Academy Award-winning technology from Imagineer Systems. Speed up compositing with 3D camera tracking and planar mask tracking. Mocha HitFilm provides accurate mask tracking, massively accelerating your compositing projects.

  • Mocha HitFilm
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From film blah to film noir - these packs give you every color wheel and tool you need to create award-winning shots. Lacking inspiration? Our Looks and LUT packs make it simple to recreate your favorite looks from any movie or TV show.

Color: Starter add-on preview

Color: Starter


See your world through rose-colored tones, vibrant lights or dark shadows. With this starter-pack of color tools you can create the perfect mood in every shot.

  • Exposure
  • Vibrance
  • Shadows & Highlights
  • Custom Gray
  • Color Phase
  • Channel Mixer
  • 16-Bit Color
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Color: Cine add-on preview

Color: Cine


Hollywood quality for your short film with no big budgets required. This Cine Pack gives your films an instant, cinematic upgrade with classic and letterbox looks.

  • Cine Style
  • Classic Cine Style
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Color: Looks add-on preview

Color: Looks


Still spinning your color wheels? Get instant precision with ‘drag and drop’ film looks. Create that black-white-red-all-over Sin City look — or vow to save Private Ryan with a classic war movie color grade.

  • Bleach Bypass
  • Duo Tone
  • Leave Color
  • Channel Time Shift
  • Color Vibrance
  • Channel Blur
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Color: LUT add-on preview

Color: LUT


Get ‘set it and forget it’ color with the ability to add LUT filters to your footage. No need for tedious table adjustments. Just import and upload your signature presets. Analyze visual properties from one layer and apply it to another layer for instant color correction and grade matching. Easily adjust brightness, shadows, midtones and highlights.

  • LUT
  • Grading Transfer
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Color: Correction add-on preview

Color: Correction


Turn Express into a colorist’s dream-come-true with the complete grading and color correction kit. You get full control over your color, look and style.

  • YUV Color Correction
  • YUV Color Transform
  • Color Correction Wheels
  • 16-Bit Color
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Color: Scopes add-on preview

Color: Scopes


See your true colors with precise, professional Color Scopes. View your footage on the light-to-dark spectrum to improve and ensure color accuracy on any device.

  • Histogram
  • Parade
  • VectorScope
  • Waveform
  • Scopes Panel
  • 16-Bit Color
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No more ‘cut and paste’-quality composites. Take on the film industry with advanced green-screen technology and pixel-perfect wire removal. So good, you’ll be suspending your actors from the ceiling in no time (don’t try this at home).

Composite: Toolkit add-on preview

Composite: Toolkit


Add more realism to your scenes without breaking the bank. The composite pack gives you the power to clean up visible wires and turn a single stormtrooper into an Imperial Army.

  • Wire Removal
  • Projector
  • Clone
  • Channel Swapper
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Composite: Pro Keying add-on preview

Composite: Pro Keying


Clean up your green screen footage with the same, broadcast-quality Chroma Key used in our Pro software. Get high-quality removal from green (or blue) screen, control over edge-detail, color correction and advanced spill replacement.

  • Chroma Key
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Creating an enviable edit isn’t just about a neat cut and splice. These packs make sure that your footage is looking fresh with easy-to-use video editing templates and effects.

Edit: Starter add-on preview

Edit: Starter


Want to ramp up your YouTube views? Overlay reactions or commentary with Picture-in-Picture (PiP) or use Vertical Video to give your gaming and VFX tutorials a souped-up professional edge.

  • Text
  • Split Screen Masking
  • PiP (Picture-in-Picture)
  • Vertical Video
  • Action Cam Crop
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Edit: Beautify add-on preview

Edit: Beautify


Don’t let dark circles steal the spotlight. Give your actors a fresh-faced, effervescent glow with subtle post-production makeup and Bilateral Blur effects. Get fine control over skin color, detection thresholds, skin treatment and highlight glow.

  • Bilateral Blur
  • Pro Skin Retouch
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Edit: Repair add-on preview

Edit: Repair


So you got a great concept, but terrible shot? Post-production to the rescue! Reduce noise, clean up imperfections, smooth grain, and breathe easy with the video editing repair pack.

  • Denoise
  • Grain Removal
  • Rolling Shutter
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Not sure where to start? Blinded by choice? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with some classic packs to soup up your software.

Behaviors: Starter add-on preview

Behaviors: Starter


Get your objects to obey the laws of attraction with new behavior effects. Make planets orbit around a central point of gravity — or create a haunting stopwatch with rotate-by-layer effects.

  • Attract To
  • Drag
  • Follow
  • Mix Parent Position
  • Repel From
  • Rotate By Layer
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Motion: Audio Visual add-on preview

Motion: Audio Visual


Generate trembling bassline waveforms or old-school bar equalizer graphics that bring back those 90’s rave days of yore with your own custom audio visualizer.

  • Atomic Particle
  • Audio Spectrum
  • Audio Waveform
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Motion: Puppet add-on preview

Motion: Puppet


Bring still characters to life with the crowd-favorite, Puppet Tool. Easy, fast, fluid animation— no strings attached.

  • Puppet
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Audio: Toolkit add-on preview

Audio: Toolkit


Want to ramp up audio effects? Make sonic waves move from ear to ear with the doppler-shift effect or get loud characters to quiet down with the Equalizer and Noise reduction tools.

  • Doppler Shift
  • Noise Reduction
  • Equalizer
  • Compressor
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Visual Effects

There’s JJ’s lens flares, Tarantino’s arterial blood spray - what’s your signature move? Experiment with these visual effects packs to build your scenes and find your flavor.

VFX: Starter add-on preview

VFX: Starter


Twist and turn your objects in three dimensions, rain down fire on your enemies or paint the town red with arterial blood spray effects.

  • Shatter
  • 3D Extrusion
  • Fire
  • Blood Spray
  • Animated Lasers
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VFX: Damage add-on preview

VFX: Damage


We interrupt your regularly-scheduled program with dramatic glitch and static effects like TV Damage and Film Grain. Perfect for intensifying the moods or creating that long-lost video look.

  • Film Damage
  • Film Grain
  • TV Damage
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VFX: Lighting add-on preview

VFX: Lighting


Build tension with terrifying Flicker effects or highlight a candle-lit encounter with an atmospheric glow. Drama not your thing? Go full sci-fi with Anamorphic Lens Flares.

  • Anamorphic Lens Flares
  • Gleam
  • Flicker
  • Auto Volumetrics
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VFX: Lighting 2 add-on preview

VFX: Lighting 2


Surround your gods in heavenly auras — or paint a bleak, Blade Runner skyline with atmospheric light rays, leaks, and streaks. Want the full power of light in your scenes? Combine both lighting packs!

  • Light Leak
  • Light Rays
  • Light Streaks
  • Light Leak Transitions
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VFX: Retro add-on preview

VFX: Retro


Jump back to the 80s with this sci-fi inspired pack of retro effects. Create your own Star Wars- style crawling titles or go Solo into the stars with the Hyperdrive Effect.

  • Pulp Sci-fi Title Crawl
  • Hyperdrive
  • Scan Lines
  • Half Tone Color
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VFX: Retro 2 add-on preview

VFX: Retro 2


How deep does the rabbit hole go? With these 90s Cyberpunk effects you can alter your reality (elements) with Pixel Sort, Dot Matrix and Block Displacement.

  • Dot Matrix
  • Pixel Sort
  • Lens Dirt
  • Block Displacement
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VFX: Distortion add-on preview

VFX: Distortion


Universal matter is yours to command with this cosmic pack of energy distortion effects — from Fluid to Smoke. Make smoke rise and cities fall.

  • Energy Distortion
  • Fluid Distortion
  • Smoke Distortion
  • Lens Distort
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VFX: Neon Lights add-on preview

VFX: Neon Lights


Create stunning neon-sign graphics straight out of Stranger Things — or add realistic glow to your favorite lightsword. Less time rotoscoping = more time to fight the Dark Side.

  • Lightsword Ultra (2-Point Auto)
  • Lightsword Ultra (4-Point Manual)
  • Lightsword Ultra (Glow Only)
  • Neon Path
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