Welcome to CamTrackAR! The only app to capture video and 3D tracking data simultaneously using Apple’s state-of-the-art AR technology.

Note: This app is not yet live on the App Store. We will update this article once CamTrackAR is available to download.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use CamTrackAR

  1. Move your iPhone around to capture enough information until the Tracking Status is set at and you can see the green floor grid.
  2. Point the green target grid at a detected floor plane in the world and press the button when you have the position you need.
  3. To enhance this track, you can add anchor points in the scene. Simply move the green floor grid into the position where you want to place an anchor point and press the icon with your finger to drop one in the scene. The more anchor points in your scene, the more accurate your track will be.
  4. Once is active and you’ve added anchor points, you can press and begin to shoot your scene as normal.
  5. CamTrackAR will do all the hard work for you, capturing your video and 3D camera tracking data simultaneously.
  6. Press to stop the recording.
  7. You will see a popup that tells you which file formats CamTrackAR has exported. CamTrackAR automatically exports files to your ‘Files’ folder on your iPhone.
  8. If you would like to capture another track, you can press the Tracking Status icon and select , enabling you to start fresh.

Glossary of CamTrackAR icons

means that there is not enough information in the scene for CamTrackAR to track. Move your iPhone around to allow CamTrackAR to capture more of the scene.

means that CamTrackAR is gathering information from the scene in order to build your track.

means that CamTrackAR needs a moment to calibrate.

means that CamTrackAR has enough data to create a good track. You’re ready to go!

gives you the option to clear the existing data and restart your track. Tapping the Tracking Status at any time will bring up this option.

means that a floor plane is not yet been set. In order to start recording, you must set the floor plane by pointing the green target grid on screen at a detected floor plane in the world and then press the icon until it turns green.

is an indication that a floor plane has been set. Once this icon has turned green, you can begin recording.

allows you to position anchor points in your scene. Move the iPhone to position the green floor grid in place, and press this Add Anchor Point icon to drop an anchor point in your 3D scene. The more anchor points you position in the world, the better your track will be.

Please note that this is restricted to one positioning point in the free version of CamTrackAR. Upgrade for the option to anchor multiple positioning points.

allows you to remove anchor points already positioned in your scene. Move the green floor grid over an already-positioned anchor point, and the aforementioned Add Anchor Point icon will turn red to Remove Anchor Point. Press this icon while red to remove the point from the world.

begins the capture of both the video and the 3D camera tracking data. Press thebutton when you want to stop recording. CamTrackAR will automatically export your files in multiple formats, ready to use in your post-production software of choice.

allows you to purchase an upgrade while in the app. Select monthly or buyout options to gain access to advanced features like export to After Effects and multiple positioning points, as well as all future updates.

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