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Next generation image editing software

Create professional photo composites with unlimited layers and zero baked-in changes. Unlike other programs, Imerge Pro is the first photo editing software to keep your image data RAW and your layers self-contained. Every edit is live. Every change is flexible.

Fantasy composite of Spellbook with eiffel tower and magic effects in Imerge Pro

A powerful toolkit

Bespoke RAW image editing engine

Imerge has a powerful RAW engine that gets the best out of your photography. Don’t have time to spare? Never fear, as Imerge Pro’s flexible RAW engine is custom-built and GPU accelerated, giving you lightning-fast speed when importing any RAW file.


floating point color


GPU accelerated filters

More than2xfaster importing RAW
GPU accelerated decoding
No hardware acceleration

Hundreds of looks, zero work

Experiment with backgrounds, foregrounds, and text in one batch process! Imerge Pro automatically adds the right edge colors and light wrap to every green screen combo, so that you can flip between options with ease. Better yet, set up Hot Folders to automatically add content variations to your project as you shoot.

Color support

A new dawn of defined colors and fine detail is here! You now have the power to import and edit RAW files right in your image compositor.

Benefit from all the flexibility and power of working with RAW when editing that cloudy landscape image. Recover blown-out highlights in the sky with a simple slider using Imerge’s impressive Exposure effect.

Overexposed picture of Man on cliff with camera and tripod - HitFilm Pro Exposure Pro effect (before) Man on cliff with camera and tripod - HitFilm Pro Exposure Pro effect (after)

Supported formats

Want to go big? Imerge Pro handles massive full-frame & medium format images (provided your computer is up to the task).

Whatever the format, RAW images imported into Imerge are now automatically lens corrected based on the camera, the lens, and the focal length.

Play nicely with others

You don’t need to limit yourself to one tool; use the whole toolbox! Save your Imerge project as a Photoshop PSD or HitFilm Composite Shot file for use in multi-app workflows.

Create textures in Imerge Pro to use in particle simulation effects or with 3D models in HitFilm Pro, or composite photos together to make a digital set extension. You’ve got the tools at your fingertips to make anything possible.

Learn more about HitFilm Pro »

Keep things fast

Unlike other compositing tools, Imerge Pro is built to be almost entirely GPU accelerated. Load, edit, and process faster – leaving you more time to focus on the important stuff. Have a beast of a project to work on? Imerge’s preview downsampling feature will drastically speed up your workflow without affecting exports.

“Imerge Pro...merges the best parts of Photoshop and Lightroom.”

Infinite Layers


Keep your edits live and your color data RAW. No more compressing to 8-bit or worrying about the light wrap you added six layers ago. Easily undo any change, and keep the quality.

Group up

The ability to group layers allows you to simply organize your project, alter the way your final composites are rendered, and even put a mask over a whole group of images at once.

Effects & Filters

Step out of the realm of the average photographer. Secure yourself a toolkit for every project with our set of 87 powerful filters. From standards like the Color Difference key to specialist effects like Long Shadow and Light Rays, see how Imerge Pro’s library makes any effect possible.

Massive effects library

User friendly

Imerge Pro is designed by humans like you. So you won’t have to google every different feature to know how to use it. Every slider and effect is where you expect it to be. Need some tips or found a bug? Let us know.

Customizable & stackable

Adjust and refine effects to your heart’s content. Every effect in Imerge Pro has transform properties to give you ultimate control over every element. Build the perfect look by applying multiple effects to the same layer, and change how they’re applied by switching up the order. You can even save and export presets for future use – the power is in your hands.

The devil’s in the details

Professional retouchers rely on Imerge Pro to give them full control over the finer details. As well as the dedicated Skin Retouch effect – fine, medium, and large-scale contrast can be adjusted in any given area with the powerful Dynamic Contrast effect. Need to clean up an edge with contour or perspective? No problem. Imerge’s Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools can be scaled, rotated, and flipped to fill in the gaps.

Ultimate color control

Take control of your color with Imerge Pro’s advanced color grading tools. Adjust custom color ranges whilst protecting blacks, whites, greys, and skin tones with the Color Adjustment effect. Achieve natural adjustments across the color spectrum with the Saturation Editor. You’re even equipped to create your own, custom cinematic grades with the Split Tone, Tone Coloring, and Gradient Map tools (or apply a LUT if you’re in a pinch!)

Precision masking

Fine-tune your composites with the stroke of a brush or custom-defined shapes. Imerge Pro’s area, brush, and vector masks give you the tools you need to be a perfectionist at every stage of creation.

Work fast and stay organized

Keep files organized with custom naming conventions for batch exports. Create unique combinations from 32 tags like layer names, resolution, dates, and camera metadata. Keep working while the Export Queue handles your rendering. Imerge is built with workflow in mind so you can stay competitive.

HDR merging

Create stunning HDR images by combining multiple exposures with Imerge Pro’s powerful HDR merge feature.

HDR merging - overexposed image of boat at sunsetHDR merging - HDR image of boat at sunsetHDR merging - underexposed mage of boat at sunset

Focus stacking

Don’t compromise between exposure and depth of field. Bracket your focus in-camera, and bring it into Imerge for crystal clarity end-to-end using Imerge Pro’s intelligent Focus Stacking feature.

Background focus man sat on rock overlooking bay in south east asia focus stacking in Imerge ProFull depth of field man sat on rock overlooking bay in south east asia focus stacking in Imerge ProForeground focus man sat on rock overlooking bay in south east asia focus stacking in Imerge Pro

Colorize old photos

Want to bring some life back into those old black and white memories? Our Black-and-white Colorize effect gives you the power to define the level of color and detail you want to include and see historical photography brought into the 21st century.

Black and White portrait of girl on street - Colorize beforeColorized portrait of girl on street - Colorize after

Too noisy for you?

Get that once-in-a-lifetime shot, and don’t worry about interference. Our top-notch Denoise filter eliminates speckles and grain, bringing back a perfectly smooth image.

Orange sports car product detail photography with digital camera noise (Denoise before)Orange sports car product detail photography with digital camera noise (Denoise after)

Make sure the coast is clear

Need your image to POP? Filters to the rescue! Make those blacks darker and the whites brighter with Clarity. With a Structure slider for ultimate contrast control, you’ll be sure to get the look you want every time.

Man in car with gun - Clarity effect originalMan in car with gun - Clarity effect moderateMan in car with gun - Clarity effect heavy

Get down and dirty with detail

Sharpen up your act (and your image) by bringing back all the fine detail captured in your camera. Imerge’s detail and sharpening tools mean that you can increase or decrease fine lines and edges in your images with ease.

Close up portrait of man with beard and red checker hood - structure effect beforeClose up portrait of man with beard and red checker hood - structure effect lightClose up portrait of man with beard and red checker hood - structure effect moderateClose up portrait of man with beard and red checker hood - structure effect heavy

Fix it in post

Pick out your perfect colors, even after you’ve taken your shot. Tone down loud colors or change shades entirely with the Color Adjustment filter. Gift yourself total flexibility and the power of the rainbow.

VW campervan orange colorized with Imerge Pro color adjustment effectVW campervan cyan colorized with Imerge Pro color adjustment effectVW campervan pink colorized with Imerge Pro color adjustment effectVW campervan black and orange colorized with Imerge Pro color adjustment effectVW campervan green colorized with Imerge Pro color adjustment effect

Industry-leading keying

Green screen software - girl in front of green screen (before) Green screen software - girl in front of transparent background (after)


No more manual keying! Imerge Pro’s powerful chroma key automatically removes green screen from areas that would take hours with industry-standard software. Let it tackle the details with automated matte cleaners, spill suppression, and edge-color effects. A+ composites, B+ effort.

Unmatched fine-tuning

Bad green screen is painfully noticeable, so that’s why we’ve made our green screen technology the best a photographer can get. We give you all the customization you need to blend your subject seamlessly with their surroundings. From removing fringing on wispy strands of hair, cutting out mesh veils, and softening every edge, you have all the tools to make a realistic photo composite.

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“Imerge Pro is the modern unsung hero of image editing.”
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Jose Antunes


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