PhotoKey 8 Pro

The world's leading green screen software.


Speed, reliability and quality is at the core of PhotoKey 8 Pro. Let the software automatically process thousands of images and export them to a hot folder, freeing you to concentrate on your photography.

“PhotoKey 8 Pro has raised the bar again with multiple new features added… event photography has never looked so good!”

Alastair Bell, Professional Photographer

Shooting with green screen has never been simpler. PhotoKey 8 Pro analyzes your photos and instantly switches out the green screen for a brand new background of your choice. Realistic light spill creates even more convincing composites; replacing unwanted spill from your green screen with the ambient lighting from your background.

Export to multiple background variations while displaying your work on a second monitor with PhotoKey’s preview mode. Ideal for attracting customers at live events and providing clients with a glimpse of the finished image.

Trusted by professionals

When images are your business, you need a product you can rely on. Use PhotoKey 8 Pro as your on-location assistant and batch process as many green screen images as you need. Set up PhotoKey to work on its own with confidence, so you can concentrate on shooting.

80,000 professional photographers trust PhotoKey’s leading automatic compositing capabilities and superior manual keying tools. When time is money, PhotoKey delivers.

It’s all about workflow

As well as outputting in all standard image formats, PhotoKey can export to email for easy delivery direct to your clients. You can even upload to FTP for integration into your own custom systems.

You need an on-location assistant you can trust. Recommended by 97% of our photographers, PhotoKey gives great results every time.


Put your creativity front and center with PhotoKey 8 Pro. A key resource for photographers and graphic designers alike.

PhotoKey 8 Pro is brimming with advanced tools and features to create even the most advanced composites. If you’re a Photoshop master, PhotoKey integrates as a plug-in to add instant green screen removal to your toolbox.

“The green-screen capabilities are some of the best on the market. Combine this with the Filters and Overlay tools, and this is a great package for any photographer.”

Photoshop Creative Magazine

PhotoKey 8 Pro is everything you need in one place. Layers and overlay functions help create beautiful and unique images with a vast selection of artistic filters providing total creative control on up to 16 composite layers.

Remove green screen with a click and replace with the background of your choice. Clean up trouble areas using our advanced spill suppression tools and use facial recognition to ensure natural and accurate skin tones. For added realism, PhotoKey’s light wrap tool can take some of the background ambience and cause it to bloom naturally onto the foreground.

Streamline your workflow

Sometimes a creative project requires a number of different tools. PhotoKey 8 Pro comes with an integrated plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC as standard. Combine PhotoKey's advanced green screen removal with Photoshop's extensive layering and brush features. Switch between them whenever you want.

Spoilt for choice

PhotoKey 8 Pro also contains a massive library of 250 background images, covering a wide range of themes including Adventure, Beauty, Corporate Portrait, Gothic, London Sightseeing, Pets, Seniors, Studio Background and Urban.

No limits

Containing the world’s most powerful automatic chroma key tool, PhotoKey 8 Pro removes unwanted green screen in seconds. Simply drag and drop your image onto the canvas for an instant cut-out.

For greater control and customization, our powerful toolkit gives you hundreds of creative effects and up to 16 layers in a single project. Realistic light wrapping, red eye removal, skin tone matching, simulated depth-of-field and shadow casting all work together for realistic results and creative expression.

Used and trusted by by over 80,000 photographers worldwide, PhotoKey provides the ultimate set of creative tools.


Gain a competitive advantage with the world’s leading green screen software. A fast and simple workflow with no compromise on quality.

When studio photography is your business, you need fast, reliable software that works with you. PhotoKey automatically removes the green screen and composites your subject onto a new background of your choice, so that you can focus on your photography.

PhotoKey 8 Pro’s advanced chroma key filter includes matte cleaning features with fine detail control, spill simulation pro, red eye removal and realistic light spill. All developed to give you more control over your results.

Give your clients the thrill of real-time image preview on a dedicated second display monitor, with the interface removed to keep your creative secrets safe.

Serious power

PhotoKey 8 Pro isn't simply the world's leading green screen software. Color correction tools and creative filters such as vibrance, half tone, bilateral blur and vignette can be applied on up to 16 layers. PhotoKey 8 Pro even uses facial recognition to improve skin tones for the perfect photo every time.

Experience full Photoshop integration with PhotoKey 8 Pro’s included plug-in. Combine PhotoKey's advanced green screen removal with Photoshop's extensive layering and brush features for a super-fast, integrated workflow.

Use the images you want, how you want. PhotoKey 8 Pro is compatible with TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and RAW files and comes with 250 high-quality backgrounds, ready to go. Simply drag and drop onto the canvas.

PhotoKey outputs in all the standard image formats and can export to email for easy delivery direct to your clients. You can even upload to FTP for integration into your own custom systems.

“…an impressive, easy-to-use standalone program for basic keyers and advanced users.”

Photoshop User Magazine