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VEGAS Creative Software

VEGAS is one of the biggest names in post-production – the industry standard for professionals who need only the highest quality of editing tools available. VEGAS Creative Software wanted to expand what they could offer to their loyal user base by bringing on some of the most innovative postproduction technology and creating one suite that could do it all. Our innovation in visual effects, compositing, and image processing is the perfect fit for VEGAS’ innovative editing workflow, that’s why VEGAS Post works so well. We’re so pleased that we’re able to work together so closely on such an exciting product.

“We’re so pleased to partner in this new venture. With the combined force of VEGAS Creative Software and FXhome technology in one product, we’re offering professional filmmakers, editors and VFX artists a powerful workflow, more flexibility and value for money.”

Josh Davies
FXhome CEO

In 2019, we teamed up with Industry giants VEGAS Creative Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of MAGIX GmbH, to pool our innovative visual effects, compositing, and image processing technology with their VEGAS Pro video editing software. The result was VEGAS Post – the ultimate toolset for the modern creator that offers seamless integration between video editing, audio editing, visual effects, compositing, and image processing.

Working with VEGAS Creative Software on this product has been one of our proudest partnerships to date, but is only one of the ways we collaborate with them in our day-to-day. Our products are designed to work fluidly together, and we have produced plugin packs for VEGAS for a number of years, bundled with their products to provide extra post-production functionality to their customers. We’re always in communication with VEGAS to see how we can help each other and talk about how we can work together in the future.

“VEGAS Post is the ultimate toolset for the modern creator. Everything is anchored by VEGAS Pro that makes editing faster and more efficient than ever. Add to that the comprehensive compositing, VFX, titling and particle-generation tools of VEGAS Effects and the sleek image-editing and compositing approach of VEGAS Image, VEGAS Stream and SOUND FORGE Audio Studio, and you’ve got a ton of capability at the top end of post-production”

Gary L. Rebholz
VEGAS Product Manager