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The full professional creative software bundle: HitFilm Pro, Ignite Pro, and Action Pro

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Arm yourself with our most powerful pack of professional software.

Edit and composite with HitFilm Pro — or scale up your editor of choice with Ignite Pro VFX and preset plugins. Want to make big moves and complex animations? Be one of the first to tinker with our new motion capture software: Action Pro.

The best part: you get access to all Pro software in our HitFilm range and save up to $100.

Video editing & visual effects

HitFilm Pro 13

The all-in-one editor, compositor, and VFX powerhouse.

Discover HitFilm Pro

  • Professional video editing and compositing unified in one souped-up software.
  • 820+ customizable visual effects and presets.
  • Boris FX Title Studio and 3D Objects plugin.
  • 3D model import, animation, rendering.
  • Professional Puppet Tool and dedicated animation panel.
  • Powerful Particle Effects Simulator that replicates real-world particle behavior.
  • The industry’s best Chroma Key developed for use in feature films.
  • Planar tracking with Mocha HitFilm from Imagineer Systems.
  • Full support for 4K and 8K UHD with 32-bit color depth.
  • 64-bit and GPU accelerated for maximum performance.
  • 3 seats for every license, so you can use it on multiple computers at once.
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“HitFilm has a staggering amount of high quality VFX.”

Visual effects plugins

Ignite Pro 4

The professional plugins to power up any editor on Mac or PC.

Discover Ignite Pro

  • 550+ effects and preset plugins for Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve 11/12/15, Grass Valley EDIUS 9, Sony Catalyst Edit, NUKE 9/10 by The Foundry and Vegas Pro 14/15/16.
  • The industry’s best keying plugins: Luminance Key and Demult for stock footage.
  • Powerful visual effects: Atomic Particles, 3D muzzle flashes and more.
  • 360° VFX and filters: Lightswords, Lasers, Blur, Bulge, Glow, Glow Darks, Magnify, Twirl, Unsharpen, Fisheye Converter.
  • Distortion effects in four flavors: heat, energy, smoke and fluid.
  • Classic sci-fi effects, Lens Flares, lightning and electricity.
  • 3 seats for every license, so you can use it on multiple computers at once.
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Animation capture & construction

Action Pro 1

Our new 3D motion-building software.

Discover Action Pro

  • Build and record 3D animation using your mouse or Leap Motion device.
  • Export your animation to HitFilm Pro for a simple, streamlined workflow.
  • GPU accelerated and non-destructive. Smooth, stretch or interpolate your animations without losing any quality.
  • No clunky graphs, no numbers - just natural, recorded motion.
  • Full control over animation and playback speed.
  • 3 seats for every license, so you can use it on multiple computers at once.
  • Opportunities for regular dialogue with the development team as they create new features.
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Get more updates all year long.

HitFilm Studio includes a year of updates, so you can add new features as soon as they’re ready. What happens when the year is up? Nothing. Keep the last version you downloaded forever.

Version 13.1

HitFilm Studio


  • Includes HitFilm Pro, Ignite Pro and Action Pro
  • 12 months of updates & technical support
  • Professional 3 seat license - run on 3 computers simultaneously
Save $100