HitFilm Pro

The all-in-one editor, compositor, and VFX powerhouse.

One software for every step

Create breakout content and stunning VFX with one souped-up software: HitFilm Pro. Our latest release comes jam-packed with a professional editor, compositor, 820+ VFX and presets, and new built-in animation tools!

Conquer every step of post-production without ever leaving your editor.

High-performance editing

Boot up, import and edit with no soul-crushing lag time. HitFilm Pro’s high performance system processes your footage in the background, so you can keep editing without interruptions. Aiming for artistic perfection? Customize your video quality to get real-time playback and polished, frame-by-frame visual effects.

Support for all media

Don’t change for us. HitFilm Pro plays nice with all media — so you can quickly import and mix different formats, frame rates, and resolutions all in the same timeline. Add as many clips and audio tracks as you want. We can handle it.

Next-generation support

HitFilm Pro is on the cutting edge of technology with support for up to 8K resolution UHD. Want world class color? Harness the power of 32 bit color depth, linear color space compositing, HDR and EXR to increase your dynamic range. Break into next-generation filmmaking with some of the best 360° VFX on the market and a built-in 360° viewer panel

Add and save titles

Design professional lower thirds and film titles directly in your editor. Save your favorite styles as presets to quickly plug them into your next content piece.

Animate in your editor

Trim, ripple, roll and transform your footage with the dedicated animation panel in your editor. Animate and manipulate keyframes right from your timeline, or use our Hollywood-level compositor to tackle complex, 3D model animations. Want ultra-smooth transitions and dynamic lower thirds? We got a graph editor for that.

Smooth audio levels

Intensify haunting requiems or raise angelic voices with HitFilm Pro’s standard pitch, noise reduction, tone and channel levels. Need loud characters to quiet down? Use the new Hard Limiter to balance and normalize audio levels. Finish off your sound design with super-smooth audio (and video) transitions done right in your editor!

Preset and custom color grades

Go from film blah to film noir, instantly. Take your pick from hundreds of presets and customize them using HitFilm Pro’s color grading tools. Analyze and modify individual elements with industry standard color correction wheels to create that award-winning shot.

Professional visual effects

Make smoke rise and cities fall with one of the most extensive VFX libraries on the market. Get stiff characters to loosen up with HitFilm Pro’s new Puppet Tool. Create life-like scenes with 2D characters, 3D models and custom animations —all in unified, 3D space.

3D model created by Olav Bergsvik, rendered in HitFilm Pro 2017

Create in true 3D space

Import your custom 3D models or animate 3D objects within your composite element by element. Make that BMW promo sleek and sophisticated with real-time, mirrored reflections of your own 3D models. Give your scenes more edge with simulated 3D cameras, dynamic lighting and custom shadows.

Import animation

HitFilm Pro offers support for a number of 3D formats including OBJ, LWO and 3DS. Alembic ABC and Filmbox FBX can also be imported with geometry animation for individual models and groups within HitFilm Pro.

Seamless object rigging

Animation is as painless as it should be with HitFilm Pro’s built-in rigging and parenting animation tools. Actions like ‘transformations’ cascade from parent objects to children, scaling from simple to complex animations with ease.

Powerful green screen technology

It ain’t easy fixing green—so we created the most powerful Chroma Key in the industry to give you full control over edge detail, color correction and spill simulation. Effortlessly extract your actors and objects with no lingering green edges.

Composite in linear color space

Tired of ‘cut and paste’-quality composites? HitFilm Pro’s new linear color space lets you expertly blur the lines between art and life. Trade visible seams and unsightly bright spots for smooth blends and realistic lighting, then bask in the (linearly enhanced) glow of your pro-level composites.

360° filters

Explore the frontier of filmmaking with some of the best 360° filters and VFX on the market. Intensify your sci-fight scenes with 360° Lightswords and Lasers that cut from every angle. Transform ordinary video into wild visuals with 360° Distortion effects, or hone fine details with 360° Blur effects.

Doppler shift

Helicopter landings and revving engines sound as real as they look with HitFilm Pro’s doppler shift feature. Simply attach audio to your animated 3D layers and HitFilm will automatically apply doppler shift as the layer moves towards (and away) from the camera.

Award-winning tracking

Position and fix new elements to your live action footage with our expert tracking features. The fully-integrated, Academy-award-winning Mocha plugin makes complex camera solves simple with sophisticated planar tracking and corner pinning.

Unmatched VFX library

From Justice League Flash effects to Ghostbusters-style proton beams, HitFilm Pro’s range of customizable effects is unmatched. Build 3D titles with new geometry effects or scale up your sci-fi short with energy distortions, electricity effects, lens flares and more.

Complex motion graphics made simple

Build your own galaxy using HitFilm Pro’s advanced rigging and parenting animation tools. Create striking planetary rings and dicey asteroids fields with the advanced particle simulator. Add some JJ-style lens flare and 3D titles for that extra sci-fi edge.

Make moves with the Puppet Tool

Bring static characters to life with HitFilm Pro’s Puppet Tool. Using the simple pin and mesh function, you can create natural motion in still images, shapes or text. Easy, fast, fluid animation— no strings attached.

Audio visualization

HitFilm Pro includes tools for visual waveforms, spectrums and even audio-powered atomic particles. Generate trance-inducing waveforms that tremble to bass lines or old-school bar equalizer graphics that bring back those 90s rave days of yore.

New behavior effects

Make sophisticated animations that rotate and orbit on cue using HitFilm Pro’s behavior effects. Create a haunting stopwatch with hands that race at different speeds, or design a mind-bending solar system with planets that revolve at a pace of your choice. Boldly go into a Star Trek-style opening with starships or comets (or any animated object you want) that gravitate towards each other just as they would in real space. Less tweaks, better animations.

Particle simulations

HitFilm Pro’s highly coveted particle simulator exists in fully unified 3D space so you can easily add effects like simulated fireworks to layers of green screen footage and animation. Fully integrate your objects with 3D cameras, lights and shadows for a more realistic look.

More updates all year long

HitFilm Pro includes a full year’s worth of feature updates. This means you get the latest features as soon as they’re ready (at no extra cost). Once the year is up, you can keep your current Pro forever or upgrade to our latest version.

Your software, your choice.

OpenFX Support

Make your workspace your own with your favorite plugins and features. Want to use NewBlue, GenArts, Red Giant or RE:Vision products inside HitFilm? Do it. HitFilm Pro supports OpenFX plugins to make any scene possible.

Auto-saved sessions

No mistake is final with HitFilm Pro’s work/life-saving history system. Redo, undo and compare options for going back to the way things were.

Customizable workspace

HitFilm Pro’s HiDPI resolution and custom keyboard shortcuts make switching between edits and VFX shots simple. We also support a huge range of media formats so you don’t lose precious hours of your life to tedious conversions.

Auto-export queue

Take that coffee break. HitFilm Pro’s export queue lets you ‘set it and forget it’ by creating a self-executing export list to maximize productivity. Duplicate and modify export tasks to save time and render videos in multiple formats and resolutions. You can even set up export presets to configure your settings for high quality or high compression.

Industry standard layout

Editing, compositing and building visual effects is as intuitive as should be with HitFilm Pro. With our industry standard interface, you’ll feel right at home as soon as you open your software.

Preview & pre-render

Preview and pre-render complex composite shots for high-quality, real-time playback and faster export times. HitFilm Pro’s GPU acceleration and a 64-bit architecture continuously optimizes your computer’s hardware as your project grows in scale —so feel free to go big.

Intelligent search

Quickly locate what you need with HitFilm Pro’s ‘keyword search and find’ feature for all your media, effects and composite timelines. Coming from other software? No problem, our algorithm recognizes keyword links to help you find what you’re looking for.

Mac and PC compatible

HitFilm Pro vibes with all types of operating systems. Spread your 3 seats across MAC or PC - or easily switch from one OS to another without fear. We’re flexible.

HitFilm Pro


  • 12 months of software updates
  • 12 months of technical support
  • Professional 3 seat license - run on 3 computers simultaneously