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HitFilm Express is a free video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools and everything you need to make awesome content, films or gaming videos. Perfect for beginners, film students, gamers, YouTubers, or any creative without a budget.

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What's new in HitFilm Express?

6 updates in the last 12 months.

    1. Version 16

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      New in HitFilm Express Version 16

      • Commands for importing media and recording voiceover have been added to the File menu.
      • Added an option to sync video and audio tracks when scrolling vertically through the editor timeline.
      • Boris FX BCC 3D Objects plugins have been updated to version 2020.5.
      • The keyboard shortcuts for adjusting the scale of the timeline can now also be used on the timeline in the Controls panel.
      • Mocha HitFilm has been upgraded to version 7.0.5.
      • Added a command to remove all empty tracks on the editor timeline at once.
      • Added support for decoding of HEVC/H.265 video files in the software, and on hardware for systems with supported GPUs.
      • Export Frame functionality has been extensively reworked, with more options and greater control.
      • Voiceover audio can now be recorded directly in HitFilm, through the Media panel or the File menu.
      • The glTF format is now supported for importing 3D models and animation.
      • 3D models now support physically-based rendering, using both Metallic-Roughness and Specular-Glossiness materials.
      • Added support for hardware decoding on Macs with supported graphics hardware. (Mac)
    1. Version 15.2


      New in HitFilm Express Version 15.2

      • HitFilm 15 now integrates with VEGAS Pro 18.
    2. Version 15.1

    3. Version 15.0

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      New in HitFilm Express Version 15.0

      • New mask shapes allow you to create and customize Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, and Star shaped masks.
      • Added the ability to export audio using the WAV format.
      • Additional plugin presets have been added to the Grid and Lightning & Electricity effects.
      • Four new templates for lower thirds have been added: Banners, Flashy Double, Peeking with Line, and Smooth Blocks.
      • The Crop / Pan & Zoom effect allows you to crop the contents of a clip, and animate the crop to control which area is shown.
      • Added the GoPro FX Reframe effect, for fully customizing the framing of your 360º footage.
      • The zoom options in the Viewer panel now allow a wider range of zoom levels.
      • Added a Track Select tool, to select everything to the left or right of the playhead.
      • All ADD-ON effects on the timeline can now be easily found by searching for "addon".
      • A new Preference option allows the root folders of a new layer to be open by default, in the controls panel.
    1. Version 14.3

    2. Version 14.2

    3. Version 14.1

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      New in HitFilm Express Version 14.1

      • Styling of the interface has been updated with a new default light theme.
      • Access to the Home and Edit screens is moved to the Window menu.
      • Imerge project files in the HitFilm media panel can be right-clicked and opened in Imerge for editing.
      • GPU accelerated hardware decoding for video files is now supported for exporting on Intel, Nvidia, and AMD GPUs. (PC)
      • The font 'Inter', which is used in the interface, is now installed with the software.
      • The View menu has been replaced with the Window menu.
      • A menu has been added to the tab of each Panel, to aid in interface customization.
      • Export has been integrated into the main Edit interface, through additional export options on the timeline, and a new Export panel.
      • Imerge project files are now compatible with HitFilm, and can be imported and used as media.
      • Clicking the green plus icon next to Effects in the controls panel now opens an Insert menu, which can be used to add effects.
      • Composite Shots can now be created instantly from the Media panel, using the new Composite Shot button.
      • The color of masks can now be changed per mask, making it easier to keep track of multiple masks.
      • A new Effects menu in the top toolbar provides access to all effects, and stores the 5 most recently used effects for reuse.
      • The Text panel now includes options for All Caps, Small Caps, Superscript and Subscript.
      • HitFilm will now open files saved in VEGAS Effects.
      • VEGAS Image files can now be opened in HitFilm.
      • A Templates button has been added to the media panel, for easier access to templates.
      • A button for deleting the OFX Cache has been added to the Cache tab of the Options window.
      • A mini audio meter has been added to the Viewer, so audio levels can be checked at any time.
      • A visible notification has been added to the viewer, when effects are disabled by the currently selected quality profile.
      • When effects including a color picker are dragged onto the viewer, the color on which you drop the effect will be auto-selected.
      • Improved support for multithreaded rendering during pre-rendering and export.
      • A shortcut (U) has been added to reveal keyframed or modified properties. Press U once to show keyframed properties, twice to show edited properties, and three times to revert to showing all properties.
      • You can now use drag and drop to add 2D Effects to layers in the viewer.
      • Right-clicking a VEGAS Image file in the HitFilm media panel now allows you to open the file directly into VEGAS Image for editing.
      • Added support for 10-bit H.264 video files from the Panasonic GH5.
      • Hardware accelerated video decoding is now available for Windows systems running AMD graphics cards. (PC)
    1. Version 13.1


      New in HitFilm Express Version 13.1

      • Implemented integration between HitFilm 13 and VEGAS Pro 17. (PC)
      • New Color options for media files allow you to switch between Studio levels and computer levels, to ensure accurate color. (PC)
    2. Version 13.0


      New in HitFilm Express Version 13.0

      • Added the ability to lock tracks on the editor timeline, and to lock layers in composite shot timelines.
      • Added a Strength slider to the LUT effect, to control the intensity of the LUT.
      • The ribbon bar now provides information on what updates are available.
      • Selecting "Delete media cache" when no project is opened no longer requires HitFilm to be relaunched.
      • Upgraded Mocha HitFilm to version 6.0.3
      • Added support for multiple audio streams in video files.
      • Restyled the Options dialog for improved legibility.
      • The Fill Color effect now uses a default value of 100% for the Blend Amount.
      • The name of the "Import as Comp" option for templates is changed to "Edit".
      • Masks can now be created and edited on the Editor timeline, without a composite shot being required.
      • Increased maximum supported resolution to 4096 x 2160 (DCI 4K).
    1. Version 12.3


      New in HitFilm Express Version 12.3

      • Added a warning message in the Media panel to notify the user if audio fails to conform.
    2. Version 12.2

    3. Version 12.1

    4. Version 12.0

      Released | Read more on the blog »

      New in HitFilm Express Version 12.0

      • The Project Screen has been replaced with a Project Settings dialog that can be accessed through the File menu.
      • Rendering of the Viewer and the interface have been separated, to dramatically improve performance.
      • Color Labels have been added to all timelines, to aid in organizing your media.
      • Added GPU-accelerated decoding of video files on NVIDIA hardware.
      • Added GPU-accelerated decoding of video files on integrated Intel graphics hardware.
      • Select properties of composite shot layers can be published, allowing them to be accessed and edited on the Editor timeline without opening the composite shot.
      • The contents of text layers can be published, allowing the text to be edited from the editor timeline without opening the composite shot that contains the text.
      • The Text tool can now be used natively on the Editor timeline.
      • Composite shot templates can now be exported and imported, for sharing between projects or users.
      • A collection of templates for lower thirds now installs with the software.
      • Dolby AC3 audio is now enabled in HitFilm Express without any add-ons required.
    1. Version 11.2

    2. Version 11.1

    3. Version 11.0

      Released | Read more on the blog »
    1. Version 10.1

    2. Version 10.0

      Released | Read more on the blog »

      New in HitFilm Express Version 10.0

      • Non-English characters now render correctly in text layers.
      • Text layers now auto-expand as you type.
      • New paragraph controls in the text panel provide additional controls for text layout.
      • Adjusting the duration of a transition now symmetrically resizes the transition in both directions by default.
    1. Version 9.1

      Released | Read more on the blog »

      New in HitFilm Express Version 9.1

      • All effects included in add-on packs now display in HitFilm Express and render with a watermark.
      • The Trimmer now displays the playhead location while you preview an audio clip.
      • The Trimmer now displays the In and Out points on an audio clip, so you can easily select a specific portion for use.
      • Toggle buttons on the trimmer allow you to easily view the audio waveform of a video clip.
      • Buttons have been added to the Trimmer to add only audio or only video to the timeline.
      • Integration with Vegas 16 has been added.
    2. Version 9.0


      New in HitFilm Express Version 9.0

      • HitFilm can now export in the background, while users continue working on their project.
      • Timelines can now be added to the Export queue from the Export screen, an export preview has been added, and the difference between built-in export presets and user presets has been clarified.
    1. Version 8.1


      New in HitFilm Express Version 8.1

      • The Activation App has been updated to be GDPR compliant.
      • The End-User License Agreement has been updated to be GDPR compliant.
    2. Version 8.0

      Released | Read more on the blog »

      New in HitFilm Express Version 8.0

      • Workspaces have been updated and expanded with new options.
      • Many 2D effects now have interactive graphical widgets, so they can be adjusted directly in the viewer.
      • Viewer Quality Options can now be adjusted to improve performance in the Viewer, allowing for customized playback and pause quality.
      • All animation tools are now accessible in the Editor timeline making it almost as powerful as the compositor when you are doing 2D work (does not do 3D).
      • A new Audio Hard Limiter effect has been added to make more even audio.
      • Text can be created on the Editor timeline via the text effect.
      • The ability to re-trim a clip after adding it to the timeline has been implemented.
      • Added an environment map to text layers allowing them to receive specular and diffuse reflections from an environment map.
      • Motion Blur capabilities have been added to the editor sequence allowing for smoother transitions.
      • A Quick PiP effect has been added to quickly position one clip inside another with different scales and position relative to the layer (e.g. top left, bottom right etc)
      • A vertical video adjustment plugin has been added, using the original blurred version of the video to fill the horizontal space not occupied by a portrait video.
      • It is now possible to import ProRes video and CineForm MOV on PC. (PC)
      • A custom MOV writer has been created for PC users to export Cineform video and PCM audio. (PC)
      • A feature has been added to allow users to remove, copy and paste attributes to/from a group of clips at the same time if needed.
      • Full screen preview available in Express.
      • Boris FX 3D Objects is updated in Express.
      • New layout panel added with controls for precisely aligning & positioning layers.
      • Master reset buttons have been restored to each tab of the Options dialog.
      • New Rendering tab has been added to the Options dialog.
      • Default preferences for the Viewer panel, such as the default background color, can now be set in the Options dialog.
      • Default preferences for the Editor timeline, such as track sizes and thumbnail style, can now be set in the Options dialog.
      • Added the ability to select multiple points on a mask by dragging a rubber band around them.
      • Added support for transparency in all Plane layers.
      • A preset for the alpha channel has been added to the properties dialog of plane layers, to define their default transparency.
      • New Mirror and Rotate buttons are available in the Layout panel.
      • Masks can now be scaled relative to the opposite corner, rather than the center point, by using the CTRL (CMD on Mac) modifier.
      • New Origin control selector for masks allows you to move the anchor point from which scale or rotation adjustments will be applied to the mask.
      • Improved Mask tools include a bounding box while creating mask points, to make it easier to manipulate multiple points at once.
      • Text layers now support Asian characters allowing users to easily type and render in a number of additional languages.
      • Add-on: Many new effects are available as add-ons, including PiP, Vertical video, Chroma Key, Dot Matrix, Pixel Sort, Block Displacement, Histogram, Parade, Vectorscope, Waveform, Doppler shift, Compressor, Puppet, nearly 20 360 video effects, and 6 Behavior effects.
      • Add-on: The Puppet tool can now be purchased as an add-on for HitFilm Express.
      • Add-on: Support for importing 3D models is now available as an add-on for HitFilm Express.
      • Add-on: The physics-based particle simulator is now available as an add-on for HitFilm Express.
      • Add-on: Behavior Effects have been added, allowing one layer to be attracted towards, repel away, accelerate, move down the screen as if falling under gravity, slow down, throw towards or follow another layer. They allow layers to move using simple physics equations.
      • Add-on: Geometry Effects (Extrude, Bend, Bevel & Rotate) have been added to text layers providing amazing titling options in the Generate pack.
      • Add-on: HDR images can be imported with the primary use as environment maps when the 3D Model Render add-on pack is activated.
      • Add-on: A 360 video viewer panel has been added which allows users to view the 360 video in its original state as well as the adjusted version so that VFX can be added.
      • Add-on: Nearly 20 new 360 video effects have now been added, in three new Add-on packs.
      • Add-on: 3D models can now use mirror reflections per material instead of spherical reflections when the 3D Model Render add-on pack is activated.