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HitFilm Express may be a free product, but it takes time, experience and money to create.
Please consider supporting us, and you'll be rewarded with loads of additional features!

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You get cool packs and also help future development of the software. Pretty cool yeah?

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worth $29.97


All the basics you need

Not sure where to start? Dip your toe into the exciting world of content creation with our essential packs!

  • VFX: Starter
  • Color: Starter
  • Edit: Starter
  • Style: Dark Theme

You save $20.97

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worth $84.94

Content Creator

Perfect for YouTubers & filmmakers

Making standout content is easier than you think. You just need the right tools.

  • Edit: Beautify
  • Color: LUT
  • Edit: Repair

You save $65.94

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worth $184.89

VFX Artist

Create movie-quality visual effects

VFX artists are the heroes of Hollywood. Want to add some cool effects and visual excitement to your next project? This is the bundle for you!

  • VFX: Lighting
  • VFX: Neon Lights
  • Motion: Audio Visual
  • Composite: Pro Keying
  • Composite: Toolkit

You save $145.89