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You’re ready to do something different. Something special to elevate your stories. Step into the world of 3D creation with us, and learn how to make your own 3D cargo container model using Blender, and add it realistically to your shot using HitFilm. In this masterclass, the sky’s the limit (unless you want to create a spaceship).

Let’s build something new together!

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HitFilm Express Blender
Find your feet in Blender’s interface

Let’s get acquainted

Learning something new can be scary. Don’t worry, we got you. We’ll take you through Blender’s extensive interface, and show you which tools and features we’ll be using in this course to create a simple model. We’ll also show you how to add and remove viewer windows, to set Blender up just the way you like it!

Meet your
instructor: Tom

Don't worry he may be made of flesh but he will teach you how to proper mesh.

Shape and texture to perfection

Making a right mesh

Being able to create your own assets will bring you a whole new world of freedom. We show you how to take a simple cube shape, stretch it to your liking, and add the first level of dressing to the material properties using UV Projection!

Project files
Make your container look real

Attention to detail

You’ve built the foundations - now have fun decorating the walls! Our 3D cargo container looks pretty good, but it’s still a flat cube. Watch how we use loop cuts and bevels to cut and expand certain parts of the model, to create a realistically textured object.

Project files
Composite your model in HitFilm

Building a scene

The fun isn’t over yet! After popping the finishing touches on your model, export from Blender and bring it into HitFilm to realistically composite it into your scene. Let Tom teach you how to customize your model with animated textures and plan the map of your shot; rotating and placing the model just right.

*So that you can test out the feature, we’ve made this pro-level technology accessible in Express for free, with a watermark. If you want unlimited use, please purchase the 3D: Model render add-on pack from our store, or consider buying Pro! here

Project files
What’s next?

Making a move

Crush your 3D model (and your opponents) with rigid body dynamics, a special kind of animation physics for collisions and impacts. In this more advanced tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up a scene with gravity and then crumple your model using cloth physics.