We don’t do this alone — our community is home to some of the most talented creators in the world.

From first-time filmmakers to award-winning directors, meet the artists that use our software to bring their stories to life.

Ryan Connolly

Triune Films & Film Riot

Film Riot are YouTube's biggest name in indie filmmaking. A how-to trip through the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly, Film Riot will teach you about filmmaking and give you a good chuckle while they’re at it. Hop over to their channel and take your pick from ‘Film Riot Mondays’, ‘Ryan's Mail Sack’, software/hardware reviews and popular short films such as Tell and U.F.Oh Yeah.

We always have a great time working with Film Riot - and with results like Westworld to Yuma and Portal Combat, created in HitFilm Express - can you blame us?

Portal Combat - Behind The Scenes

“In ten years we'll be hearing the great filmmakers of the day talking about how they started on HitFilm.”

Ryan Connolly

Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein

Director Of Photography

AJ cut his filmmaking teeth making ambitious Matrix and Blade fan films back in the early 2000s. After moving out to Los Angeles he forged a career as a director of photography, now with over 40 productions on his resume.

In 2014 he directed his first feature film, Compound Fracture, to which we contributed several visual effects shots. Specializing in kinetic action cinematography, AJ skills continue to be in high demand and his showreel speaks for itself.

“This place really drove us to continue forward and pursue our dream careers in the film industry.”

Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein

Sam Gorski & Niko Pueringer

Corridor Digital

After starting out on our forum as enthusiastic young teens, Sam and Niko broke onto the YouTube scene in 2010. A year later they collaborated with HitFilm to create sci-fi thriller Prism which has racked up millions of views. Since then, their imaginative shorts and impressive VFX skills put them in a league of their own, with numerous viral hits including Superman with a GoPro, Dubstep Guns and Real GTA.

Now with a team of filmmakers behind them, they’re branching out from YouTube into some exciting new territory. Watch this space!

PRISM - Behind The Scenes

“I recommend HitFilm to all filmmakers.”

Wren Weichman (Lead VFX Wizard at Corridor Digital)

Mark Helenowski

Documentary Filmmaker

Mark is a documentary and commercial filmmaker based in Chicago. He grew up on the old FXhome forum (and still has an original Nightcast DVD to show for it).

His first feature film, For Grace, had its World Premiere at the SXSW Film Festival and was praised by critics for being “Powerful” and “Captivating”. The film garnered international accolades during its festival run before being picked up as a NetFlix exclusive.

“The software and community taught me how to be truly resourceful; empowering me to push beyond my capabilities.”

Mark Helenowski

Chris Kelly


When Chris founded ProductionCrate in 2009 he had no idea it would grow into one of the biggest visual effects resources on the internet. With over 800,000 users and more joining every day, ProductionCrate is an essential platform for today's creators.

Chris and his team build video effects and sound effects based on requests from their community. The team also regularly releases funny tutorials to make the filmmaking process easier and more enjoyable to learn.

“HitFilm is helping millions of creators bring their films to life. They’re an essential part of the filmmaking world.”

Chris Kelly

Adam Kirley

Stunt Coordinator

Adam started his career in a traveling stunt show at 17 years old, working around the country performing car stunts and acting as The Human Torch and The Human Cannonball.

He left the stunt show after 2 years to train for The British Stunt Register and pursue work in the film industry. That was 17 years ago and he's since worked on over 60 films, including many high profile features. One of his proudest moments was being invited to be the stunt double for Daniel Craig as James Bond in the blockbuster Casino Royale.

Adam has since moved into Stunt Coordinating and has most recently worked on Beauty and the Beast, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Disney's The Nutcracker and will soon be starting work on Guy Ritchie's next film, Aladdin.

“Since the early days of AlamDV through to HitFilm, the software and community have been an invaluable asset to me and my career.”

Adam Kirley

Keegan Larwin is a freelance filmmaker, VFX Artist, and motion designer based out of New York City. His work can be seen on big and small screens alike. He has designed for names like Showtime, Hallmark, Vox Media, and Spotify. His work in film and TV has extended to shows like FX's American Horror Story and Showtime's Kidding with Jim Carey.

Keegan's humble beginnings were in the suburbs of Ohio, making movies on his DV camera and whipping up VFX in FXhome's Effectslab lite to dazzle his schoolmates. He then attended college at Kent State University studying film before directing his first feature film, Unlucky (2016). He moved to New York in 2016 and has been successfully freelancing in Film, TV, and Advertising ever since.

FXhome's software was crucial in developing skills that would carry Keegan in his professional career. The friendships and connections he made on the forums and in the FXhome community over the years have helped him grow as a filmmaker and business owner.

Marco von Moos


Marco Von Moos (code name, “Sollthar”) was one of the original legends on the old ‘FXhome’ forum. His VFX skills and helpfulness within the community inspired many of the younger users, including Corridor Digital.

After working as a teacher for the last 9 years, he founded "ZweiGleis Media" in 2014 and has gone on to create a fitness show, commercials for cinema and TV, 3D and Motion Design for TV Brands and won the jury award at the Zuerich Film Festival 72 hour competition - to name a few. You’ll currently find him developing his latest concept for a science fiction series.

“FXhome has enabled me to interact and work with different inspiring filmmakers from around the world - resulting in international professional collaborations as well as long lasting friendships.”

Marco von Moos

Matt Plummer

VFX Artist

Matt Plummer spent his childhood poring over The Making of Jurassic Park book but it wasn't until he found our community that he realised making visual effects was not only possible but something he could make into a career.

Describing it as a “lightning bolt moment”, Matt collaborated with other community filmmakers Marco Von Moos, Ashley Wing, Joby Stephens and Dan Cox on short films, building up a showreel which subsequently won him work on Fantastic Mr Fox, Frankenweenie, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

“HitFilm was a divining rod for what I wanted to do with my life. My work with community members created the showreel that landed me a job in London’s VFX industry.”

Matt Plummer

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis


A passionate HitFilm user and entrepreneur, Rody is one of the biggest personalities we’ve ever had on our forum. You’ll still find him kicking around from time to time.

Rody’s love for filmmaking and visual effects led him to creating high quality stock footage packs and most recently an incredibly successful Kickstarter for his ActionVFX pack, which raised almost $60,000.

This is only the beginning for the RodyPolis team.

“Clicking onto the HitFilm website was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.”

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis

Arseny Syuhin


Arseny started out on the HitFilm forum before being spotted by Russian film and television producers who were blown away by his short action film ‘STALINGRAD‘. A few weeks later, he was working for one of Russia’s biggest movie production companies and moving to Moscow.

Since then, he’s been working as film editor on the popular TV series ‘Выжить после: вся правда’ and has been directing a number of promotional videos. Even with all of this, Arseny still finds time to keep one toe in the indie filmmaking scene and continues to make action short films like ‘HARD HANGOVER‘ with his friends.

Calvin Serrano

VFX Artist

Calvin first starting making LEGO films at the tender age of 12. Since then, he’s experimented with lots of different filming techniques like stop motion and puppeteering while building up his VFX portfolio by producing short films with his friends.

At 19, he moved to Berlin to study Digital Film & VFX at the SAE Institute but is mostly self taught through experimentation and internet tutorials. He’s now working on some of the hottest digital content like ‘GTA VR (ft. Steven Ogg)‘, ‘Love is Like a Drug‘ and ‘Japanese Donald Trump Commercial 2016‘ with creators like Mike Diva and Corridor Digital.

"HitFilm encourages you to experiment and try out new things to improve yourself.”

Calvin Serrano

Over 1.3 billion views on YouTube means Freddie Wong needs no introduction. We co-produced his cult web series VGHS which amassed over 100 million views across various online platforms. HitFilm was used to create some of its most iconic visual effects, most notably the Derez effect.

As well as RocketJump The Show which now appears on Hulu, the RocketJump Film School is going from strength to strength and offers podcasts, interviews and commentary on all aspects of filmmaking.

“In our opinion, the single best software package for aspiring visual effects artists and filmmakers.”

Freddie Wong