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    Working on some character VFX for the Star Wars film - here's some of my progress on Supreme Leader Snoke so far :


    In the video, it's only Snoke's head, but I've modeled & rigged the body since then. I've also modeled and textured the throne room. I'm probably going to be shooting some animation reference today or tomorrow. 

  • @DIY_Film_Guy  That's serious modeling there!  Good job!!  You are so many light years ahead of my capabilities it isn't even fathomable.

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    That's looking pretty damn good. 

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    Thanks everyone!

    My sister designed my business cards. Here they are:


    Back Option 1:

    Back Option 2:

    Which back do you think is better?

  •  @DIY_Film_Guy  My vote is Option 1.  Nothing I can point to, it just speaks to me more.

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    @tddavis - That's exactly what I thought, I think that's probably what I'll use.

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    Option 1.

  • Option 1

  • I say Option 1 as well :)

  • I guess it's unanimous! 

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    Here's a full body breakdown of Supreme Leader Snoke!


    Another 13th of my Star Wars film has also been finished, but I'm not going to put it up on youtube yet, since I finished Scene 5. I'm going to wait until they are in chronological order to release.

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    I was working on re-doing the first Fall of the Resistance scene, and I stumbled upon a neat technique for lens dirt in Hitfilm Express. (I believe that lens dirt occurs in the brighter spots of an image - correct me if I'm wrong).

    If I'm right, than here is a neat tip: First, find a good lens dirt image online. Drag that into the very top of your comp and put it in a blending mode. Right below it, add a grade layer. Put the Set Matte effect onto the lens dirt image, and set the source layer to the grade layer. Select luminance in the "Matte Source" dropdown. Now, the lens dirt should only be showing in the bright spots of the image.

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    Exactly how Lens Dirt is supposed to work! 

    Yes, you're right, Lens Dirt will use a grayscale image as a dirt map. See Essential Hitfilm 08 again. Realizing for yourself how the Source Layer works in Lens Dirt is a "Eureka" moment, and I think you'll get more out of that episode now. Pay attention to the lecture on Maps, because that will apply to any effect with a "Source Layer."

  • @Triem23 - Cool, I'll take an hour sometime to watch it again.

  • Still workin' on FOTR - here's a fun VFX shot that took a surprising amount of time:


    The trailer should be out pretty soon - I've still got a lot of editing to do for it though.

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    I'll bite. How long? 

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    @Triem23 - Maybe 25 minutes for the final shot, mostly due to lag from the 3d extrusion and lighting.

  • More FOTR work - here's a still render of a space shot I'm working on:

    Any suggestions or ideas on how to make this shot better? 

  • I finished redoing the first scene of Fall of the Resistance. Here it is:


    The crawl is much smaller, with changes to the words as well. There are some other minor changes as well, like new planets as it pans down.

  • @DIY_Film_Guy

    A very good job over all for a small budget.  Did you intend for the screen to go to black around 2:42 after Kylo Ren delivers his line?  It could be something with my rig, I suppose.  I hear the audio but no visual.

  • My screen goes blank at the same place.

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    @tddavis and @BobDiMarzio - Yeah, that's the end of the scene. I forgot to put in an end card, I'll do that right now.

  • I have a new logo! My sister designed and sketched it, and I digitized it.

    It's supposed to be a mix between a slate, a camera, and a reel of film. Let me know what you think!

  • @DIY_Film_Guy  Looks nice.  Brought me back to the late 80s and a logo design I created for business cards when I was transfering 8mm film to video tape for people.  So I like it!   Not the same at all, but just reminiscent enough to remind me.  Don't know what ever happened to all those extra cards and that logo???

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    I like! Took me a minute to see the camera part of the shape. Nicely done, sis! 

  •  @Triem23 and @tddavis - I'll be sure to tell her you liked it! I was kind of worried that people wouldn't see the camera.

  • @DIY_Film_Guy nice like it, but hope you don't regret using the Canon brand, you know what these lawyers are like.

  • Yeah, I was working on another version of the logo, and I was thinking about taking it out for that reason. I only had it in to make the camera part more obvious, but I think I'll take it out and just leave it blank.

  • Here's a short shot from FOTR. This is an establishing shot of the lava planet in the film.


    This took a lot of compositing work. What do you guys think? Is there anything I should add?

  • @DIY_Film_Guy  This is just me, but I think you should change up the color scheme on your background planet and sky to add more separation between the background and your mountain edges.  They kind of blend together too much for my thinking, but your lava looks really good!

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