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    @GrayMotion it worked when I did what I suggested - with a couple of keyframes to keep the flare facing forwards -  so sorry if I didn't explain it properly as I was only guessing at the time. ;) I won't sully this thread with a solution video, as that animation was amazing, but I'll PM it to you.

  • 3 egg nog cheer! @Palacono

    Your video was a real gift to my knowledge. It absolutely  works as you described. I was trying to do it with a ....hate to admit it........ but a grade layer instead of making a flare comp on  a plane and then of course DEMULT. Duh.

    Thank you!

  • @GrayMotion Good going.  Your particles and flare look great!


  • @Graymotion  Your "experience points" far outstrip mine here.  Very nice animation!  I feel silly for chiming in now.    Loved the opening spiral particle trail.

  • Wow your Merry Christmas vid looks amazing. I suddenly feel the urge to bury any silly ideas I had for a Christmas vid in a large hole with concrete layered over the top.

  • Spectacular!

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    Testing  water and reflections. My "lake" is a little roily.

    The shore needs break water though. I've been tinker with this in AE and now trying to produce something similar in HF :

    Starting at 4:12

  • @GrayMotion Tell you what mate, you've done a pretty good job on that, just ease on the feather a tad and pull back on the blue a little. 

  • Maybe lower the wave amplitude a little, too.  But yes, that's looking pretty good.

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    Thanks guys.

    Yea...after looking at it a couple dozen time the overall shot sucks. Water surface is sliding into the grass line "hugely".

    I had the displacement on a 2d grade layer with a mask. Bad Idea. Changed it to 3D and was easier to put in place.

    I was so proud of the surface of the water that I neglected everything else. :-(

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    First pass, man. Then you refine, improve and get better.

    Actually I think it looks quite  good. Fixing the slide os important. Breakwater, not so much. It's a serene enough water movement and a long enough camera distance I don't think spray would really be visible.

    Aw, boy, I kinda want to take everything below the water and turn it into a camera projector rig. 

  • +1 on the first pass. Got remember to not poke myself in the eye so much!

    On ward and upward

    OT....future inspiration

  • Having a bit more fun with the particle simulator.

  • @GrayMotion Very nice! 

    Almost want to add a little turbulence so the spiral arms look a little less "perfect", but you've nabbed the look for sure.  Good going!

  • @GrayMotion  Very nice!! 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice. The Particle sim does do good spiral galaxies. Great grading!

    @Stargazer54 has a good idea with the turbulence. You can add some turbulence while the stars are spawning, then keyframe the "Time Scale" property to "0" to "freeze" the sim once it's spawned.

    Another option is to keyframe the size of your emitters (I'm assuming you're using spherical or cubical emitters) during spawning to change up the shape a bit. I'll often have the particle per second count and the size of the emitter higher when closer to the galactic core, the shrink the emitter and reduce particles per second while moving out the arms. Gives a thicker, denser galactic disc near the core and a thinner, sparser spread at the rim.


  • Blending transitions is tough without using bright white...

    I trying to get a descent transition out of Hyperspace but not even close to convincing. I masked the Earth and animated it's size overtime to coincide with the exit jump. Kinda jumps from a circle in the middle rather than on a flat warped(blurred) plane above the horizon. Any suggestions?

  • Last few days a user brought up Tony Cee's Hitfilm Celestial pack so I went and watch some of Tony's stuff again. I can say this for sure...I somehow never saw his Event Horizon video he did in 2015. 

    Anyhow, while experimenting I stumbled (again) upon a pretty simple effect. You can get some pretty cool looks using a sphere, or as I tried b4 , a Torris. Same concept though.

  • @GrayMotion ; That's pretty neat!

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    Never saw this asked before so here goes.

    Is HF capable of creating motion "video walls" without creating 16 comps and 16 points to control each comp? Particle sim or atomic particles maybe??

    Something like this:

  • If you ever hear me complain about render times please refer me back to this:

    GPU render - 300 frames @ 6.5 minutes a frame. 1950 minutes, 32.5 hrs. Wow!

  • That is BONKERS!!!

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    Nice Blender Render!

    Um, the video wall question--must have missed that first time around.

    Other than Split Screen Masking I can't think of an "Inbuilt" filter to aid in video walls. Split Screen masking is limited to 9 regions, so you still need two comp shots to make a 16 region wall. I've not played around with that effect much, so I can't really talk you through the entire setup, but, if you can live with a 3x3 grid, HFP 2017 has a built-in preset for that. Select it, then just assign your source layers.

    For a 4x4 you'll probably have to set that up yourself. I'd create a Comp that's full-width/half-height (ex. 1920x540) and set up a 4x2 grid with the Split Screen Masking effect, save that as a preset, then assign my first 8 sources, duplicate the comp, swap out the media for the second 8 sources, then pull both these comps as embedded comps into the main animation and reposition them vertically to fill the screen.

    Still a bit of a pain, but probably easier that dealing with a separate composite shot for each clip.

    EDIT Oh, yes, and Split Screen Masking works great if set up on a grade layer.

  •  @GrayMotion  This may not be what you are looking for in a video wall, but I just stumbled across a ton of green screen effects at Youtube and saw this and remembered your post.

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    @GrayMotion - Love the weird space. Is that the inside of a sphere (or torus)?

    Did you get your problem resolved with the exit from hyperspace vid?

    Your galaxies are superb!

  • @StormyKnight - Weird space...a sphere with a spacey texture. Camera inside the sphere. I added a light, which you can see it looks like a shooting star, which was an unexpected results. The light appears to shine through the model.

    The hyper vid. Haven't fixed yet but I see where someone mentioned using the warp effect on the layer. Just haven't tried yet.

    @Treim23 -  I'll take your direction and run with it. Mucho gracious!

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    I'm having a heck of a time understanding how to composite multiple layers that occlude each other.

    The image below consists of unrolled 3D layers. 8 Fire and 8 smoke particular sims and  2 model layers. The smoke seems to do what I want but the fire is lame, dull and unrealistic

    If I turn the fire particle sims into a comp and use set matte on a fire in a 2D environment the fire is completly blocked (disappears) by the nacelle structure leg and the bottom main hull as it goes by the camera. As well the fire doesn't protrude from the top of the hull damage but rather from the edges. (Which is expected with set matte but not wanted).

    As you can see the sun occludes nicely but the rest....boooo.

    The final comp is all 2D layers. 

    What am I missing here?

    Hope I'm making sense

    Edit: This is what it looks like in unified space.

  • Just a follow up to my own question.

    Looks like what I'm reaching for is Depth Matte and Depth Mask neither of which are in Pro 4. A luma inverted matte I guess would be proper terminology.


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