Typewriter effect

How can i use this Typewriter effect in Hitfilm4 Pro ?

-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_glgPVZcIvE


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    The Boris effects in the effects panel has a type on text effect. 

  • thank you ! :)


  • I must be missing something. I cannot figure out how to get Boris to just give me a basic typewriter look, with the letters just appearing as if it had been typed. All of the presets are for fancier falling, zooming, fading in, etc appearances.

  • Why not use a Mask with a few keyframes? One keyframe per letter, but wouldn't take long to do unless you had a whole screen of text appearing.

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    @HitfilmSensei try zero movement, but set scale to animate from 0 to 100 in one frame with a negative offset between letters to slow down the timing. Basically trick it so the letters grow in super-fast. Disable motion blur. 

  • In the past, I have actually animated every letter with a keyframed mask, and it does take a long time.  If you change the letters (i.e. type somethinjg new in), you have to change the masking. With this, I can set up a "preset" work file, very quickly type in what I want and be good to go.

    @Triem23, I fiddled around with the "Type on Reveal" settings until I got each letter to appear in a single frame. I used the "Reveal Time" to adjust the timing of the letters appearing, and it works beautifully. Thanks for you help!

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    Hi, can I do the same on Hitfilm 4 Express?

    I'm thinking of getting an effect like text zooming in from one side of the film, and letters by letters. Or any kind of effects on texts.

  • You can use the Shatter Effect on text - requires an Add On from the store, as you can see in Axel's tutorial here:


  • Or You can use the simplest method ever.. Just record your screen with typing a letters yourself with a big font on a white screen ;). It would also get a "human touch". One disadvantage is that it is hard to edit after ;).

    If You can record something.. record it. Big timesaver in many cases.

  • As a result of this conversation from last November, I did a tutorial on this topic in the free version of Hitfilm Express. It is still a lot easier and faster to do in Boris, but it is not too hard to do in Express.


  • @HitfilmSensei ; Good one! 

    Simple, clean, easy to follow.  Great illustration of what constant keyframes can do.

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    Yes, I agree.  And to counter my usual negative comments about everything: I liked it a lot and the little intro got me wanting there to be more of the story once the keys were found. Like: has your wife actually been kidnapped? :)

    And to revert  to normal: The yellow and red Title Card banners look a bit...simple, and might, just might put people off seeing if the content is any better than the title card. It is, of course, but first impressions and all that... ;)

    Edit: Also note that the bottom right word is often hidden behind YouTube showing the clip's duration in lists of videos, so don't write/place anything there.

  • @HitfilmSensei nice job on that video, simple use of those contanst keyframes.


  • @Palacono Thanks for the feedback, and I totally agree with you. I quickly put the thumbnails together when I first started the channel last May and I have used the same template ever since. I was more worried about the videos and so I didn't start off with too much of a worry in the thumbnail area. There is a certain amount of "brand recognition" momentum that goes with not changing the look and feel of your initial presentation, so I have left it the same since. However, on the other hand, it could most certainly be improved. I was thinking about making an upgrade of thumbnail, cover panel, and icon looks at the one year mark, and making a big deal out of it (sort of like how Film Riot does when they change their overall look). Maybe I ought to move that time frame up a bit.

    Thanks @Andy001z!

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