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  • They pulled it because Kim Jong-Il is the villain. Wouldn't wanna piss off Kim Jong-Un, would we? 

  • Ah- the father of Un. Yeah- we've made fun of him several times at the theater during original sketches. Always went over well. We did a game show called (my idea)- Are you Smarter Than a Dictator? We had a 6 year old (actually an adult actor) compete against Kim Jun Il and beat 'im. HA! Kim lost due to a question about what year were women finally able to vote in the U.S.

    So if I look for TA:WP I won't find it?

  • God's Pocket 8/10 Phillip Seymour Hoffman stars. Is this a drama, tradgedy, or a black comedy? The interwined lives of a working class hood. Hoffman plays a man who's luck takes a down turn, and we get to watch it all unfold.

    Hoffman play his character almost mono-tone. It left me trying to decide if his character was shell shocked by the events as they unfold, or if this was one of those movies where he took the roll because nothing better had come along.


  • Pompeii - 8/10

    Who knew this movie existed? Not me. This movie is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. I know a lot of people don't like him and he's not the greatest director (though, I found Event Horizon to be a pretty good movie), but this may be his best film yet. It would be easy to dismiss Pompeii as a Gladiator rip off, but the fact is that this movie actually stands on its own and is well written, has good pacing (never gets boring) and has very good special effects and volcano destruction (1900 year old spoiler).  It is worth watching. 

  • The Maze Runner- 9/10

    I'm guessing this story is based on a book(s) due to the ending. It's completely wide open for a sequel and they pretty much made it obvious. The story was solid, the acting done quite well and the FX were great. Can't wait to see more if that's where they're going with it.

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    Left Behind- 4/10

    Didn't really get the feeling that this movie was sincere. I know nothing about the director or producers and what they believe but if they're Christians they didn't convey the overall message very well. "God's Not Dead", although cheesy at some points, did a far better job capturing the salient points of Christianity while "Left Behind" felt like it was just going through the motions to try to market/pander to the religious crowd. It had a detached approach that didn't make me warm up to the characters or get into the story itself. The best moment of the movie happened in the 'blink of an eye'.

    God's Not Dead- 9/10

    I wasn't sure what to expect going in. I knew the real life story of the student/professor which is portrayed in this movie. Other parts seemed a little contrived- parts that appear to have been written just to extend the movie. I've been a fan of Kevin Sorbo since Hercules but first really appreciated his acting in the roll of Dylan Hunt in Andromeda. I'm even more impressed with his acting now as he switches from being a hero in previous projects to a 'villain' in this movie. The message is solid and conveys the principles of Christianity meticulously via dialogue and action.

    Jaws 1 & 2- 9/10

    Okay, I wanted to see these again because it's been so long and if Triem can go back through Trek movies........

    I don't know why people say the shark looks fake. If you've seen a real shark it looks just like the shark in the movie- fake. They naturally look surreal if you ask me. They're not all that flexible and have beady eyes. I loved 1 and 2 but Jaws 3 & 4?

    Jaws 3 & 4- 2/10

    They should have quit while they were ahead. 3 in 3D that didn't really look 3D and 4 just wore out the story and beat it to death......literally. Jaws 4s tag line is "This time it's personal". So the shark somehow knows the Brody family and is trying to kill remaining members? Oi! 

  • Into the Woods - 4/10

    None of the characters were interesting/likable at all, although there were some good acting/singing performances, e.g. Meryl Streep as the Witch.

  • @StormyKnight mazerunner is indeed based on a series of 4 books so there will be a minimum of three more films to come. My daughter is about to start reading them.

  • @StormyKnight - hmmmmm The Giver? I hadn't heard of that but I'm now watching the trailer......
    World of conformity? Psychological thriller? MERYL STREEP? 
    Yes. Yes I am watching this. 

    RED 2 - 8/10

    Decided to watch the sequel to this epic movie over Christmas. Man, I love RED (which stands for Retired - Extremely Dangerous if you didn't know)
    Just enough comedy in it to poke fun at itself, and some absolutely brilliant action packed shootout scenes too. Highlights include the amazing Helen Mirren pretending to be insane by pretending to be the Queen (classic) and again, Helen Mirren shooting out of both sides of a car in slow mo. 
    You just can't make it up.
    Wonderful script and great actors - not your average spy movie at all. 

  • X-Men: Days of; Future/Past! 7/10

    Slightly conflicted on this one, which I've FINALLY seen. Main thing is that it's hugely entertaining throughout. So, on the whole, I really, really enjoyed it. Great cast, visually stunning, great music from Ottman again.

    But at the same time:

    • Awfully cheesy dialogue at times.
    • Really clumsy exposition throughout the first third of the movie, with pretty much every character indulging in a spot of "as you know, Bob..."
    • All the future characters are basically visual effects. There's zero character development or purpose there. A good example is Iceman, who had some really good stuff to do in X1 and (especially) X2, but here only gets to look sad and do cool ice stuff. Sure, it's the best demonstration of his powers in any of the films, but that's all he is. Same for all the others. Future Storm, Magneto and Xavier only have personalities because of the work done in the previous films.
    • The style is Singer's, for sure, but I rather miss the period-specific stylings of First Class.
  • BIRDMAN 10/10

    If this isn't my film of the year, it will have been a very good movie year.

    Hugely refreshing to see a film which I knew almost nothing about, had no idea what was going to happen at any given time and packed full of amazing acting, dialogue, cinematography, VFX and music.

    It really is a tour de force in just about every department, with a ton of invisible effects work. It's the most innovative and impactful score I've heard for a long while. The whole cast is amazing, with the interplay between Keaton and Norton particularly special.

    Don't read anything about it, and go see it right now.

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    Peaky Blinders 9/10

    Not a movie but a Netflix original series. I got into this over the holidays and ended up watch both season, all episodes, over a 2 day period.  England's version of Board Walk Empire, sort of.  The sound track rocks! I found myself really enjoying the external shots, dark gritty, and period correct. My only complaint is some of the actors at times do speak with such a heavy accent I don't catch all the dialog.

    Looking forward to the start of a new season.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 5/10

    I went into this expecting about a 2/10, and found it to be not nearly as bad as I expected. In terms of the character and performance, these are the best Turtles we have seen. Not a huge fan of the character designs, though I did get a bit used to them by the end of the film. Splinter wasn't right, though, and they wasted Shredder and the Foot clan pretty badly. There were also a couple of action sequences that went so far into the absurd that they stopped being cool, which is saying something when your main characters are mutated teenage turtles trained to be ninjas. Still, I did enjoy watching it overall, which is more than I expected.

    The Three Stooges - 1/10

    I'm not sure how this ended up on my Netflix queue, and the disk sat on my shelf for a month before I got around to watching it. I was also not expecting much from this, but it turns out to be far, far worse than you might expect. If a four minute scene of the stooges attacking each other with streams of urine by squeezing babies in a hospital nursery to make them pee in each others' faces sounds like your idea of a good time, though, you might want to look this one up.

  • AxelWilkinson- The Three Stooges sounds about as brilliant as The Beverly Hillbillies remake which I would give negative numbers- so I turned it off 10 minutes in. Starting out with Jethro hitting the outhouse with granny in it was beneath the dignity of the original show. Thanks for the warning about the Stooges!

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    Boyhood- 2/10  Two and a half hours of an ordinary, humdrum life and a really bad version of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" left me wanting those 2 1/2 hours back. Don't know why this was so 'remarkable' for some. I know they used the same actors for 12 years but without an interesting story or a point to it, this movie falls utterly and completely flat. *yawn*

  • That's the first bad response I've seen to Boyhood. I haven't seen it yet, really looking forward to doing so sometime soon.

  • SimonKJones - I hope you enjoy it.....and I'm not being sarcastic. I think the problem I had with it was it mirrored so many of my friends lives when I was growing up that I felt like I had already seen/lived it.

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    The forums have been so very busy over the last few weeks that this thread has been literally buried under a kazillion things. But I had to bring it back for this movie.

    10/10 - Kingsman: The Secret Service (no spoilers here!)

    I have never - repeat - NEVER come out of a movie buzzing the way I did this one. And I've never given a 10 rating, but I disliked nothing about this movie.
    I am about to spread all kinds of filmmaking love over this movie so it's important for you all to know that I haven't been paid anything to endorse this movie - although it will seem like it I'm sure. 
    I didn't want to go and see it at all, because the trailer is really quite appalling in comparison and doesn't do the movie justice. However, there wasn't really much they could take without giving away major spoilers, so I sympathize. 
    It had everything you could possibly want in a "British" spy movie. The fact it was directed by Matthew Vaughn (director of Kick Ass) gave some indication that it would be brilliant, but the way that it sticks to conventional spy tropes while still making fun of itself (as well as the acting) was what made it really great. 
    I was on the edge of my seat a number of times, and sitting in awe of the wonderful over-the-top fight scenes. The cinematography, soundtrack and set up (specifically of the climax scenes) is perfectly constructed. I didn't see the main plot twist coming and the balance of subtle humor and just basic ridiculousness at some points kept me thoroughly entertained. 
    Wonderful. Taking everyone I know to go and see it. Can't rate it highly enough. 

  • FURY  - 8/10

    I am not a Brad Pitt fan nor am I a Shia Labeouf fan.  But this is one of the better movies for both.  WWII saga. Pitt actually shows more then one emotion.  Labeouf's character made me want to punch him on the face about half way through the movie.


  • Halfway through is pretty good. Usually I am about ready to punch Shia in the face in about 15 seconds. 

  • Lucy- 9/10  When a girl is forced to be a drug runner she seeks revenge in a way no one could ever have dreamed of. Good solid effects throughout and a compelling story about human evolution......although admittedly, I am not an evolutionist. Fast paced right to the end.

  • @StormyKnight to me Lucy was the femme fatale version of : The LawnMower Man with Jeff Fahey.

     My wife cheered the movie for a female being the butt kicker.

  •  Sabotage: 1/10

    A truly dire film. The plot is daft, the violence gratuitous and in such quantities that you're numb to it by the halfway point. I felt nothing for any of the characters and none of them underwent any particular growth. I only finished it because I hate not knowing how something ends.

    Possibly the worst film on Netflix UK.

  • Ex Machina 7/10

    Interesting slice of scifi with horror undertones, an excellent cast and some truly wonderful visual effects. Gratuitous nudity at the end aside, it's great stuff.

  • @Kirstie Ditto, love the fight scenes ....also Valentine was excellent.

    Lots of HitFilm particles at the end.(sorry, just a little spoiler)

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes of the Movie 9/10

    Continuing my 'catching up on 2014' project, I finally saw DotPotA. By jiminy, that's a great movie! Why didn't anybody say so?

    I enjoyed Rise, but Dawn went off in numerous surprising directions with its story, making a particularly bold decision to focus on the apes themselves. Compelling stuff, interesting themes, and it managed to be entertaining and satisfying without chickening out.

    So, those VFX. It's not often that I'm properly wowed by VFX. Even great work these days feels simply expected. But DotPotA is so far ahead of everbody else that it boggles the mind. It feels as far ahead of the curve in some aspects as Phantom Menace was in 1999 - while being a vastly superior film overall, of course. I genuinely can't quite comprehend the pipeline required to efficiently make a film of this complexity.

    2014 was an absolutely stellar year for VFX. Pretty much every major movie had really, really stunning work. But DotPotA is really playing a whole other tune.

    The long, lingering shot of Koba atop the tank. Wow.

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    Simon, on page 22 Rise has a 9 rating. We raved. ;-) glad you enjoyed it. I think it's my favorite movie of 2014. Possibly the best looking movie I have ever seen. 

    There was a panel at CTN on Rise, and part of it was interesting. The company that did animatics also did mo-cap, and from first draft previs they were combining draft hand animation with mo-cap. Second passes refined after shooting. Certainly helpful when passing shots down the pipeline, because by the time you were really into production, you had a really solid blueprint.  

  • King Kong - 7/10

    I finally watched the Peter Jackson version. I really wanted to like this movie and there is a lot that is great about it, but oh boy is this movie incredibly depressing. I understand that we are supposed to feel bad for Kong and empathize with him, but Jackson and crew went waaaaaay over the top with the drama and created an action adventure movie that is not fun to watch at all. This movie need more of a fun, Indiana Jones feel and less LOTR misery.

  • NullUnit - I didn't get the depressing feeling from Kong. I thought the bug scene went on way too long but throughout I kept thinking, "If they had this technology back when the original Kong was made- this is how it would have turned out." At least it was more true to form than the remake set at the Twin Towers. THAT was a depressing movie IMHO. 

  • The Siege (1998): 6/10

    A late 90s Hollywood film about terrorism with Bruce Willis as a gung-ho Army general? Surely a recipe for a terrible movie? Not quite. The story is actually fairly intelligent, and does actually engage your brain a little. It has some poignant moments, and a good performance from Denzel Washington. Unfortunately it's let down by the naff ending and the constant conflict between thought-provoking political thriller and SHOOT-ALL-THE-THINGS-EXPLOSION-TIME.

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