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  • I don't think engines are necessary, since you want everything to have uniformity of design. But if you feel like you want to break the fighters up more, maybe use a boolean op to cut out a saw tooth pattern around the bottom of the ship that you could add a light to. It'd break the design up a little and give the viewer something to look at.
  • Good points... no engines it is. That'll save me a ton of work. :D
  • You could add a small donut hole to the ship, keeping with the theme of the bigger ships. That could then suggest that the hole design is actually what drives the ship. You could even then put a glowy ring around the inside of the donut hole, to suggest there's some kind of tech at work there.
  • Es Pictures & Simon... awesome ideas! :)
    It shouldn't take but a few minutes to use a Boolean modifier, I would need to rework the UVs'.

    Next question... Should it have projectile weapons or particle/laser weapons... missiles maybe?
  • Projectile weapons would probably work better for the design of the ship, as it feels very ancient and stone like.
  • Thanks Kahveh, good idea. :)
    Here's a short screen capture of what the ship looks like with textures. The YouTube quality is a little bit low but, hopefully you can see what the textures look like. I can always change them but I got them to sorta look like the type of 2 to 3 color gradient feel, that you see on fish scales when light hits them at different angles.

    I'm gonna have to remodel this ship because it is just way too high poly. I imported it into HF2U and it almost took a minute. It really lagged the software after I turned it into a composite shot. I don't mind though... this is really good modelling and texturing practice. Aside from the long and often sleepless nights... I'm really diggin' this. :)
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    Looking good. I'd actually go for beam weapons over projectiles, partly because beam weapons are always best, but partly because it would go with the abstract propulsion system. You could even have the darker grooves of the ship's skin flash/glow when it fires.
    Alternatively, if you go for projectiles, maybe you should go for something unusual and extreme like the burst missiles that Shadow ships had in B5. You can see it around 1.25 in this vid (the whole vid is worth watching - defining CGI moment for 1990s television!):
    Man, I love the music in that sequence.
  • Thanks for the input and great ideas guys. :)
    I too would love it if we had bump map support for our models... you can pull off a ton of detail with textured bump maps, it means less time modeling. :)

    I do want to have particle or laser based weapons... but not a continues laser type thing because, obviously it's been done on Star Trek with their Phaser and on B5. I just think that those type of weapons systems look too... old timely and Death Ray-ish. I'm thinking more of the semi auto or full auto, rapid fire thing that they had going on, in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek. Their weapons were fast and pretty damned awesome.
    I do like the idea of a missile that would break up into smaller pieces, and also Simons idea for having the ship powering up with an inner type of glow, lights or flash, when it fires its weapons. I think I can pull off the glow with textures.
    Really great ideas... keep em' coming. :)
  • I prefer normal maps over bump maps now that I've had some time to get used to them.
    Maybe a weapon system like from the Halo games, where you have a projectile that has some particle effects attached to it? Best of both worlds.
  • I'll try to find some Halo vids on YouTube later on to see what you mean about those weapons... I'm not that big on playing video games so I need to see what you're talking about. Sounds really cool though. :)
  • What's up guys? Haven't posted anything in a little while huh?
    I had to take a bit of time off from modeling because my girlfriends mom just found out that she has a cancerous tumor the size of a golf ball in her lung. :( Sending all of my positive thoughts her way.
    So I kinda put the huge Prometheus inspired, alien ships that I've been working on, on hold for the moment... but in my spare time, I've been working on a different design for the fighters. Right now they're just simple low poly, blocked shapes but they'll be smoother, sleeker, rounder and more streamlined once I add a sub surf modifier. I haven't laid out or drawn any blueprints for the new designs, I'm doing a lot of freestyle modelling because I want them to look as unique and alien as possible, not sure if that's working though. 8-| I know this ship has a lot going on... particularly around the wings and the rear but I'm trying to make it look aggressive because it will be heavily armed.
    Anyway, let me know what you guys think. :)



  • Reminds me of the Reman Scimitar from Star Trek.
  • Wow... that ship is pretty awesome.
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    The profile of the Scimitar looks remarkably like a Shadow vessel:




    Only thing I'd say about your design, spydurhank, is to be wary of Michael Bay Robot Syndrome, whereby the design is so spiky and complex that there's nothing for the viewer to really identify as a shape. Unless that's specifically the look you're going for - it makes more sense for a threatening alien spaceship than it does for robots that are supposed to be the main characters in a movie, for example.

  • Sorry to hear about your girlfriend's mum mate.  Hope all works out well for her. 

  • Thanks SMM, I really appreciate it.
    Simon, yeppers... you're correct. Even my girlfriend said that there was too "much" going on, with this latest design. She said that it looked cool but urged me to get rid of some of the extra wingy things. :)
    Gonna take a break from it for a bit, so I don't get burned out on it.
    I did however, go back to the Prometheus inspired ships yesterday. Using 3 modifiers in Blender "took me all day" I figured out how to model these ships with less faces so I'm super stoked about that. I'm working on one that has around 34 thousand faces and still has plenty of detail. If I can keep them under 50 thousand... they'll work great in HF2U. :) Now that I think about it... I should make some high poly models for close up camera shots.  
    Just hoping "like a kid on Christmas morning" for there to be support for bump and or normal maps in HF2U's next update. I literally keep having these dreams about opening up HF2U and it can magically open bump and normal maps... then I wake up extremely exited but only for a few moments... that's when I realize that I was asleep. All I can do is mope and say with a disappointed tone on my voice... Awe maaan. :(
    It's cool though... one day we'll have these features. I can feel it in my bones. :)
    I'll post some WIP pics later on... gotta book for now, fixin' to watch the Walking Dead. I can't believe that I like that show so much because I absolutely, hate zombies and zombie movies. 
  • Hey guys, here's the latest ship and what I've done to it so far after about 38 to 42 hours. You can see it with and without simple bump maps in the images below. I took my time with the textures... completely painted by hand in Gimp, it took foreeeeeever. They're 4096x4096, I'll probably shrink them down to 2048x2048 or even further to 1024x1024 so they take up less space.
    Anyway... you can obviously see how much fine detail, bump maps give a model. Pretty awesome. :D      






  • Hey guys,
    Here's a test render out of HF2U, of my latest ship. This one has a pretty good amount of detail in it. It has 108,544 faces. HF2U handles the model way better than I expected, so that's super cool.  :D
    After a few minutes of playing around with the model, I noticed that... the larger your textures are, the more it will lag HF2U. My textures "Diffuse & Spec maps" are 4096x4096 so I'm definitely gonna make some smaller textures.
    There're obviously no bump maps in this render but even so... it looks pretty good for the most part.
    I'm gonna make 1 to 2 dozen more of these, I figure that I can model and texture a ship, every 2 to 3 days as long as I don't get distracted.
    Hope you guys like the design.  :D  
  • Looks pretty frakkin sweet.  Now all you have to do is make an equally cool interior for it.  :D
  • Maaaaaaan... I was hoping that no one would mention that. :dry:  Just kidding. Now I'm gonna have to design an interior.  :D    
  • I'll be posting different projects shots and some short tests as I complete them.
    Here's one for now... I didn't use HitFilm on this. I won't post anything with that software till I'm a bit more comfortable with it.

    Let me know what you think and thanks for watching.
    Watch in HQ if possible. :D


  • Well... I'm gonna be making a whole bunch of these models, They will consist of Alien fighters, Mother ships sci fi buildings, weapons and vehicles... pretty much anything having to do with Sci Fi. They will be textured.
    I'm gonna sell them to the HitFilm community for only $25.00, I would give them away for free but I need the cash to keep my website going.   
  • Here's a few pics of what I did over the past few days. The textures are just a place holder from the previous ship. I'll end up changing them later on. 








  • Having seen the test render from a couple posts above, I'd be tempted to actually make the ship the other way around. What you appear to be using as the rear of the ship would make an awesome, terrifying front, simply because it looks like an outstretched hand, reaching out threateningly.
  • Good call Simon.  :D 
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    Having seen the test render from a couple posts above, I'd be tempted to actually make the ship the other way around. What you appear to be using as the rear of the ship would make an awesome, terrifying front, simply because it looks like an outstretched hand, reaching out threateningly.

    I was thinking the same thing. It looks like an outstretched hand. That should be the front.

  • Right on, I'll start working on a slightly different model... same concept though. 
  • Weird... I thought I'd already posted this, guess not.
    Anyway, I had this idea a little while ago. I want to do a 2 to 10 minute short with all of these ships that I've been making. I'm thinking... there's an Alien invasion or some type of scout mission, at the same time as a dogfight during WWII. A few enemy pilots, British, Japanese, German and Americans... maybe only one of each, try to take out the Alien scout ship? I dunno yet... just keep getting different ideas.
    The only thing I know is... it's gonna be awesome. :D  
  • Hah, that sounds like an awesome concept. I quite like the idea of a WW2 dogfight, and then all the different forces realise they have to team up to fight off the aliens.
    Rather cheesey, in an Emmerich kinda way, but I like it. :P
  • I was thinking the same thing... except, I'm thinking that all of the pilots need to die from fighting the aliens or... they immediately return to fighting each other after defeating the aliens... in which case they still die. 
    I'm trying to figure out whether it should be a "what if" type of alternate timeline, which leaves it open for some of the pilots to survive or... it happened on our Earth and there's no mention of the battle in our history books because all the pilots died... no one to tell the story type of thing. That's why I mentioned that they all need to die.
    Dunno just yet... still thinking and throwing around ideas.
    Earlier today, I found some blueprints for a few WWII fighters and bombers that I want to model. So I started working on a painting of a pinup girl that I'll put on the side of a P51 Mustang.   
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