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 Is there any way to have the integration with Vegas Pro 15 work with latest version of Hitfilm or is it Vegas version 16 only? It is unfortunate that this feature seems to go lockstep with releases and that there isn't a way of spoofing other versions. Thank you for your assistance.


  • Integration with HitFilm 14 is supported by VEGAS 16 and 17. For integration with an old version of VEGAS, you will need to use an old version of HitFilm as well.

  • Hi Axel,

     Thank you for your quick response. Is it still possible for me to purchase add-ons for Hitfilm 2017 which integrates with Vegas 15?

  • @Manhit  unfortunately you can only purchase addons for the current version of HitFilm Express. 

  • It is not possible to purchase add-ons for HitFilm Express 2017 at all.  The add-ons currently available are supported in HitFilm Express 8 through 14 (and beyond!)

  • Like others I was hoping for integration between the latest HitFilm and Vegas 15. The official line is clearly that HitFilm 14 integrates with Vegas 16 and 17, but there is a complete lack of information on why this is the case. Some of us can't afford to upgrade Vegas (or HitFilm) to every latest version. I recently jumped from HitFilm Pro 4 to the latest version, so it was quite disappointing to lose integration with Vegas.

  • @madscientist I’m afraid this is a situation where you’ll need to update both at once and stick with compatible software until you can upgrade both software packages again. You also may want to look into Vegas Post which includes Vegas, plus a fully compatible HitFilm-based compositor

  • The lack of integration wth version 15 was certainly a disappointment for me. This feature for me is so important that I haven't touched my purchased version of 14 Pro and only use 2017 Express. Since it seems that multiple versions can be supported (both 16 and 17) it is unfortunate 15 couldn't have tagged along in the latest build.




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @madscientist @manhit

    You're overlooking something here. Vegas/Hitfilm integration requires code from both companies. FXHOME codes the Hitfilm stuff in Norwich UK, the Vegas team in Madison, Wisconsin, USA codes the Vegas end.

    Vegas Pro 15 released in 2017, shortly before the release of Hitfilm 6.0.

    Now, Hitfilm has massively iterated since then. Large sections of the base code have altered. The text engine has been rewritten, GPU decoding added, the encode/decode libraries have changed along with a whole slew of other alterations, deep within the core of the Hitfilm software. 

    Vegas hasn't. Now, I love Vegas and have literally used every version back to v1 in 1999, and Vegas still uses the same core engine.

    What you have here is fundamental changes to Hitfilm that likely require new code at the Vegas end. As is typical with most software vendors, once "Vegas Current" comes out, "Vegas Prior" stops development. Chances are the Vegas team isn't going to go back to "Vegas, two versions ago" for another update. They are working on bug fix enhancements to Vegas 17 and, by now, are well into Vegas 18.

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