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  • Frank - "We should Skype again soon or something"

    Sorry for the delay bud. I usually don't work until March but this year started off the wrong way and I opened my mouth and took 2 jobs in January and February. What is wrong with me??

    Anyways...towards the end of next week I'll have a few weeks of downtime and I'd be more than happy to Skype in with you. I've been waiting patiently for your process to become more clear to me as my ISS model needs some  much needed loving. 👍 It's really that it's not clear to me but rather I've become scatter brained (as usual)  and went down the iClone road a bit and let me tell you I was very pleased to discover that I can export the iClone camera into a .FBX that I could take into Filmer and then export out to Hitfilm. Made my day actually.

  • Oh cool @GrayMotion , sounds very good. And yeah, your iClone render above is killer, Oh my god we could do a tut together and combine both techniques? :)

  • Frank,

    @spyduhank I have been thinking that I should have you back on Live with Sensei to do an update on the progress with Filmer. What do you think? Could we maybe make that happen?

  • Oh yeah @FilmSensei , :) I'm in the same timeframe as Greg @grayMotion , I'll be free right around next end. :) 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    How interesting that everyone who's done a @FilmSensei stream is always willing to do another one. 

    Jay must be doing something right! 😁

  •  @spydurhank Right now, I have February 15 free... how about that date? Would that work for you?

    @Triem23 Thank you! I have a good one happening tomorrow... so excited!

  • Yeah no problem and thanks @FilmSensei , :)

  • @spydurhank I will add it to the schedule! Thank you! :)

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    Frank - Irval the Wyvern render I spoke about on Jays and yours stream today. I think around 8 minutes a frame. Bit sparkly. Massaged in Hitfilm. The plate was taken in the wrong conditions. Hard as HE2oothpicks to match the environment lighting and shadows 😉

  • HOLY something or other!!! AWESOME!

    Is that the cloth sim that was taking 8 minutes per frame to render?

  • Nice!


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    @spydurhank No cloth renders yet but working on that and hair. This ones I just animated mesh. I'm trying to figure out a way to smoose you to slap the knowledge of re-attaching animation to the armature. I've got a couple dozen motion files for the beast but my d**b as* cant figure it out 😕

  • Thanks @Stargazer54 but IMHO it doesn't compare to your Material Override experiments. Like I said before A W E S O M E!

  • That is cool. :)

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    Yea cool but I cant get it out of HF. I'm getting my feet wet with the Fluid Physics in Trapcode and I've been doing some testing and I find if I use an obj model as an Emitter Type is when the render crashes. So far Point, Box, Sphere and Grid emitter types seem to render out no problems.

    At first I thought it might be the Fluid Physics that was causing the issue but not the case although loosing the temporary ability to use objs is a bit of a deflater for my efforts.

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    I discovered a few tools for getting panoramas for use as backgrounds.

    Street View Download 360

    So basically go to Google maps and in Street View copy the url of the area that you selected, Go to istreet and paste the url from Google maps into the Load a Panorama link. This will generate a Panorama ID that you can paste into Street View Download 360 and allow you to download the panorama.

    For example:

    Hashima Island,129.7389218,3a,75y,348.86h,97.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sLfb19evAmCBjDU59CtJaKw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    So now a question. What is the math used (if any) to perfectly fit a panorama into the 360 Viewer (Layer Only) The default is 100% and the Scale is 2. The pano I downloaded from the above street view is 13312x6656. Would I just leave the 360 Viewer at its defaults???

    Note: I found if I create a plane the same size as the comp and drop the 360 Viewer on that layer and then source the pano it seems to look better than dropping the effect directly onto the pano? Thoughts?

  • That looks awesome. 

    I literally just saw something like that in the past few days, can't remember where because I wasn't paying attention: someone using a plane layer with 360 viewer effect that sources an hdr, so the hdr is projected onto the plane layer. 

    That is a cool trick and very useful. :)

    I haven't tried it but if you look up or down towards the poles, if you happen to see polar pinching then the effect may just be a plane warped into a sphere.


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    Thanks Frank. 👍

    I don't see any pinching. I used a 3840x2160 plane vs 1920x1080 plane inside a 1920x1080 Comp. The 4k frame made the background zoom in more (made bigger) vs the 2k. So on the math thing? I take it you divide the width by the height that equals the scale in the 360 viewer? At least that is what the math is on a 13312x6656 panorama. 

  • @GrayMotion Wow! That's a great trick. It does seem that leaving the default for the 360 Viewer Effect is the way to go. I agree... putting it on a plane and sourcing the picture gets a better look for sure!

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    @GrayMotion ; I haven't tried that method yet. Most of the 360's I do I just do it the old fashioned way and take like 60 pics locked down on a tripod and then take them into Microsoft Image Compositor and it auto creates a 360 among other stitching methods you want. The ones I do end up coming in around 21504x6900 32bit png and around 200-250 mb in file size. Might have to give istreet and google a try and play around with areas I can't get to and take pictures myself.  This was one just taken handheld which is why the blurriness is there but works rather well at least to get location based reflections, not so much true HDRI quality as I don't have a camera of producing the different contrast images without having to adjust the camera separately and redoing the whole shot again then compositing the multiple pano shots together to be able to get a HDRI near limitless grading ability.

  • @GrayMotion Very nice!!  The robot has a reptilian quality to it movements.I'll have to try your panorama method soon.


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    You know what @FilmSensei I was having a duh moment with the 360 Viewer. As far as using a plane layer the size of the comp to display the pano is by far a better look. 👍 My duh moment is I was trying to get a "farther" perspective of the hdr without fish-eying it too badly (although I do believe there is a remove fish-eye in the 360 viewer controls - Yep. Sure enough)

    I looked around at hdr dimensions - seems everything divides to a scale ratio of 2. I have seen some that don't divide by 2 like @FlyingBanana78 21504x6900 divides by 3.1. I assume in order to see the entire pano without a seam he has to set the scale ratio to 3? Maybe he chime back in.

    Back to the "farther" away perspective. Using more of the background. I see that if I scale set to around 68-72 percent that a camera swing from  say -45 to +45; there isn't really a noticeable "skew"  in the background image (too much)  and unchecking Use Fisheye Lens flattens the horizon so not a noticeable "bow". So..... brain fart moment on the math and how I could manipulate the 360 background. 

    Edit: What you know. You can override the scene camera too. Must pay more attention.

  • @Spydurhank A few months back there was a discussion about alembic material mismatch with FXHomes ATST model. Listen I have the same issue exporting alembic out of iClone 7. I actually get a material mismatch warning inside the models Properties.

    You mentioned here that Filmer can correct these errors so I washed the alembic through Filmer but to no avail. A weird issue now appears when I apply the alembic to the obj. I have to flip the objs normals in order for the texture to display. But no material Mismatch message from Hitfilm.

    In your endeavors in 2020 could you maybe carve out a sliver of time and do a short take on fixing said issue? 


  • Yeah, no problem.

  • You sir are a great example of human being! You da Man Frank. 👍

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Greg, have you tried converting the abc to fbx in Blender? In general I have found fbx is more likely to work than alembic. 

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    Fit more or higher-resolution textures into the same space. Requires a NVIDIA CUDA-capable GPU

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    @tddavis Get that Samsung ready. I myself am readying my cameras for the event. Sure would be cool to see something like this. Sure hope its not cloudy .

  •  @GrayMotion ; Thanks!  I had no clue that was a thing soon.

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