After Effects plugs

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will the free after effects plug ins from video co-pilot work in my Hitfilm Pro v11.2?


  • No they will not.  Support for select AE plugins is a feature that was only added in HitFilm Pro 14, it cannot be used in any previous versions.

  • what is the latest version. I hate all the marketing jargon. Just give me a version number.

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    What marketing jargon do you mean? HitFilm Pro 14, which I mentioned, *is* the version number. That is what the 14 means. Apologies if I was unclear.

  • Pro Suite,  Pro Video  bundle,   Pro Creator Bundle.........

  • None of the other products bundled with HitFilm in those various bundles you mention are affected in any way by the AE plugin compatibility in HitFilm Pro. If you are looking for a software bundle, with other products besides HitFilm, then pick whichever one has the products you need. All of them include HitFilm Pro.

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