COPPA and Youtube

I am not sure how many people it applies to here but just in case...this is my approach to COPPA Regulations...


  • @DafterThings Actually a very good breakdown on how to navigate this new boondoggle.  I just set mine to Not for Kids at the channel level and left it at that which might hurt my Monsters of the Rainbow, but it really was only there to show the forum anyway so no big for me.  I couldn't follow the gobbledygook explanation Youtube had but yours is very understandable.  I knew nothing about the don't restrict selection at all.

  • I'll admit that I *did* change my mind slightly and set 'Made for kids' as the default as it was quicker to then change those obviously NOT made for kids.

    Apparently the concern is that the FTC/YT adjudicator will watch the first few seconds, see it is a toy and then flag it. I don't know if reading a warning in those first few seconds will do the job but I can only answer honestly whether I made the video for kids (no I didn't) or whether kids might be my secondary audience (in many case 'yes').
    I can't bring myself to say 'Made for Kids' for a video implying a body being chopped up with blood sprays.
    It obviously isn't and I don't want under 13s watching it.

  • I think the most informative video that I have seen on the subject is this one...

    Good luck @DafterThings on trying to figure it all out! 

  • Yeah. That's a good one mainly because of the delivery.

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    @FilmSensei @DafterThings ; The more I watch or read on it (this mess) I am seriously considering just pulling my channel altogether!  On a fixed income, I sure cant afford even one exorbitant $42K fine.  Talk about government overreach...sheesh!

  • I am considering the same.... just waiting to see which way this goes..

  • @tddavis @DafterThings I really don't think you have anything to worry about. The government won't look to make an example out of small potatoes like us. They would be looking to speer some big fish if they were to do it at all.

  • TBH By the time they get far enough down the food chain to get to me we'll know a lot better what the score is.
    It's odd. I am happy with the actions I have taken. Frankly,  if creators are culpable for kids watching things they shouldn't then YT might as well turn off the lights and close the doors.

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    @FilmSensei ; One would hope, but our government has proven nothing the last couple of decades if not to be completely illogical and clueless and getting worse by the minute, I'm afraid.  I'm a rabid anti-one worlder since the earlier 80s when Reagan brought up Bush the 1st's membership in the Trialteral Commission and I started researching from there.  I ultimately believe One Worldism is behind a lot of this malarkey.

    Edit: Sorry @DafterThings to rant on your thread...

  • Wow!!

    FTC Guidelines???  Meaning they will change constantly. To subjective. Is depicting gunfire and explosions, blood spray, violence (beating up a robot), air wars (violence), destroying buildings? There could be people in there! Violence. What about a cool 3D logo that says Made in America? Is that offensive? Age approve?  Violent? TO SUBJECTIVE! The MADNESS of it all!!!

    I watched Youtubes video on this....Youtube (ie. Google) got their butt spanked to the tune of 170 million dollars (chump change) and must take action Blah...they know what their platforms contain. They weren't spanked hard enough in IMHO. So the action is  on You and a newly developed AI algorithm to  determine what is age approved and what is not? Right.

    @tddavis - You nailed it. PC and Globalism is turning humans into mindless idiots and it starts right in our own government 👍

    So this is simple for me..I don't target kids......MY channel is NOT made for kids.

    DafterThings - First - I'm also sorry to rant. 1000 apologies!!! I do want to say thought that I am very glad you posted the video and this thread. I was clueless to the full impact of the FTC ruling.

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    You know Dafter - I made light of this in a way but after learning more it is something to be concerned about. The presser that the FTC held is down right scary for content creators of any kind wether they are monetizing their content or not.

    Just because you say your video(s) are not for kids doesn't make it so. That will be interrupted by Youtube's algorithm  as well as eyes- on FTC employees that are not exactly fully aware of pop culture and think if the thumbnail images shows a "toy", cartoons, etc etc , stuffy white collar workings may think it's a video for kids.

    I also read in the text release for the regulation that bright and flashy colors are also targeting of kids. Can you say super cool video!! So...if I make a video on how to create a Christmas tree scene , I flag it good for kids, but I slip in my video and say a "bad word" the powers to be could say a flag it for kids but it was not because of the "bad word" and I could be fined up to 42,000. 

    The FTC in their own words. Watch the whole thing and listen to the words the FTC uses.

  • Yes, there is a lot of confusion and nervousness.
    Recently there are videos stating that YT has not quite explained the situation correctly. Some information was left out from their explanation of COPPA including the option of a 'Mixed Audience' and further detail on what constitutes Made For Kids and the potential fines. 
    I've made what I feel is the right move for now but I am hoping for more clarity over the next few weeks,

  • Silly question but if your make your videos  private or unlisted they can't pull channels can they?

  • I really don't know. The same thing has been asked on google support forums but with no answers.

  • Guess the government is going to make the rules up as they go along, bit silly with making a rule then no one really knowing plus the fine  amount makes zero sence?! I would presume if a video was private no one can view it part from you, plus depends how many views you get etc. Like short VFX videos can be considered for kids, but not really. maybe every video just place it over 18 on the age restrictions there for that would cover not being for kids either way as there is no way they could view it just to protect yourself as a creator?

  • There is a lot of speculation. The fact the FTC allow three categories : Made for Kids (covered by COPPA), Not Made for Kids (not covered by COPPA) and 'Mixed Audience' (not covered by COPPA) yet Youtube decided to make it a two category system is probably at the root cause of the confusion.

    I think it's highly unlikely the FTC will dish out hefty fines to small creators. I suspect there will be a request to re-categorise the video, remove the video or, for repeat or obvious offenders, delete the channel before court proceedings.

  • In a way its like a joke, like people who pay for taxes or fines or commit crimes or speeding tickets wouldn't get that sort of fine. Surely this has to be fake news or at least they have to realise yeah this is silly. 

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    "Surely this has to be fake news or at least they have to realise yeah this is silly. "

    In my experience the FTC (US Government) does not joke. Remember the illegal cable modem days? 1000's of regular folk (US citizens)  just like you and I were prosecuted. The FTC does not joke.


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