Problem with the Mocha add-on

Hey guys, I just acquired the Mocha add-on and when I open Hitfilm an error window pops up saying: "Could not load the Mocha module"
And then if I try to add Mocha to a layer, Hitfilm crashes.

Any ideas on how I can solve that? I tried reinstalling HF but it didn't work.
I still use windows 7, could this be the reason why it isn't working?


  • @Bemolator we do not support windows 7,  so even if this issue is unrelated, it may cause other unexpected problems. Have you tried reinstalling the software?

  • I reinstalled it, but I still get the error message just after opening Hitfilm. I was already aware that Win7 isn't supported, but I never had any issues with the add-ons I purchased or anything, so I wasn't too worried about getting windows 10. 

  • @Bemolator I just tried to replicate the issue on a machine here and failed to do so. Upon a quick google it seems like this is an issue with Mocha itself, and not our usage of it. I recommend contacting them directly, although it seems like updating to Windows 10 fixed the issue for others.

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