Film Sensei's Stuff: Super Easy INK Drop Effect in HitFilm Express! (August 7, 2020)



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  • Ok @Filesensei I need to re-watch this when I get back from work but it looks like exactly what I need. Most of it I already know but the stuff with the points looks really useful

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  • @FilmSensei ; Ooh, got to watch this many many times!  Shadow catchers are right there with deflectors in my lack of experience.  Thanks for this.

  • I Love well done shadows. :) Nice work @FilmsSensei. :)

  • @FilmSensei ; Got home and started watching and recognized my comment right away :)  So sounded like my humor...

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  •   Excellent, thanks again @FilmSensei ; (& thanks to @GrayMotion too)

  • Yes! A SUPER thanks to @GrayMotion!

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    Good soup @FilmSensei !! - I also noticed at Mixamo there are Pack animations. (search pack). You could animate a full scene in Blender and then export the animation via Franks Filmer tools. Something I'll be trying in the future just to satisfy my curiosity.  And of course...Fuse character builder

  • Is it possible to setup sequential animations using FBX files? The HF manuals states "Note that you can add multiple Alembic animations to a single model. These animations can be set up to work sequentially or simultaneously." so I assume that's only for Alembic files? I tried to add a second FBX animation but the animations run simultaneously, and I can't see where it would be possible to switch.

  • Thanks for clue-ing me in to Mixamo!!!!!!  Didn't know that was "out there".



  • Question........ why the intermediary step in Blender if the output of Mixamo says it is a fbx file?



  • @JBaymore For some reason, HitFilm will not work with an FBX animation right out of Mixamo. But if you Import the FBX and immediately Export that same FBX in Blender, then HitFilm works perfectly with the resulting animation. I have no idea why... it just does!

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    @JBaymore - .FBX files are not all created equal.,topicNumber=d0e3725

    Mixamo is actually in limbo software and will not be further developed. Just at a glance the .fbx files are created with SDK/FBX Plugin ver. 2014.21 while Blender uses  stable FBX IO

    Use the link below to download the Autodesk Converter. You can then use the software to convert other formats to .fbx or convert older fbx to newer/vice-versa and to see what version of .FBX was used to create the model.

    I'm not privy to why some files need to be converted to work in Hitfilm (probably because I never asked) but SOME models need to be converted. Maybe staff or someone can shed light on the subject.

  • Thanks @FilmSensei and @GrayMotion.

    I just got the FBX converter you mentioned and that is a really simple way to get the Mixamo files into Hitfilm Pro.  You can "block" convert a whole string of animations and the model file.



  • You don't need to convert the animations just the .fbx skin. Autodesk is the same as using Blender...both are used for converting. 👍

  • I have found a free program that may allow us to create our own characters to be used in Mixamo/Hitfilm. It's called Make Human and it can be downloaded from

    I have been able to get the characters created with the program loaded as new characters into Mixamo by using the following steps

    1. Create a character in Make Human
    2. Export (into a new folder) as an "obj" file. This creates an object file, a "mtl" (material) file and a folder with texture maps.
    3. Take the texture maps out of the folder and put them in the same folder as the "obj" and "mtl" files.
    4. Open the "mtl" file in a text editor and remove the "textures/" before the description of where the textures maps are.  (Mixamo can't find the maps unless they are in the same folder as the object file for some reason and the "mtl" file tells Mixamo to look there.)
    5. ZIP the folder. 
    6. Go to Mixamo and press the "Upload Character" button. Then upload the ZIP file created above. 
    7. If everything works, your textured Make Human character will now be in the character window. 
    8. Before doing anything else, download the character as an "fbx" file. 
    9. Add whatever animation you want from all the Mixamo choices.
    10. Download the animation file.

    You now have a Mixamo "fbx" character and animation file like usual. 

    And this is where I need a little help from you guys. I follow the steps from @FilmSensei and his great YouTube tutorial and the character loads into Hitfilm fine with the maps. BUT...when I load the animation file, the maps go all wonky. The animation works perfectly but the texture mapping is wrong. (I can have a beautifully mapped still character or a beautifully animated mess. )

    Any ideas?

    I've only been messing with Make Human for a few days, but it seems like it could be a powerful addition to our toolbox if we can get the transfers figures out.


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    @docsdl After reading your post above, I downloaded and worked with Make Human. That is a really cool application! I was able to very quickly convert a Make Human model into a Mixamo animation without a problem. Take a look at this video which I was able to quickly create using Make Human and Mixamo as an example...

    In HitFilm, I am not using the actual Mixamo animation as the model, but instead, I import the model that I downloaded by itself without any animations from Mixamo. Then in HitFilm, I import the animation as an animation (not a model) and drag that onto the animation property of the model in the Comp Shot. I hope that makes sense!

    I was planning on making a tutorial on importing other models into Mixamo, but I might have to make a tutorial on Make Human. It really is quite impressive!

  • Just downloaded it.  Thanks! Amazing what is "out there".



  • Also, on the Mixamo site........ follow the link for Adobe Fuse.  It is also a "human creator" that kinks up directly with Mixamo.  It is a Beta and like Mixamo...... apparently abandoned by Adobe also.  I've successfully made a character in Fuse and brought it into Mixamo to animate and then into Hitfilm for a shot.

    Another possibly useful tool.



  • @FilmSensei ; Thanks. I will give that a try. I assume you still run the Mixamo animation thru Blender before loading it into HitFilm?

    @JBaymore Yep, it IS amazing what groups of folks get together to create and then upload for us to use for free.

    BTW...Make Human has a plugin that allows the user to access a HUGE library of assets (clothing, characters, poses, etc). I hope to have time to check that out later today.


  • Very, very cool. Loading the original character and the "Blendered" animation worked!!! 

    I would still love to see one of your always-informative videos on the whole procedure to make sure there aren't other subtleties that I'm missing, @FilmSensei

    Thanks for the assist. Off to "explore".


  • @FilmSensei ; I played around with MakeHuman several years ago (before I knew anything at all in Blender) and totally forgot about it and had a download squirrel away.  Re downloaded and installed and made an approximation of my grandson for a long simmering film idea (circa 2007) and tried to apply a Mixamo FBX animation to it in Blender but it wants to bring the the Mixamo model with the animation tied to it?  Is there a away to link just that animation to a new model in Blender?  I know you just discovered it but thought you might have a tip.

  • @JBaymore I agree. This is a pretty cool application. I will have to check out the Fuse link.

    @docsdl Yes, run the Mixamo animation through Blender as usual. You obviously figured it out. I have done four or five different models out of Make Human now, and they all work exactly as expected. The "Community Repository" of assets is also incredibly nice to have as well!

    @tddavis You will want to export your Make Human model (set in a T-Pose) out in an FBX format. Then you will want to upload that FBX as a "Character" in Mixamo. Follow the directions to get it uploaded, then do what you would normally do with Mixamo after the character has been successfully uploaded.

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    @FilmSensei ; Ah, that was the step I missed...upload the fbx to stupid of me. Thank you for setting me straight.

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