Camera/Light targets

is there some way of moving/transforming the camera and light target positions in the viewer? (i.e. if "alignment" is set to "target" then there is a target position that can be set by entering coordinates in the Transform properties, but I see no way of viewing that position on-screen in the view and/or selecting and moving it)


  • Not sure I understand the question, but you can switch to Perspective view, zoom out until you see the camera icon, select the camera layer to the Left of the timeline and you should be able to drag it around by the vector arrows in the View.  Same goes for any other object in the scene including the light.

  • Stargazer54 - I'm referring to moving the target, not the camera or lights themselves. If "alignment" is set to "target" then there is a theoretical target position with x/y/z coordinates - this CAN be moved by entering the values; I'm looking for a visual representation that you can move in the viewer. This is something you can do in 3D applications (e.g. 3D MAX); in After Effects you can grab the camera target and move it around (not sure if you can do that with a spotlight target in AE). 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The answer to what you asked is No. There is no visual representation of the "Target" set in camera, layer, or light alignment.

    So don't use that option. Create a point and align to that point layer instead. 

  • Triem23 - "Create a point and align to that point layer instead. "

    OK; that sounds like it'll do the same thing. Thanks.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    It will. And, despite being able to align directly to a plane/video/model etc in Hitfilm it's still usually better to go ahead and use a point. After all, other layers, effects, etc can be parented to that point as well.

  • @AndyQ ; Sorry I misunderstood the question.  But as @Triem23 says, you want to parent layers to points.   Moving the point is much easier and in more advanced cases it allows you to build up rigs where you parent an object or layer to a point and then parent the point (or multiple points) to a Master point that would move the whole rig.   You may be more familiar with the concept if the think of points as "Null" objects.

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