Recent Audio Drops

Hey all, been using Hitfilm for around 2 years now, as of the last month ive been getting random audio drops in my footage i import.. My hardware is below :

Galaxy s9, Using Rode Video Mic and Filmic Pro

This is the same hardware i have used for the last 2 years but only recently started to get issues.

In below shot is typical issue i face. a regular shot which sounds ok when played back  but then imported into hitfilm the sound drops (red box) and then picks back up again. If i load the same footage into Audacity there is no audio drop. 

It must be some sort of Hitfilm issue with the codec ??


  • further to this i recorded on a different s9 without a mic and it does exactly the same, recording in 4k on filmic pro. hitfilm seems to have issues with the audio dropping when it brings the clip in heres an example :

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