The REEL WORLD of Mrs Mitty

Okay......the final product. A few experimental things.......and a few new techniques and effects I never tried before. But this is what HitFilm is all about.

Enjoy if you can :)


  • That. Was. FUN! :D The overall story was well-constructed, the various flights of fancy were entertaining and creative, and I literally laughed out loud when the "missile" launched (won't give it away for those who haven't watched yet). Are there issues? Yeah, but they didn't pull me out of the story, so unless you're asking for feedback, I'll let 'em slide.  You obviously spent a lot of time on this, and I'm sure you learned a lot of things along the way. Bravo!

  • Haha...thanks mate! Yes you're right....always be issues......but love tackling them with each subsequent project. Glad you had a "laugh out loud" moment...........makes it all worthwhile :)

  • Happened very cool 

  • This is great fun!

  • That. Was. Brilliant.  :D

    Some of the one-liners: "I wish you had two balls" were hilarious. Get someone to subtitle it if you can, as YouTube struggled with the auto translate.

  • Thanks guys.....yes, a lot of fun with this one :). And agreed......I really need to work on my sound. This is what happens when I only film with a phone. Hopefully my next project I’ll do a massive upgrade on my equipment !

  • Well done  its creative and fun shure you had a blast making it :)

  • Thanks for that Rogyrue!

    And you’re right, this one was heaps of fun to do! Any excuse to put a variety of VFX into something :). Indeed, a film festival awarded the film “Best FX” recently, so it’s made it very much worthwhile!

    Love this stuff :)

  • Congrats on the award. Well deserved.

    tbh : I think this is a winner because of the charm, fun and obvious passion that has gone into it.

  • Thanks mate :)

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