[Resolved] Feature Request: ability to import targas

I do not see targa file supported in the demo version...if targa is not supported, I would like to have it supported


  • Hi @Andersen01498,

    We will add it to our list and look into the possibility of supporting the Targa format.

    We have until now concentrated on the most common formats used.

    If anybody else would particularly find it useful to have import support for this format please do let us know.

  • @rikkiloades I totally get that but Targa has an incredibly strong alpha channel.....and plus as a student that is studying animation that would be a huge plus.  Side note, could I import an image sequence into imerge and then export the images as an image sequence if that makes any sense?  

  • @Andersen01498 Yes you can import the image sequence as a single layer with all the images as content on that single layer. Then perform your edits and batch export all the variations to get the image sequence back out with the edits. 

    Note that if you want to change the value of some effect properties over time then you would be better off using HitFilm for it. But if it is just the same edits across the entire image sequence Imerge should be able to handle that just fine for you.

  • @Andersen01498 Support for importing Targa has been added to todays release of Imerge 2.0. Check it out.

  • Sweet thanks a ton 

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