TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Dragon Action Cam 3 test footage In Pool - 8/9/2020



  • So by partitioning out each pass into its own comp, you don't bottleneck the processor as much? Why is that? Don't get me wrong, I totally believe you; you know a lot more about this stuff than I do and may ever know. I am just curious how that works. Regardless, that is really great to know. Thanks for the information! I look forward to your next video.

  • @FilmSensei

    Initially I started doing render passes because it avoids artifacts but yes, the added natural benefit of separating everything into it's own Comp/Pass lightens the load. You can lighten the load farther by rendering out those separate passes to your hard drive  and re-importing them into HitFilm for the actual compositing.   

  • @spyderhank

    Now that makes total sense. You just have to make sure you you have locked down your shot. No tinkering after the fact! :)

  • @FilmSensei ,

    Yes, yes dude that is exactly it. You've got it. :)

    The animation can be done all in HitFilm but I really like the added realism when combining Blenders raytraced shadows and mesh self reflections passes with HitFilm passes with the help of my scripts.

    The stuff we can now do with my scripts is reserved for industry type compositors like Nuke, it can do some crazy stuff with 3D meshes... but now we can too in HitFilm without the overcomplicated hassle. It's freaking awesome because as far as I know, I've never heard of anyone who can combine the same entire 3D scene in two separate programs. Everything just lines up. :) 

  • @spydurhank

    What you have done is nothing short of remarkable. I really have to brush up on my Blender skills before I can really delve into your scripts. I am really looking forward to it.

  • Here is the same video clip but at 32 Bit Linear...

  • Looks pretty good. Love that camera shake at the end. How did your machine handle the 32bits after doing the render pass trick?

  •  Very nice.

    I agree with @spydurhank, loving that camera shake.

  • @spydurhank... "How did your machine handle the 32bits after doing the render pass trick?"

    It was amazingly better, thanks. What a great idea!

    @ScottReid Thanks!

  • In the upcoming part 3 of my current Blender to HitFilm video demos, I'll go a bit more into leveraging HitFilms 32bit float linear color awesomeness because that along with 16bit .exr textures is what really makes 3D objects look realistic. HitFilm Lights and textures behave in a crazy awesome way at 32 bits and with render passes we are able to see all of our work at 32 bits. Pretty sweet stuff. :) 

  • @spydurhank ; Im not grasping how these multipass renders work.  Like the raytrace shadows pass you mention, how do you apply that to a model scene imported into Hitfilm?

  • Overlay or multiply blend modes. My Blender render passes line up with the mesh inside HitFilm. I'll go more into this but feel free to ask anything you like I'll attempt to add it to the next video. :)

  • @spyderhank

    Since you are taking requests... Say you have a scene in HitFilm with a single model, a background, and some lights. How many passes would you do, what would they be,  and what order would you put them in top to bottom?

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    That is exactly what I am doing in these little time-lapse videos.

    There is a background. 

    One 3D object.

    I have a nasty video card so I can create as many custom HitFilm passes as my 32 gig Polaris can fit into its vram.

    I use lights differently which makes them a very low render impact so I can have one light or as many more as I need.

    The actual compositing will be at the end.

    EDIT : 

    Anymore questions please ask on my thread as we have rudely highjacked this thread. Sorry.

  • That is correct... we have rudely hijacked this very nice thread! Sorry about that @tddavis!

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    @FilmSensei @spydurhank ; No worries here!  It makes it super easy for me to keep track of this method.  I have been following the convo with great interest  yet little understanding :) 

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    Just a quick little ditty for the FXHOME forum users.  My ability at tracking (or lack thereof) necessitated a change from my original idea to do a Headless Horseman thing and placing the pumpkin with my face on the neck spot.  I just wasn't able to get it all going in time after knee replacement surgery, and Oli's announcement in the Live Q&A about his recent Nearly-Headless Nick tutorial made my poor attempt less original. I had a whole graveyard setup that I ditched and just kept a few elements from around the house I modeled.  Frankly, I spent far too much recovery time modeling...

  • That is very cool. :)

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    @spydurhank ; Thanks for being polite!   I tried to use your script to imoport the camera from Blender to Hitfilm but ended up doing multiple passes in Blender cause I'm about as good with your script as I am at tracking...Need more practice on both.

  • Fun stuff! Nice job blending your face onto the pumpkin.

  •  Excellent work!

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    Thanks all.  @jsbarrett Funny story there... I covered my face with this orange makeup that I didn't read directions first and found out baby oil is the removal stuff and all I had was vaseline and canola.  They don't work as well.  Lots of scrubbing later I was well pink again!  I also discovered I tend to move my head a lot when talking!

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    Just a quick little throw-together for the holiday; nothing special except the sincere wishes for the holiday.

    Hope everyone has a nice and peaceful one.

  • Wow that is cool, are the large animated, colored snowflakes by the front door an effect? or is that a projector I see below in the front yard? Oh and merry Christmas. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Thanks, Frank!  And, yes, your keen eye is correct; they are projected.  This is the first year in quite a while that I put out lights so I thought I should do something with them.

  • Thanks for the good tidings @tddavis

    Merry Christmas to you, too.


    I initially did this some time ago but used a music accompaniment from another rainbow video on youtube so I could only show it to my grandkids until I could get something original.

    This music was commissioned at a super reasonable rate from Eric Matyas who does great work for download for free with credit only or a small contribution and is available at his page at
    It took me forever to get my daughter to record vocals to go with the score and she didn't want this posted until she could redo it but I've sat on it too long and no idea when it might get finished

    I made this for my 5 year old autistic grandson who is non-verbal and has sensory issues. But he is obsessed with numbers, the ABCs and colors and spiky stress toys so I thought he'd like this when I saw the Blender tutorial on making the monster which is what he responds to them as.

    tutor4u tutorial here:

  • Nice! Finding things that can engage autistic children can be challenging. Every child is different, and it's great that you found what works for your grandson and could channel that discovery into this project.

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