-Free 3D model DOWNLOAD-

Hey guys it is my 46th birthday so I'm giving out 15 copies of a 3D mesh over on my website .

Type "b-day" without quotes, into the -enter coupon code- section during checkout to get a free copy of my new 3D mesh. If you don't make it before the 15 download cap, you can still get it for under 20 bucks as there is also a 90% off everything Birthday sale. 

It is the -uav-01 3D model in the Shop. Pics below.

Like all of my other stuff it was built for specific use in HitFilm but also works in most 3D apps. Super lightweight geometry and a bunch of 8K 16 bit exr texture maps.  

Files include : 3D objects, textures and two .hfcs for easy use in HitFilm Pro.




  • Here's a clip after playing around in HitFilm Pro for a bit.


  • Thank you so much! Just snagged one up :)

    I have no idea when I'll use it, but it looks awesome!

    I like how you give us presents on your birthday. :) The huge sale is great too and I'd buy something if I was planning a project and needed a model.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Happy birthday, Frank! 

    EDIT: And thanks for the Download.

  • Ahhhhh, what I'd give to be 46 again.


    Thanks Frank

  • Happy Birthday!!

    (and Thanks for the wicked download, sir!)

  • edited October 2018

    Hi guys and thanks for the well wishes. :)

    Please do enjoy the free download but,

    just one thing for Ambassadors, Moderators ,Administrators, Developers and Fxhome staff. I created an alternate code for you elsewhere, and I was sure that you guys would have seen it first as there is a specific code for you guys to get a free copy of the 3D object.

    Please use the other thread on the Ambassador forums as the 15 copies on this thread are reserved for the rest of the HitFilm user base. Don't worry about already having used the code on this thread, let's just leave the slot open for the next person that may want to download the free object. Thanks guys.

     Oh and let me know when you do something cool with this 3D object. :)    

    Moderator Edit: @spydurhank just in case you said something you shouldn't, I made one reference more cryptic in the italics, above. (Triem23) 

    EDIT: @Triem23 Thanks dude. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Happy Belated Birthday!  I didn't try and grab the free model because I figured I'd let some of the ones who put out content waaay more than I do have a crack at it.  Great looking model but I'd just squirrel it away in an archive and never make use of it.  And I totally agree with @GrayMotion ; Oh to be that age again...

  • Nine free copies left. :)

  • I got mine... thank you!

  • Thanks @FilmSensei glad you got a copy. :)

  •  Awesome looking models... I should of come to you for my Millenium Falcon model if you had one... 

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