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Hello everone,
Kind of happy to be here .
Have one question only, where can i find more tutos about iMerge Pro ?
i see only 1 on Youtube and even no Youtube channel of this product.

Possible to direct me find some more  contents ?

Blessings !


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    Aren't any yet.

  • Imerge Pro is only version 1.0 and we’re not yet promoting it to the wider public (which is why you’re not seeing us shout about it yet), but you will see lots of content soon.

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    Hummmm @JavertValbarr i'm a bit confused here ... please understand me on this !
    1- i've seen the great things iMerge Pro can do from that only one video promo,
    2- on thewebsite it's says : The world’s first non-destructive RAW image compositor
    3- plus it says : Buy Demo / Try Now !!!!

    help me understand, you say the software is 1st non-destructive which almost makes it #1 ain't it ? and ... here above you write : we’re not yet promoting it to the wider public !!!

    come on guys ... i would understand if you where still on Public Beta or Public Demo until final stable version is released but ... v1.0 is already a good thing, am i wrong ?

    One thing: i know you can do great things because you have proven that with HitFilm (my best video editing software) also i know you are a small team as you have mentioned into the Live session Q/A you shared with me yesterday but ... Make it happen guys.

    Have some guys out there to test and push the thing up, send some links to the community for chosen peoples to review it ans start to help you push it forward, just make it happen.

    i'm a Serif Affinity Photo user and i really enjoy that excellent piece of software, the same way i also enjoy using Luminar 2018 from Skylum  but... both these are not developed to do what iMerge Pro is capable of doing when it comes to keying, background removal, auto color adjustment (of the subject) and much more  ... from what i've seen on the video promo and i the same way respect each one of this software ans make use of them and above all it sets me free from any kind of monthly subscription model.

    Please simply make it happen, the world need to know the great job you have done with this one.
    Also i would advice you make it possible to pair (as a plugin/extension) with already well known and publicly approved products such as Affinity Photo and Luminar 2018 (and even Aurora 2019) and ... believe me you will get it right on the perfect track and your light will shine bright.

    Blessings !

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    Arnaud, while they have started a commercial rollout, as Javert said, the software is still in early stages, and, at least now, seems to have a minor update each week. At the moment it's on the store and visible to the forum users, but my guess would be that the devs are still working on a few priority wishlist items based off Beta test feedback. My next guess would be that the "full" release (advertised off this site) and video tutorials are in the works for November, for Xmas season. 

    That said, forum mods don't work for FXHOME, so I'm guessing here, based of prior release schedules. In the past, mid November has usually been the major new product rollout. 

  • Where is this promo video I've seen mentioned? Maybe I missed something, but I don't see anything on the HitFilm channel, and even searching for it by name doesn't produce any results.

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    @Jsbarrett product page for Imerge, I believe. Otherwise, as stated above, I think Imerge has only been mentioned on this site, so far  

  • @Triem23 I've seen the product page, but all it has are stills, some of which have controls to let the user slide between different looks. I don't see the promo video that @ArnaudMez has alluded to.

  • It's unlisted.

  • @JavertValbarr I thought as much, but it still doesn't explain how/where some users like @ArnaudMez might've seen it.

  • Yes @ArnaudMez - could you let us know where you saw the link to the Imerge tutorial? 

    We are currently pushing it out to a specific audience, to give us an opportunity to gather feedback before pushing it out until the wider public. It's just to ensure that we are putting out the absolute best version of Imerge Pro that we can (there are still many things to come!)

    It won't be long until you see some official promotion from us!

  • Hello @kirstieT @jsbarrett @javertvalbarr.

    in fact, sorry for writing promo video but i was talking about the video listed here anf for the Live session i talked about it's this one.

    surely i used the wrong word but i think the video linked above and youtube hosted is a promo.
    Well ... push it forward and make it happen guys !


  • @ArnaudMez Thanks for sharing the video link. Where did you find it? As Javert mentioned, it's unlisted, so you must've seen it embedded somewhere.  Because the video spotlights differences between PhotoKey and Imerge, my first guess is that it was part of some promo material sent to PhotoKey users.

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     Well @jsbarrett it was simple you simply browse this page then at the  bottom, first line below the subtitle Learn to use Imerge Pro you will find the line Free video tutorials then click on the link (here or there) and it will re-direct you to that YouTube playlist of HitFilm channel which contain that only one video demonstrating the power of iMerge Pro features (i found it very similar with PhotoKey 8 but a bit more actual and advanced).

    just hope i've not unveiled by means of too much love ...a secret thing that was not intended to be known now.


  • @ArnaudMez Ah. Gotcha. I'd not yet visited that page, and therefore hadn't bothered to look for a link there.

  •  @ArnaudMez Thank you for your enthusiasm towards the product. It's infectious (in a good way) and nice to see. We will be pushing it as we say. We using a small amount of time post release to react to customer bugs and feedback before we start pushing it in a larger way.

    If there is any tutorials in particular you would like to see, do let us know. There is a very long list of what we could do and knowing what would be most useful to you would be valuable information.

    Have a great day, and I look forward to seeing you around on the forums.

  •  Hi @rikkloades thank you too.
    Well, first before i say chose any kind of content i would like to see (as you said); i think it's much better for you to do a 1h Live talking of iMerge Pro (at this level) where you will demonstrate what it is and what kind of people or workflow it is intended for.

    Look, many out there (including me) thinks of a Photo/Picture as something that only take it whole value if PS or Lr is used or around, so demonstrating the difference and the strength of iMerge Pro v1.1 would actually drop down the stress and ignorance level.

    We often run from PS or Lr because of subs model but also because this soft does this with while PS/Lr cannot do it the same way ... all about leaving PS?Lr but to marry another wife we at the end like to make look like the old one.

    in short:
    1- Make a live session for iMerge Pro
    2- Present it and demonstrate the basic of it and what can be achieved with it.
    3- Try answer questions from online users while doing the live (only question related to the chosen topic)
    4- Make some announcement of the coming version and what you think will make iMergo Pro even a competitive product
    5- Ask/Tell people to come here and tell you what they think is the winning fucntionality for such product
    6- Announce the next demonstration topic

    in fact, bring to the light that friendly thing you are able to show here in writing but also on some live session in relation with HitFilm.

    Blessings !

  • @ArnaudMez Thanks for that detailed feedback. We will take it on board and see what we can do. Stay tuned!

  •  I saw the demo and bought imergepro.  I'd also like to see more tutorials because the demo basically tells you what imerge pro can do but not how to do it.  If you have lots of time on your hands you can probably figure a lot of it out but it would be nice to see some instructional videos on some of the features like the different ways of masking.  I don' t know about anybody else but in my case seeing how it's done saves a lot of headaches.

  • I can't get going on imerge proI need help

  • @FXhomer74151 Can you give us more details?

    What is happening. Is it during installation, launching the software or using some specific function. What set of steps are you doing specifically and do you get any kind of error message?

    What computer do you have? Specifically what Operating System, Operating System Version, CPU model, RAM amount, graphics card and Video ram amount.

    Alternatively, contact our support team at who will be able to assist.

  • @HitFilmer289932 We will be adding tutorials in the coming months on an ongoing basis - stay tuned! If there is anything specific you'd like to see sooner let us know.

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