Can HitFilm Express Be Used For Serious Commercial Film Making?

This question may appear ludicrous, but trust me...

I have a relatively average size film team, although rather early planning stages, but our cameras are under £300, equipment minimal, and actors willing to contribute without pay. Our budget is £3,000 (seriously) and we are looking to be the first to have a box office hit with a massively low budget (that's the ludicrous part). If that does not sound unbelievable enough, we only have 2 computers, both windows, and not enough budget for HitFilm Pro. 

We're not looking for a free copy or anything (you guys are nice, so) but cannot bother to scurry through the user agreement to be certain of this question, so we put it in a post (sorry).

Can we use two separately licence copies of HitFilm Express, and use it for box office film making, without breaking the End User licence Agreement?

*at this point I am dead embarrassed I even wrote this post


  • I'm not FXHOME staff or even remotely close to it, but it is my understanding of the EULA you can use either version of Hitfilm for private, personal or commercial use as you desire.  There are no restrictions on use that I am aware about.  Hope this helps ease your mind.  The Pro demo is the only one that has an export restriction.

  • Tddavis is correct. FXHOME doesn't care how you use the software  but I'm sure they'd like to see the final film! 

  • @highspeedkiwis Yes, as it's been said above, you can use HitFilm Express to create commercial content. See the top of the HitFilm Express license:

    You are free to:

    Download, activate and use the Software on one computer for your personal use (if you are a consumer) or for commercial purposes (if you are a business).

    We would love to see what you produced. Please contact us at when you have something to show :)


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    I seem to be missing the export icons (right by the Master file) on my Hit Film Express. How can I get it back? 

    Thank you

  • @YvonneWilbraham ; I think with the latest roll out of Pro and Express the icons were done away with at the bottom left side and a text prompt for export selection was added to the top right corner of the time line area.  When you click it, it asks if you want contents exported or In/Out areas.  I hope this is what you need.

  • CedricBonnier My Preference was originally for personal use, but I cannot find the setting to change it to commercial. Can I go ahead with the production without changing the settings, or is it not a requirement, and rather a survey? 

  • @highspeedkiwis you can already use HitFilm Express for creating commercial content. There is nothing you have to change to allow that.

  • Wait nototbrag@fxhome is real?!

  • @Behind_The_Lens The correct email address is as you can see on the contact page:

    And yes it's real :)

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