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My very first very short live action video short. :)

This was largely a test of what I've learned so I know there are issues that could be cleaned up.

Any input would be appreciated as I have plans for more bigger and hopefully better videos.


  • I commented on the video but will add here as well...

    Very nicely done. The night sky looks a little odd but quite stylistic at the same time. Good VFX and SFX to.

  • Short but sweet. You used the assets well and your timing fur the scene cut to bed was great.

  • Thanx @DafterThings

    I was rather pleased with how well the sky replacement turned out.  Since the first part is a dream I figured I could get away with an odd looking sky. :)

    The parts I was less pleased with were the chest wound on the zombie (tracking issues), zombie hand on the shoulder, making sure zombies looked like they were really there and the zombie hand coming through the door.

    I worked hard on the color grading/correction to make it look like the zombies belonged there but still wasn't completely happy with the look. 

    As for tracking the wound, maybe I was getting the Z distance wrong.  I focused on the Hitfilm iron man hud tutorial to help me figure the tracking.  I'll have to work on that a bit more.

  • Appreciated @Andy001z

    Odd how I was kind of dreading putting this out there considering every flaw I know that is there but even so I'm feeling much more confident in moving forward with the other many video projects tumbling around my brain. :)

    On a side note, I used a galaxy S6 cellphone to record this.  I'll be happy when I get my Canon sl2.


  • I think we all notice the little imperfections in our own films which completely pass others by. 

    I'm hoping for the SL2 at some point in the near future so, when you get it, would be very interested how it performs for you.

  • Nice work! Fun short story, and told pretty clearly. You mention that you don't like how the chest wound tracks to the zombie. That didn't bother me, but the zombies' tracking to the ground was off, as was the tracking of the new sky.  Your sky replacement key could also be better. There's a blue halo around you and the trees.  All in all, though, not bad for a first short with effects!

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    @jsbarrett thanx and yeah the tracking were a bit off.  Not entirely sure how I could get that tighter other than maybe used mocha (which I could have since I have HFP 9). Tried to make the 2 pt. Tracker do the trick. :)

    And that's my son.  I only wish I was that young. Lol

  • @ScottReid For those shots, I'm surprised the 2-point tracker didn't give you better results.

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    @ScottReid For that short of a story that was quite good. Only thing I noticed is what others have pointed out. Could you have done a stabilize for the track as well to keep the ground and trees from moving like they were? Also there is one frame of pure star sky at the cut from the dream to waking up. But as I said I enjoyed it and it left me wanting to see more. Good job!

  • @jsbarrett It might have been where I put my points to track.  I'll definitely work on that more on my upcoming projects (2 sci-fi shorts and the ghost hunting parody that I had meant to have completed for for the Rodes Reel competition).

    @FlyingBanana78 thank you and yes I probably could have done a stabilizing track to help things out.  I filmed this with my Galaxy S6 smartphone which is definitely prone to giving me shaky footage (I refuse to believe its because I'm 51 years old lol).
    Good news is, as of this morning I have a new Canon SL2 being shipped to me.  Feels like Christmas has come early this year. 

  • Here is my latest video.
    Just a little something for kicks and giggles.
    I guess you might call it a reply video.
    Hope you enjoy but please let me know what I could have done better.
    This is my first video ever using Filmstro and I ran into some issues with it lagging when I was trying to score the video so the music didn't turn out quite like I had hoped.

  • Not as happy with the lips as I'd of liked to be.

  • @ScottReid this made me giggle for far too long at my desk. The lips don't look entirely 'settled' in your face, but you've already said that you're not that happy with them - however, the general concept of it was very funny. I liked it a lot!

    PS. Oli is jealous of your facial hair. 

  •  @KirstieT thank you so much for the compliment.  I am glad you enjoyed. :)

    Oli will just have to deal with his jealousy.
    Besides he probably has more hair on top of his head than I do anyway. :P

  • @ScottReid

    ....yes, yes he does. Oli's certainly the hairiest member of the FXhome team 

  • Ha!  Fun piece! I did a little test a while back replacing one of my eyes with my mouth. Never fully finished it, but I think I know what you went through, so major kudos for enduring the pain for a little bit of fun. :)

  • @jsbarrett glad you enjoyed it. 😁

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    That's it. :) 

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