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  •  Thanks for the note about the green screen, @Palacono . I read that and thought, "why would you need to green screen?"  I was right. One doesn't.

  • I tried the diffuse colour which had red green and blue hence the green plane, I know it's all wrong. But mistakes make me learn.

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    So quick update, a massive thanks to @Palacono for sharing his project with me. So I re-built mine from scratch and the main difference it seems are two key things. Having nestest comps (i.e. comps within comps) and the Diffuse Layer Difference Key effect. Without the Diffuse layer effect there seems to be no way to have the blurred rain on top of a sharp image, the blur just effects both layers. So once I get some polish on the vid, I will re-post and this time full KRAMER style.

  • Err... the Diffuse what now? I think you meant Difference Key Effect? ;)
    Or if you did something more than my quick knock up, I'm intrigued.

    You also do a much better Andrew Kramer voice than I do, so I'm greatly looking forward to your tutorial.  :D

  • Corrected thanks. Well it was a replacement of my work originally to get the blur effect working as Andrew K had it. It all seemed to work well (some scaling required) with only One Rain on Glass applied to the comps, but when I tired three (drip sizes) it really showed the scale issue more. The bringing in on the blur rain comp when opacity was turned off on the background image just showed shadow casts on the buildings and made it kinda look like a zoom. I mean its ok, but to the trained eye like yourself it looks (toilet contents). Need to play more but its late and I have man flu brewing.

    Thanks again.

  • @Palacono good call! I'm annoyed I didn't think of it. Difference Key and precomping would pull the key needed to separate the layers. 

  • Oh, dear... Why am I expecting to see the oars room of a slave galley with the words "Josh Davies" over the head of the guy cracking the whip and beating the drum? 

    Btw, the font in your GIF is illegible on my Galaxy s5 once it becomes the bug in the lower left corner. Or it's my old eyes. Or Twitter compression? But, you might want to look at that yourself. 

  • Ta yeah it's a bit shit, my video to gif squashed it and then Twitter had a go. And oh interesting thought. Evil grin.

  • It's done check out my little bit of fun about the Hitfilm office.

    Needs more time but sometimes you have to move on, and those that know me my vfx time is limited.

  • For interest the thing I learnt most from this little short was preparing the project, getting the files nice and structured, recording all the audio in one session, getting away with stuff becuase it's not on screen so it does not matter and taking my time to get it right, but then also just getting it done and moving on.

    The thing I am happiest with is the title, anyone who knows their Blade Runner will know that the scanner effect is straight from that movie, and my city background with it's flames (a Hitfilm Asset) bursting into the sky is inspired buy the titles.

    Thanks for watching and reading, until next time.

  • @inscapeDigital put up a tutorial today on Fiery text, well I was impressed enough to have a bash at doing a version myself using the tips given by inScape Digital.

  • @Andy001z ; Looks like you've got it down pat.

    I've been wanting to try that one myself. 

  • Little sneak preview of my latest project.

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    Very 80's! :D

  •  Yep is so on tend right now, so i thought why not. In fact i am very impressed what u can make in just the free express software.

  • So with the release of Hitfilm Express 2017 I made this little short for fun in the software. No packs brought just the basics.

    I present to you Power Girl

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Again, still so very very '80s!

  • Thanks again.

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    (powergirl looks like she's been on too may power lunches) ;)


  • Hehe @stargazer54 you spotted the bulge effect, it's my daughter and she's so she'll I thought I'd beef her up a bit.

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    Sneak peak to a test shot for an idea I've been mulling over 

  • Oo-kaay. So what's going to happen??

  • @DLKeur So little idea, while playing with my son (2 years old) he and I would push the car around, make the sounds you know, play. Anyway, call me a big kid, but soon my car is doing slow-mo slides and massive rolls, all with the help of imagination the scene is played out in my head, (Dirt, sounds, explosions). BUT what if I could apply VFX to that play. I could bring the play to life. Plus I get to practice some VFX shots. The still is a test shot to see what it might look like. I have already hit challenges with my footage having to much motion blur for tracking (think I might have to play slow and speed up in post).

  • Sounds like you need more computer. But, otherwise, you might think minimalist and do the important action, without too much bloat. Just an idea.

  • well whatever I do @DLKeur it will be short, little fun clips. Still very much an idea in development.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Teaser image looks good. Especially the spill light on the carpet.

  • @Triem23 thanks, pretty please for an hours messing about. The spill light was a tip I picked up from Rody in one of his tutorials and bring the scene together. Have to say, easy enough to do on a still image, harder to execute on the actual moving frames (gulp). I need to get some good sound and cool music over the top and reckon its a go. Only problem is the time needed, I did a track on the front of the car for a 15 sec video and found I had to manually place the track points for half the frames. I thought I might try putting a track marker on the car and remove it in post.

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