[RESOLVED] Boris FX in Trial mode?

Hi all, just installed the latest update but Boris plugin state "This Boris FX product is in trial mode..."

Is Boris no longer part of HitFilm Pro?


  • I just got the same thing. That has never happened to me before.

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    Me three.

  • Boris continuum 10 is running without problems after updating to Hitfilm 7 here.

    I got problems with Boris when installing Hitfilm 2017 last year - download the lastest version from Boris, uninstall and install new and it worked.

  • @Juda1 The Boris bundled with Hitfilm 6 or 7 is Boris 11, 3D objects unit. The Boris bundled with Hitfilm only works in Hitfilm by design. If you install a separate Boris then that is something different.

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    running  Hitfilm Pro 2017  7.0.7412.47426

    yup ,  un-installed   6.x  version , and  installed the new  7.x version . Boris , in the  Viewer  says  that  : "Boris is in Trial mode" please call the 1-888- number  to purchase a  License  .  The  UI  option in the  EFFECTS   plugin is now  gone .  No way to launch it .

    Boris  Title Studio  does open , but it is still in  Trial Mode .

    or , go back to version 6.x

  • One to add here: even it is possible to open Title Studio in trial mode it is very slow on my iMac 5K Late 2015 / Radeon M395, 24GB - I would say it is basically unusable. It looks to me that the bundled Boris is not working correctly with latest Hitfilm Pro update.

  • Hello everyone. We are aware of this problem and currently BorixFX are investigating it as a high priority issue. We will release an update to HitFilm as soon as we can. Please accept our apologies. Thank you very much for your patience.

  • Thanks for the update, Cedric. Meanwhile I can play with the new features of HF :-)

  • @CedricBonnier just for funsies, my guess it Boris is as surprised as the rest of us at a three month full-version update, and it's just the Boris add-ons being version  keyed for Hitfilm 6.xx

  • @CedricBonnier Try to get Boris to deal with the Title Studio bug that has been there since day one in Hitfilm. Back to Boris 10 in Hitfilm 2017. It's still there in Hitfilm 6/7 with Boris 11.

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    looks like  Boris  Title Studio has been  re-worked ? .  says  version  11.01.1819. 2017-11-7   despite  the  version and  date ,  Title Studio UI  looks different then it did with  HFP version  6.x did a quick  Boris text  Render .  yup , the video is  water marked with "Trial mode"  text .   just  checking .

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    Same. Re-doing my text using the regular text plugin in the meantime. Thanks for working on it, y'all!

    - Winter!


    I am blessed that my text is just over the middle of the screen and over one clip each in this case, so I have a workaround:

    A. Duplicate bottom clip and put on top (so you can't see text)

    B. Make said clip a composite shot and draw a mask around top third

    C. When you go back to the timeline it has covered the error message.

    Quick workaround in case anyone else is in a jam.

    God Bless - Winter!

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    +1 here for needing a fix. 

    My current project is all about text and is broken until this is fixed :(

  • Hi, I've read about a problem I'm having regrading Boris FX

    with HitFilm Pro. It's saying it's in a trail mode and don't work.

    I've download the latest update - but still.

    I've read in the forum that the issue is known to the developer team.

    Just wondering what's about it?


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    To quote Cedric Bonnier above:

    "Hello everyone. We are aware of this problem and currently BorixFX are investigating it as a high priority issue. We will release an update to HitFilm as soon as we can. Please accept our apologies. Thank you very much for your patience."

    From this we know that there's a high probability the issue is at the Boris end. The devs are working on it. A patch will be released when it's done. In the meantime I've merged your thread with this existing thread, because we don't need two threads for this same topic. :-)

  • Just a quick update: HitFilm Pro version 7.1 was released today to address this issue. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

    You can find the latest installers on the what's new page: https://hitfilm.com/hitfilm-pro/whats-new/

  • Thanks Cedric

  • I've no idea what i have done but i just bought vegas pro and some boris continuum thing came with it, but it just says trial mode in the browser. i have some license key i clicked through to get from the vegas pro email. it claims its activated.  does the fx browser show other things i am not licensed for?  If so how do i remove it since the things i dont have i dont need to see.

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    @terraslate I'm not entirely certain what you're asking, so here's answers to multiple questions. 

    If you are asking how to alter the Hitfilm Pro Effects Panel to not show certain installed OpenFX plug ins, Hitfilm does not have this functionality.

    If you're asking about how things are listed in the Vegas Pro FX Browser, the question is more appropriate for Magix's Vegas forum. 

    If you are having difficulty activating the Boris FX Keying unit, the question is better asked of Boris FX. 

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