THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    If you click on an item in the MEDIA tab and hit a character key on the keyboard, the selection should jump to the next item that begins with that character. It should accept multiple characters in close succession, so "su" would go to the next item beginning with "su" rather than the next item beginning with "s" and then the first item beginning with "u".

    I'd also like to be able to set more than one keyboard shortcut to do the same thing (so, e.g. either V or F1 would switch to select tool).

  • Thumbnails in the Media Tab.

    It takes up a lot of space for the information it's displaying. Make the info display as an overlay, Alt Text type of thing if you hover over a clip for a while, and/or press SHIFT or something non-destructive.

  • "The In and Out markers to 'magnetically' snap to the ends of clips when dragged with the mouse."

    I've requested this and I'll +1 to keep it fresh is the Devs minds.

    "The ability to playback at slower speeds, such as 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 (or slower) "

    +1. Maybe even a frame accurate playback mode. Playback speed is whatever speed Hitfilm can make without skipping frames to keep audio sync.

    I've seen the frame accurate mode somewhere. I think Fusion.

    "RAM Preview in the Editor Timeline."

    +1. DUH 

    Performance issues with transitions in LongGOP single media really need this.  Of course there is the usual thing where we can always create very complex stuff that might need a ram preview.

    "Selective rendering in the Editor timeline. 
    A bit like Proxy creation, but at Export quality settings. "

    I've used that in Vegas a few times. I used it for timeline sections that did not play real time.

    This leads me to another idea. One that kinda fits the concept of Hitfilm timeline workflow. If HF had sequences, then one could simply proxy the sequence just like we can proxy a composite timeline. With this, then the mechanism of proxy creation, invalidation, file storage and tracking is all exactly the same as is done with composite timelines. The sequence is just a timeline entity with a UID like everything else. So the work here is the sequence feature. The proxy of the sequence comes along for the ride.

    Slick, yes, no? Another way to +1 that sequences are useful. 

    Then of course the idea that HF proxies should have other options beyond the huge, I/O bandwidth heavy, lossless version we are offered right now.  Optimized Media as Resolve likes to call it. This is actually a low effort item as of 2017 since we are offered a native intermediates codec option.

    With all the Express users with fairly basic PCs, and that high overhead AVC is the norm for media,  they NEED a decent proxy option to work productively in Hitfilm.

    "Which also leads to: Grouping."

    Another repeat +1

    "And, Vegas Pro 15 lives up to it's promise of faster export speeds."

    Vegas is moving to support hardware encoders for AVC/HEVC and decoders for AVC/HEVC. Same for Resolve.

    This is one thing about Mainconcept that if I were in charge of a company like FxHome would really tick me off. They are just sitting on the arse and collecting money. They don't offer new technologies to their customers. Technology I would need to service my customers. They complain to me, why don't you support my hardware technology. Really this comes down to hardware decode and encode for AVC and HEVC. Quicksync and NVDEC/NVENC.

    libavcodec is out there (yes, yes, numerous issues I know (long term thinking)). Better performance as well. Resolve has bit the bullet and gone that way. No more Quicktime garbage. Native everything, including DNxHD/HR and Prores. Of course license issues and now you have to deal with everyone independently for license/royalty for items you choose to offer. 

    Vegas seems to be doing the baby step. Keep Mainconcept, use their muxer/demuxer, and access the AVC/HEVC hardware decode/encode with their own source code. Seriously consider doing the baby step thing for hardware AVC/HEVC.

    Hitfilm has a mound of users with basic machines and trying to use high overhead AVC media. Stutter playback. A transcode most often does wonders. Well, with hardware AVC decode this can disappear and no transcode necessary. This could shutup almost everyone about almost everything with regards to performance editing in Hitfilm.

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    +1 layer locking. clip locking. track locking.

    Simple right click context menu is probably good enough. draw the item in a different color to signify it is locked.

  • +1 to "The In and Out markers to 'magnetically' snap to the ends of clips when dragged with the mouse."

    +1 to @Palacono 's suggestions about grouping and selective pre-rendering in the editor timeline

    +1 to Ram preview in the Editor timeline

  • +1 to whatever @NormanPCN says about clever ways to improve performance. Ever.

    This is an auto-repeating +1. :)

    +1 ...

    +1 ...

    See? Hmmm...maybe I need to turn it down a bit.

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    +1 to everything posted since my prior post. 

  • Please snapping on composite shots, it's very difficult to be precise without it

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    @oquendo123 there is a snapping option shortcut key  is shift+s 

  • A Clean Project Media Option,where it deletes everything that's not used in the Project from the Media Bin.

    Also an Archive Project Media Option, where it collects all the files used in a Project from their various sources (external drives, texture and audio folders etc.) and puts them all in one Folder, with the Project file, and adjusts all the links to the files to be Local to that Folder.

    I'm just ripping these off from Vegas ;)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono nothing wrong with ripping off from Vegas. Obviously I love the hell out of Hitfilm, but I do think Vegas is a superior EDITOR to anything else out there.

    Hitfilm's my favorite VFX/Compositor!

    I'll +1 both of those.

  • +1 both Clean + Archive
    like Layout Programs can do e.g. delete not used colors / collect for output

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    +1 on Archiving project.

    Modo, my fav 3D program, has "Consolidate Scene". Which takes all the textures that are in use in the project and places them in their own folder, and includes the project file. All in one folder.

    A great way to share the project with others who can work on it on their own system without losing links to all the media within the project.

    +1 on Cleaning project. Removing unused media and elements.

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    +1 on clean and archive.

    A new one. Really another ripoff from Vegas.

    Now that Hitfilm has preset dropdowns in most effects, let us save our own presets that show in the dropdown list.

    Yes, Hitfilm has the presets in the effect pane. That's a huge list and can be tedious to navigate. Also, most everything there has nothing to do with what we are looking for. It's good for presets containing more than one effect.

    In current Hitfilm, the best place for a preset for a single effect is in the effect properties. The presets are right there, right in front of you, right in the effect you just dropped onto a clip/layer that you want to work on. It does not get more convenient. 

    In Vegas everything can have saved presets. Even third party OpenFX effects. Even transitions. Similar capability would be nice in Hitfilm.

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    - Able to set values with short equations (ex: camera default is 1866.67, if I type -100 after, it would set it to 1766.67 and add keyframe)

    - Add a create in folder function with the export frame, it is time consuming to export the frame and importing it, when you want to use it as a frame pause. 

    - A real-full screen preview that's binded to a key would be nice. (I'm aware of float panel and maximizing the window)

    -Saving frames, like presets. It's a nice gimmick that making effects presets, will also save their keyframes. So, it would be nice if I can make a preset of animations, instead of copy-paste.



  • I don't know if this is already on the Wishlist, but if it is, then I would like to +1 it...

    Hotkeys (or at least ability to create your own hotkeys) for single frame tracking forward and backward arrows. When you are working a track that has a lot of problems and you need to hover your mouse over the tracking area to adjust it one frame at a time, it would be nice to be able to use a hotkey to track forward or backward one frame instead of moving the mouse over to click the arrow key between adjustments.

  • +1 on adjusting tracking frame by frame.

  • I'd really like ability to lock layers so that they are prevented from accidental movement/cuts etc.

  • +1 on locking layers


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    HF must -- MUST have filters that at least match the base Photoshop filters as of CS6 -- This fellow wanted to add an inner glow to an object. Instead of a single click effect, he was presented with a 10 point workaround.



  • Text

    Options: To change Default text font, size & color ....

  • This may have been mentioned before.  But after several iterations of HF where we have danced around with transcoding to  ProRes, DNXHD, etc. we now seem to have settled on Cineform as the defacto codec.

    Why not have the ability to right click on a file (or files) in the media bin and be presented with an option to transcode directly to Cineform from within the software?

    I assume that since HF supports Cineform "natively" now that licensing would not be an issue to provide that option.

    Transcoding from within HF would solve a lot of questions about "Why won't HF play my file?".

  • "we now seem to have settled on Cineform as the defacto codec."

    We have?  I must have missed that meeting...

    I'm on a Mac, and don't have that codec by default. Sure, I could install it, but ProRes works just fine for my needs.  Then again, I'm not locked in if there's a better option.  Is there some benefit to using Cineform over ProRes?

  • ProRes and DNxHD/R are both proprietary and require license fees.

    Apple is a codec Nazi... the apple policy regarding who gets a license to encode ProRes is asinine.

    ProRes in Windows is tied to Apple's antiquated, 32-bit, single-threaded quicktime implementation for Windows. Most NLE vendors have been forced to implement their own ProRes decoding because Apple's is pitifully bad, intentionally.

    On the other hand, Cineform is a SMPTE standard mezzanine codec, and is now open source. It's a winner all around.

  •  *dig, dig, dig*

    So it looks like installing the Cineform codec isn't as easy as I thought. I'll stick with ProRes until Cineform requires less hoop-jumping.

  • @Stargazer54 One can already right-click media in the Media Panel and send directly to the Export Queue. Make Cineform the default export template (which one can), and for all intents and purposes Hitfilm can already batch transcode.

    @jsbarrett we've settled on Cineform as the best option for WINDOWS. ProRes is still the best option for you Mac guys. 

  • @Triem23 Good point!  It just doesn't seem to be promoted as a preferred method, which is why I was thinking about an easy one click option for new users.

  • @Stargazer54 well, Hitfilm isn't as efficient as a dedicated transcoder. :) 

  • I only mention this because I miss the feature in SpeedEdit where you highlight all your clips and transcode to SpeedHQ (NT's proprietary editing codec) in one step. 

  • @Stargazer54 a one-click would be faster and more convenient. But, I THINK you can highlight multiple clips in the media bin and send in one shot. I'm in Chile, my comp in California. You can test this for me. ;-) 

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