Remnant - Production Log

Hey everyone,
Most of you should remember me from the FxHome Community Forums, it just took me a while to transfer over here. :) Anyway I thought I would give you guys some information on the current project I'm working on.
Remnant is a Christian Film Project currently in the pre-production stage. Bryan a senior in highschool is experienced in martial arts and the ability to be stealthy, these abilities come from the training his grandfather, a former navy seal, gave him when he was younger. When Bryan's friend Sarah stumbles upon news articles that indicate someone is kidnapping Christians right out of churches they begin to investigate. Things quickly go wrong when the group responsible for the kidnappings target Bryan and Sarah as they get closer to the group.
The concept sounds a little cheesy, but were aiming to make it action packed. There are several of us working on this, none of which are in this community at the moment. Our goal is to make this a feature length film and have a premiere by December 2012 - February 2013. We don't want to rush this, and are willing to take our time to do it right and make it worth watching.
At this point were looking into doing the film with as small of a budget as possible. Were looking for people who would be willing to volunteer their time and skills, and if close enough even equipment to making this film. We have looked into using a site like Kickstarter for fundraising but we want to see if we can make this a true community project from people around the globe. Feel free to give thoughts, opinions and comments etc. I am completely open and trust most of the aged veterans here.
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