trouble uploading onto youtube

when i tried to upload a video onto youtube hitfilm freezes when i use the youtube uploader tab. then when i go onto utube and click upload i can navigate to the video but when it starts to upload it then freezes again. whats the problem?


  • I'd assume that when HitFilm crashes the video is not yet finalized, and that's why it doesn't upload to YouTube using your browser. Can you play the rendered video ok on your machine?
    When exactly during the Export process does HitFilm freeze? Are you sure its frozen and not just rendering very slowly? What is in the project you are trying to render? Lots of effects and video layers? Just a few? Do you get any sort of error message?
  • it freezes when u press export i think
  • Hi.
    Are u using interpolated keyframes? If so, try to use linear interpolation instead...does this helps?
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