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  • Ha!!! I just won five bucks and a Kiss from my Fiance!!! :)

    that's why I asked for your project settings. we were reading through your post and I'm like... I bet I know what his problem is. :)

    Now I have proof, time to collect. :)


    A screenshot of your project settings is always faster and preferable over a couple of guys guessing and trying to figure what could be wrong. :)

    My project settings are set at default-ish when beginning a project. So I animate and other stuff with low settings so I can work fast.


    Right before I'm ready to Light, CC and Composite I raise the settings to max and things slow down a bit.

    I do leave AA at 4xMSAA because it blurs a 3D models too clean edges for free. I previously used a 1 to 2 pixel Gaussian Blur. 




  • @spydurhank ; Excellent tip!

  •  My humble entry in the 1K Subscriber Space Contest

    @spydurhank - Yep. Great tips bud....oh

    "Ha!!! I just won five bucks and a Kiss from my Fiance!!!"

    Glad I was able to assist. Nothing better than getting a kiss from one's lovely...and taking a few bucks for the effort. :-) 

  • @GrayMotion Dude... that looks way, way better! Awesome job. :)

  • @GrayMotion  Your humble entry far, far outstrips my little one.  Very realistic and the sound seemed spot on as well.

  •  The space shots were epic! Nice job :)

  • Impressive!

  • Very nice!

  • Good docking clip

  • Sorry folks. Been a few days since I had a chance to respond. I want to thank you all for the compliments on The Soyuz Docking video. I had a real blast putting it together. Was defiantly a challenge for me!

    So...I thought I'd take the rest of my working clips and throw them into a 1:30 sec mixup. Sorry for the climatic orchestral piece I used but it had great timing marks :-)

    I want to thank Mike and the Hitfilm team for holding the contest. It gave me an opportunity to do some things I never tried and created a path to see some of the other great stuff everybody created!



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That is movie quality render. Wiw Absolutely blown away by that! 

  • @Graymotion That Earth in the background is nothing short of gorgeous! And especially the shot starting at 0:24 sec where the sun slowly starts to illuminate it.  Kudos!

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Totally blown away @GrayMotion ! Just outstanding!

  • @GrayMotion ; Very, very, awesome!   No apologies on the choice of music . . . queues and edits were perfect for the subject.

    And BTW, great job  on the lighting  and use of backlight to lend to the realism of the scene.  I assume that's you in the Cupola?   Very nice comp there!

    You should be working for NASA, dude.

  • Super impressive

  •  Really nicely done! :)


  •  "That is movie quality render. Wiw Absolutely blown away by that!"

    @Triem23 - yep. Was actually kinda of shocked it came out pristine without looking "plastic" if you know what I mean. I guess I'm getting the grading down a bit better. I did find that a bit of blur and grain really knocks down the banding coming from flares/suns. I was a bit surprised the last shot zoomed in on the model came out as good as it did. Thought for sure it would look "blocked"

    "I assume that's you in the Cupola?   Very nice comp there!

    You should be working for NASA, dude."

    @ Stargazer54 - Yep..that's me ugly mug looking confused in the Cupola. I took the shot with the sun right on my face...helped a bunch getting the lighting right to match the full on sun shining on the Cup.

    NASA...hell ya! I'd take a job :-)

    Thanks for the eyes on to all who gazed! 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Well, Cook-Torrance shading goes a long way to eliminating it "plastic" look... 

    So. Google Street View of ISS?,-95.0854808,3a,53.2y,243.18h,75.52t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s3OFiq36cp0IAAAQvxgbyIg!2e0

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    True that. I used to remember where you could find and enter the 11th Doctor's TARDIS. 

  • That is just beautiful.  :) 

  • Been a bit. I saw mention of renders with Blender and Hitfilm lately as well a question came up about how to have flares cast shadows on the ground. Good question @Yeremyah. I don't know that (yet).

    In the meantime I'm having a bit of fun with a free model from DreamFire Films.

    A long ways from complete. Needs debris, smoke, fire, spent shell casing on the ground AND having the whole mixup cast shadows.

  • The track looks good.  The body animation is waaaay too slow. I noticed in the end credits that you say you pulled motion capture animation for this.  I'm guessing it was a guy just walking really slowly, because that's how it feels.  More human than robotic, and just painfully slow for this potentially menacing bot.

    Something about the muzzle flashes feels off.  To me they mostly feel way too big.  Maybe that's because the other effects aren't there yet, but even then my gut says to scale most of them to about half of their current size.

  • @GrayMotion - That's looking great! I would also put the muzzle flashes in a blending mode like screen or add, so you can get rid of the black outline around the flash.

  • edited October 2017

    Scale test really..

    I used HF's default camera settings (35mm?? I think) I'd like to get more depth and scale definition with these type of shots but tough. Maybe a different lens setup?

    Over all comments if you please.

    On another note - I have to say that I just watched LIFE as per @NXVisualStudio recommendation that I watch for great ISS footage. He was right....there are some pretty good LEO spots. WOW! Nice.

    PS- I had no idea about the plot of the film...but it impressed this ole man. Wasn't really  ready for "screams" in space but WOW!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That's a pretty vertiginous shot already!

    "... more depth and scale..." hmmmmm. A wider FoV on the lens can help with this. Another consideration is Hitfilm's camera has a limited view distance of 100,000px. For a shot like this, where you have a roughly 6' spacesuit falling past a 350' foot (width of solar array is the longest dimension) ISS towards a planet 1,341,000 or so feet away (254 miles) and the planet is a globe about 41.8 million feet (7917 miles) in diameter (so center of Earth is about 22.2 million feet away), then getting everything in a scale accurate placement is difficult (I'm assuming Earth is a model, not a flat image), as just ISS to ground distance becomes about 0.07 feet per pixel. 

    So--you'll either be cheating distance or you're splitting the shot into multiple layers Comps and creating a false perspective rig.

    Cheating distance isn't a big deal. Babylon 5 is about the only show I can think of that built space scenes at 1:1 scale. Cheating distance is common. 

    So... First, try a wider camera FoV. You're correct, the default Hitfilm camera is 35mm, no matter the comp size.  Try 24mm. For a 1920x1200 comp that's a camera zoom of 1280. Or, try an 18mm lens which is a zoom of 960. Once you get wider than 18mm you're moving into ultrawides, then you need to start messing around with Lens Distortion filters to maintain realism. Those should give a bit more apparent depth.

    I'll assume you've watched Essential Hitfilm - Cameras 1, which talks about Hitfilm lenses and virtual scale. If nothing else it's got @Mark_E 's formula for calculating Lens FoV, so if you're working at 4k you can grab that equation to calculate your lenses. That's at 22:10.

    If you need to get into false perspective, I recommend this Filmmaker IQ video. John Hess also gets into why different lenses appear to "compress" or "stretch" space. For a virtual camera you won't have to worry about his DoF calculations as the Hitfilm camera DoF can be turned off (and is, by default).

    He's actually going more in depth here than a quick false perspective section I'll have in Cameras 4, but I won't get to that myself till mid-late December.

    LIFE was a beautiful movie, very well done, and it has the misfortune to release a week before Alien: Covenant, and was dismissed as an Alien ripoff. A shame, as I feel LIFE is better than any Alien-related movie made after 1986...

    But @NxVisualStudio was a naughty lad for not giving you a little warning of what you were in for. Jeez, Tony, don't kill Greg! ;-) 

  • edited November 2017

    Having a problem getting a handle on this simple pan shot. Pay no mind to coloring please. It will be a night shot when complete.

    The particulars: 

    - Grass image sequenced Blender (plane size 16mx16m), camera exported from Blender. Pan swings from -90 to 0. Camera: 24mm

    - HF 360 Video Viewer applied to a 8192x4096   star +milkyway image. Scale:100% Ratio 2.00

    - 3D moon unrolled positioned at 24450 on Y , -93364 on Z

    Any thoughts on -

    a) why the moon appears to "slide" from above/right  instead of swinging into view from the right? at almost -100000 I would not think it would appear from above.

    b) why the stars appear to be moving faster than the ground? What is the distance from center of world to the edge of the 360 viewer...100000?


    +1 on the FOV stuff @Triem23. I'm going to have to fake perspective, especially with that particular ISS model. It appears it is not properly scaled itself  :-)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited November 2017

    Make your environment map an embedded composite. Stick the moon in there to bake it into the Environment Map. 

    I stole that from this Simon Jones tutorial.

    Yeah, max camera distance is 100000 units. Scale down your environment map to the same height as the rest of the Composite. That should clean up the parallax. An environment map is an "infinite sphere."

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