How? Tracking the windscreen of a car... from inside...

Hello all,

This is one of those jobs that would be MUCH easier to have done correctly at the start. But now I'm wondering if I can sort something out instead.

I have video from the back seat of a car, pointing forward and out the windscreen. The camera is handheld, but not actively moved around. Just pointing forward as well as hands can hold it.

I need to replace the windscreen (and what's outside). I've tried the tools in Hitfilm without much success. Two point tracking for Stabilisation didn't really lock it down. I tried putting a mask layer over one frame and parenting it a tracked point. But it does 'stick' well either.

I haven't gone into Mocha, I haven't used that for a while and didn't really want to re-learn it if it was unlikely to be a solution either. Is this something that mocha may be able to help with?

(Of course, I could just manually mask the damn thing...)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Remind me--are you on Hitfilm 2 or 3? Mocha's camera solve should be able to handle it (Although tracking the windshield may be a pain). Mocha's roto-spline will help with masking, but you need Hitfilm 3 to have the correct mocha (unless you have mocha pro). 

  • Thanks for that. I'm running hitfilm 3. (I always upgrade. Even if this is very much a hobbie, I do enjoy the latest toys)

    I will give that camera solve a go and see... If it just doesn't work I will just have to get my girls to film it again at some point. But organising that is a little like herding cats...

  • Just to add some feedback to this question.

    Hitfilm Macho's tracked the windscreen easily... I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.

    Mad-Max inspired Girl Fight short is now on it's way!

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    HitFilm is pretty macho but I think you meant Mocha. Coffee not men. lol

    Can't wait to see the new flick!

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @StormyKnight Maybe it's Manly Coffee! The kind that can make a spoon stand up straight and put hair on your chest.......or is that too sexist for today's world?

  • I'm all for Manly Coffee... Not sure I need any 'chest hair' help though...

    That was an interesting typo, I do often wonder what is going through my head when I'm writing.

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    Aladdin4d - Not sexist at all. Now, if I were to say 'I like manly coffee too but I girly it up with sugar and cream' my day that would be funny. Today it would be sexist. It's a shame you can't get mainly manly macho mocha coffee.

    fredclips - I have like 4 chest hairs. Some mainly manly macho mocha coffee would do wonders for me.

    "... I do often wonder what is going through my head when I'm writing."

    And now we do too!  lol

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    Here is a screen-grab of my own outfit for the video. The 'wife-beater' doesn't leave much room to hide the manly chest-hair. 

    Of course I'm the 'bad-guy'!


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